Hyrule Warriors to Include a Ton of Female Characters

Although Nintendo has only revealed four playable characters in Hyrule Warriors so far, many more will be announced in between now and the game’s Japanese release on August 14. As Nintendo Everything pointed out, one of the speakers at the latest Treehouse stream noted that at least half of the roster will include female characters. Additionally, there’s at least one major mode that has yet to be announced for the game.

This is definitely encouraging news, as I’ve been crossing my fingers for the likes of Nabooru and Malon. What about you? Who are some female characters you’d particularly love to see? Let us know in the comments!



3 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors to Include a Ton of Female Characters


    Obviously that weird girl who keeps showing up in the background is gonna be one of them, but I hope the rest are all past characters, honestly. I’d love to see their iterations and moves in HD.

    We’ve got that whole debate on Sheik but Nintendo seems to lean towards female now, so I’ll stick with that as my top wish. After that, Nabooru, Ruto (splashin’ stuff everywhere idk), maybe Din (from Oracle series, cause she’s cute) aaandd maybe Tetra??? I really just want to see her non-toon, but I don’t expect it.

    Then again, Midna was entirely unexpected, so it appears everyone is fair game this time!

  2. I think the best pick would be Ashei!
    Here’s my top 15 for females:
    1. Ashei
    2. Agitha
    3. Nabooru
    4. Tetra
    5. Malon
    6. Marin
    7. Crazy Tracy
    8. Aryll
    9. Fi
    10. Anju
    11. Ilia
    12. Karane (or that creepy storage lady lol)
    13. Saria (probably should be higher)
    The 3 godesses/oracles too, or just Din… or Nayru
    I used to think that blue girl from the first trailer was Nayru, however, with the new artwork, I think that Cia will eventually revert back to being good and will be a secret 10th playable character. I’m almost certain that’s who it is. So I didn’t put either Nayru or Cia at #1 on my list like I used to.
    I also didn’t put villains because I’m not sure if villans will be playable. I think toon characters would be a bad fit, but I like Tetra so I’d be fine with her. I don’t think many on that list are realistic. I’m going to bet n the female choices being Zelda, Impa, Midna, Cia, Nabooru, Ashei
    And the male choices being Link, Groose, Colin, Kafei? That was harder to decide, there aren’t many male protagonists that aren’t Link. Oh, ALBW!
    My full list:
    1. Link
    2. Impa
    3. Zelda
    4. Midna
    5. Groose
    6. Ravio
    7. Hilda
    8. Ashei
    9. Nabooru
    Unlocked near the end (10.) Cia
    There. That’s what I want and think is pretty likely.
    I’ve been right about a lot so far 😛
    Maybe I’ll get lucky some more.

  3. I GOT AGITHA RIGHT!!! (Well, she wasn’t on my list of expected characters, but she was my #2 wanted after Midna was confirmed)
    Looks like the girl I thought was Cia might actually be “Lana” though.

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