Fan Art Corner — March 17, 2014

Although the consistency of this feature has been jumbled, there definitely hasn’t been any shortage of quality Midna-related fan art. Still, to compensate for the time gap, let’s take a look at two different pieces, courtesy of deviantART’s Milnoe and UNIesque!


This tapestry-like drawing depicts the Twilight Princess in a bit of a different manner than usual, focusing more on the mystical, alien aspects of her. What ties the whole piece together, though, is the violet background. It’s not a color that I typically see associated with Midna, but it’s implemented perfectly here. Be sure to check out the full-quality image on Milnoe’s gallery!


This one’s just hilarious. Titled There Can Only Be One, this drawing capitalizes on the laundry list of similarities between Midna and A Link Between Worlds’ Hilda. I mean, UNIesque herself describes it better than I ever could (spoilers ahead, incase you haven’t played ALBW):

“I’M the red-eyed, purple-lipped, five letter-named dark princess of the flip side of Hyrule! It was ME Zelda took pity on and helped save! MY subordinate used Ganon’s power against me! I was the one who guided Link from the shadows and forced him to save my kingdom because the power of my ancestors was shattered! I don’t care if you’re from a parallel timeline, GET YOUR OWN LIFE!”

Oh, and I can’t not mention the art style on display here, as it’s reminiscent of some of the best comic book covers out there. It’s practically begging to be animated! In any case, definitely check out the full-quality version on UNIeque’s gallery!

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