Official Hyrule Historia Wallpaper Available Now

In commemoration of the release of Hyrule Historia — which is exactly one week away — Dark Horse Comics has made available an official wallpaper pack. Based on the cover of the encyclopedia itself, the image accommodates both computers and iOS devices with its variety of sizes. Hit the jump to see for yourself!


Wallpaper Sizes: medium: 1024 x 768  large: 1280 x 1024  magnum: 1920 x 1200  ipad: 1024 x 1024  iphone: 320 x 480  iphone_retina: 640 x 960

Although the 25th Anniversary poster design was an excellent cover for the book’s initial, Japanese release, I personally prefer this one. Both of them honor the history of the franchise, but I particularly enjoy the somewhat minimalist approach that Dark Horse took by featuring the Gate of Time itself.

What about you, though? Which cover design do you prefer? Do you plan on using this wallpaper? Whatever your thoughts are, feel free to share them in the comments below!

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