Companion Comparisons: King of Red Lions

So, how do all of Link’s other helpers compare to our beloved Midna? That’s my job, WMB. Of course, how could anyone be comparable to the lovely Twilight Princess? Trick question: they can’t. I’ll give it a shot, anyway.

We’ll start off with The King of Red Lions from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Hit the jump to find out more of what I think about our favorite Zelda-related talking boat!

WARNING: These articles contain HUGE plot spoilers! Read at your own risk! (I suggest rubber gloves and goggles)

As Link’s faithful helper in The Wind Waker, the King of Red Lions appears as quite the mysterious character. How and why does he find Link (who was just abandoned by Tetra’s band of pirates, poor thing!)? Why is he a boat (without a sail)? Why won’t he give us a real name?

As we all know, we don’t hitch rides from strangers, even if they offer you candy or a puppy. So, quite honestly, I would like to know what this guy’s deal is, and why he randomly decided to pick an unconscious boy up to go help him find a little girl.

I don’t know about this guy…

The thing about his mysteriousness is that it isn’t conveyed the way that Midna’s is. With Midna, we see this sassy little imp who lives on levity and attitude. As we learn more about her knowledge and back story, she becomes like a real person, and we need to know more about her. The King of Red Lions, however, I found mysterious in kind of an annoying way. First of all, The King of Red Lions. Until I found out that he was Hyrule, I called him “boat guy.” If you’re going to give yourself a title, don’t make it obnoxiously long, please.

Also unlike Midna, The King of Red Lions would not share crucial information. To this day, I do not understand what happened at Greatfish Isle, and I played that scene twice. To Hyrule, it is a terrible tragedy the curse that had been laid upon the island, and he worries about his friend, Jabun. All we get from him, basically, is “Oh no! What a terrible curse!” The rest is filled in by the Rito who delivers the message of his friend. When we finally meet this huge fish who inexplicably possesses the third and final goddess pearl, we have no idea what he is saying.

Of course, The King of Red Lions has a great conversation with him in front of Link. Care to translate? …No? Ok, we’ll just move on along with no idea what we are trying to accomplish, not to mention what this last pearl will cause to happen next.

*Sigh* Moving on…

Wha-what’s this, then? A huge sacred fortress? Alright, whatever helps to get Aryll back, I guess…
I’ll admit, though, this temple was pretty cool. The downside? I could ride a worm from point A to B faster than Hyrule could take me. I loved the concept of this temple, but couldn’t we give Hyrule a motor or something? Even a spell that lies within the sacred temple that allows him to travel a teensy bit faster? Oh, wait! Let’s put the sails up! …oh, right… might need wind for that. At least with Midna, she could turn you into a wolf, and then BOOM, we were running around like lightning! Well, maybe the boat ride gave Link some time to reflect on himself and prepare for the battles ahead. Maybe read a good book. I feel like he would be a fan of The Hunger Games.

One of the things that annoyed me most about The King of Red Lions, however, was his lack of interest in the Triforce. This is the power of the goddesses we’re talking about. At least act like it’s important. First, we have to find all of these pieces (oh joy!), which whoever played knows this takes forever. Essentially, we’re told that we need it to get back to the underwater Hyrule Castle. I’m not getting a brief history on its power and importance to the world? Then – oh my goddesses – the Triforce stays within Link! A huge deal, right? Well, not according to Hyrule. He basically notes it as interesting, then off we go again!

One of my favorite parts of Twilight Princess is the scene where Zelda gives Midna her Triforce of Wisdom to heal her. Even though the Triforce is never even mentioned in the game, we understand its true magnitude. In Wind Waker, however, we go on this epic quest to find every single piece of this thing, just to find out that it wasn’t too important, anyway.

Finally, every goodbye from Link’s helpers is pretty epic. This is actually the one thing that I respected about Hyrule. After the final battle against Ganondorf, Hyrule decides to flood his castle and stay so that the evil man can never rise again. As he looked upon Link and Tetra, preparing to drown with dignity, I gave him a salute. A captain always goes down with his ship, and I guess that a king always goes down with his castle.

Respect, WMB members. Respect.

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  1. I agree that i don’t get much information. He tells me to get the last triforce piece and i’m like WHERE is the triforce piece.Plus, unlike midna, he doesn’t follow you. So when you’re in dungeon, you have to go ALL THE WAY BACK OUT!

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