Mirror of Twilight Replica Update and Giveaway Information

Although this is the first news post relating to it in over a year, Liz’s ambitious Mirror of Twilight Replica project has made a significant resurgence within these past few weeks. Hit the jump for more information!

The most important piece of news is that Liz has set up a store for the replicas on Etsy! Version 1 of the Mirror is £35, while Version 2 is £50. Take a look at the two side-by-side:



[Full-Quality Image]

Thanks a million to LegendBoy for providing the designs!

It’s understandable, though, that not everybody has that kind of money to spare, which is why Liz is holding a giveaway. Cue the festive banner!



“Unfortunately I’m not financially in a place to be giving a mirror away for free (it costs me to make them, after all). BUT, since this giveaway is also for my store’s publicity, if you do have the money to buy one outright and support me, please, please do. If enough people do this before the end of the giveaway, I might be able to give away a mirror for free, also.

The prizes are as follows;

  • ONE person will win a 75% discount code.
  • ONE person will win a 50% discount code.
  • TWO people will win a 25% discount code.
  • TWO people will win a free shipping code.

Here are the rules:

  • Since this is for my store and is basically nothing to do with my deviantART, you don’t have to be following/+watching me. If you are, though, I might be able throw in something extra.
  • This giveaway will also be running on my Tumblr, (lightworldmidna.tumblr.com/pos…) Since I can’t be bothered to go through and deal with different usenames and whatnot, you may enter on both sites.
  • To enter, favourite this journal. When the giveaway is over, you’re welcome to remove it, but if you remove it before it is over, you might lose your chance to win.
  • I do ship internationally, although unless you receive a free shipping code, you’ll have to pay the shipping fees.
  • If you win and receive a code you do not intend to use, please let me know so I can give it to someone else. Maybe you realised you’re not in a position to buy one after all, it’s no problem.
  • Your code will be valid for you and you alone. Please do not give it to anyone, else you won’t be able to use it (Unless you’re entering for someone else, I guess you can do that), and do not share it. If two people try to use the same code, I will have to void both purchases.
  • I will be using a random number generator to pick the winners.
  • This giveaway will end on FRIDAY 25TH APRIL AT 12:00MIDDAY BRITISH TIME (GMT+1 right now because British Summer Time).

Good luck everyone!”

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