Zelda Dungeon Editor Commends Midna’s Desperate Hour

Three additions to the Midna Recognition section in a row? Somebody’s on a roll, yeah? In any case, Midna’s Desperate Hour has been widely regarded as one of the most intense — not to mention heart-wrenching — sequences in the Zelda series. While counting down her top 5 most dramatic moments of the franchise, Zelda Dungeon contributor Angel included the imp’s emotional brush with death. Hit the jump to read the full quote!

“Love or hate Midna, I doubt anyone can dispute the sense of urgency centered around this area of the game, at least the first time you experience it. Link has been turned into a wolf by Zant, and Midna has been exposed to the Light World, and is near death. When she begs Link to take her to Princess Zelda, I didn’t hesitate for a moment. I ran to Castle Town as if my life depended on it. You have to go through Telma’s Bar, but Telma herself kicks you out when you try to enter the door, since you look like a beast that eats children for breakfast, and instead, you have to go through the sewers where you originally met Midna, which I think is brilliant. All the while, you’ve got one of the best tracks in Twilight Princess playing in the background, which just adds to the urgency of the situation. Then, to top it all off, once you do get to Princess Zelda, she seems to sacrifice her life, giving it to Midna. All in all, this entire segment of the game was very dramatic, and is one of my favorite moments in Twilight Princess.”

Head over to Zelda Dungeon to read the full editorial, and feel free to share your own list of favorite dramatic Zelda moments.

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  1. I hate to be that nitpicker, but Telma wasn’t the one that kicked you out. It was the Goron inside that did. She hints at it by saying that the Gorons are much more reliable bodyguards.

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