Fan Art Corner: Introduction, Rules and a First Featured Piece!

Welcome to our first Friday Fan Art Corner! First of all, let me explain what WMB’s Fan Art Corner is all about. Every Friday, a piece of Fan Art will be featured in our Fan Art Corner on the main page and on the deviantART page. All of these pieces will be art submitted to the deviantART page and the art submissions topic on the forum. Don’t feel like submitting it? PM it straight to me instead.

Don’t be disheartened because you’re not as great at art as everyone else – this isn’t judged on skill. To make this more interesting, some weeks I will be implementing a theme, maybe something seasonal like Christmas or New Years, to celebrate the release of a new Zelda game, or maybe it will be more of an in-game theme. Submissions for the themes will be judged more on creativity than artistic skill, so if you have a few spare hours on your hands, have a go!

I’ll also be keeping it fresh and changing judging methods from time to time. I may ask everyone to vote, I may choose it myself, I may even ask someone else to choose the winning piece. Some themes will be competitions, and prizes will be awarded, so it’ll be worth your while to join in!

It’s all a lot of light-hearted competition and showcasing of worthy artwork, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a serious side. There are rules that you have to stick to. First of all, the general rules of WMB still apply;

  • Keep it clean. If I may refer you to rule 5.C: “Pornography. Innuendos are fine. Mentions here and again of genitalia are… Okay. Anything directly pornographic or obscene in nature, however, is strictly disallowed. Keep up the talk and only use of the Anatomically Correct terminology for the male and female reproductive systems will be allowed, and only in the case of talking about what they do. There will be no sharing of Pornographic or Erotic images, photographs or otherwise.”
    Basically, if you have a funny joke with mildly sexual themes expressed in artwork, it’s probably okay. If you’re unsure, feel free to send it to me and ask. If you are in accidental breach of this rule, you will be warned – some people do forget how young our audiences can be and might overstep a line a little. Here’s a general rule of thumb; if it’s the sort of thing that would make your grandmother blush, please don’t post it here!
  • Avoid any offensive material, as it may be considered flaming. I’m going to pull out the rule book here again, section 1.A-B: “A-Blatantly insulting another person. B-Insulting a faith, race, sexuality, or ideology. Serious Discussion has different rules, but keep politics and religion out of things in general here. We’re an open community, and thus our differences should be celebrated. NOTE: It is not flaming if someone is clearly joking. Before you take offence to something and call the mods, think about whether it’s possible that your “offender” was simply cracking some poorly conveyed humor. If you get uptight over a joke, you may be convicted of Drama.”
    If you feel there’s any chance that what you’ve created might offend someone else, it may be better to not post it. Again, if you’re unsure, ask. But as stated above, it may be best to stay away from such subjects.

These are the two most relative general rules, but there’s still a chance that what you create may still breach a rule. If you haven’t read the WMB posting rules already, you really should. You can find them [here]. But wait, that’s not all! There are some rules specific to the Fan Art Corner, which are as follows;

  • Put some effort into your work. Sure, it’s really nice that you are contributing, but if it’s just something you quickly scrawled down in five seconds flat, is it really worth submitting it at all? If you spend some time getting your artwork as good as it can be, it will look better, your effort won’t go unnoticed and may well earn you some brownie points, and chances are, you’ll be a darned sight prouder of it.
  • If your work is not submitted before I judge on Thursday evening, it won’t be entered for that week’s Fan Art Corner. But, as long as it fits the theme for the next week, it will automatically be entered for the next week. If it doesn’t fit the next week’s theme, I will offer my apologies and keep it until it does fit the weeks theme.
  • A piece of artwork may be re-entered several times if you so wish. If you’re really proud of it and it took you a long time, but didn’t win, I appreciate that. Feel free to put it in for the next week’s selection. Please bear in mind, it will be disregarded if it doesn’t fit the theme.
  • A winning piece may not be re-entered. If it’s the only piece submitted, so be it, there will be no feature in the Fan Art Corner that week. We don’t want to be repetitive.
  • Try not to re-enter the same piece too many times. If you start entering it every week, it could be considered spam – one of WMB’s main rules. Sometimes you just have to accept defeat.
  •  If many, many good pieces are entered for a very specific theme, for example Christmas, I may well include ‘honourable mentions’ as well as the featured piece.
  • If very few are submitted one week, I may revoke the theme, either mid-week to allow you time to submit, or when I judge if I have suitable submissions. If I don’t have enough submissions, I may take submissions from the previous week to select from. I will ask your permission if you did not re-submit it, however.
  • All fan art must be Legend of Zelda or Want Midna Back related. Preferably Midna related, but it doesn’t have to be.
  • Submissions may be any form of artwork. Be it a drawing, painting, computer graphics, models, stories, poems, costumes or whatever you consider artwork, it’s all welcome here. Screenshots, however, are not allowed unless you’ve hacked the game and created some kind of ‘in-game-artwork’.
  • Any pieces suspected of being plagiarism will be disqualified. If it’s not realised, and said plagiarised piece has already been posted, it will be removed and any winnings will be revoked. If you repeatedly submit plagiarised pieces, your rights to submit any pieces may be removed. By plagiarised, we mean anything that isn’t your own work. This can include any lightly photoshopped pieces. Also, if you suspect any submitted pieces of being plagiarised, please report it to myself or to one of the Administrators or Moderators.

Now that’s out of the way, let me announce this week’s Fan Art Corner featured piece. From deviantART’s Ominous-Hymn, we have this wonderful piece called “Princess of Twilight”, which you can find [here].

Fan Art Corner 9/11/12

A beautiful rendition of Midna in her true form standing before a grey, twilight background. Lovely! I think the expression shown in this picture is the best feature – mildly regretful with a hint of playful mischief  The detail and shading of this piece are brilliant too, it’s really a breath-taking piece. Thank you, Ominous-Hymn!

So, for next week’s Fan Art Corner, feel free to create whatever artwork you want! Be it hand drawn or digital, sketch or writing, poster or comic strip. We’d love to see them all! If all goes well next week, I may well introduce our first theme for the week after!

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