Introducing Miiverse Spotlight

First and foremost, I would like to thank forum member 5RingWrestling for coming up with the idea for this article feature, as well as Camarosquid for the excellent banner that we’re sporting up there. Simply put, you two are geniuses.

One thing that I have noticed since the Wii U’s launch is the overwhelming number of Midna drawings that have been popping up on various Miiverse communities. With that in mind, we have decided to share at least a handful of the most impressive pieces from each week or so. Hit the jump to check out the first additions to Miiverse Spotlight!


Miiverse Spotlight 1-2


Miiverse Spotlight 1-3


Miiverse Spotlight 1-4


Miiverse Spotlight 1-5


4 thoughts on “Introducing Miiverse Spotlight

  1. These are great considering the use of only 2 colours. This proves that even if you only have 2 colours, there is still lots of good pictures that people can draw!

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