Kickstarter Campaign for Zelda-Inspired Fantasy Novel Launches

The Legend of Zelda has been a source of inspiration for a ton of people, including WMB’s own contributors. I mean, Liz didn’t put those mirrors together just ’cause.

Independent author J Washburn has been moved by the Hylian Hero’s adventures, too, having recently launched a Kickstarter for his latest fantasy novel. Hit the jump for more information!


“When I was a kid, I obsessed over heroes—like Luke Skywalker and Avatar Aang.

“And it just killed me when their stories ended.

“I tried to fill the gap by collecting action figures and reading mediocre novelizations. I even made a wooden sword with a nailed crosspiece and took it on imaginary quests—trying to find more of that substance called adventure.

“As an adult, I still have that drive. But now I’m furiously writing instead, trying to contribute to the library of legend (imagine Jack Black saying, ‘library of legend’—there you go). I want to make more of those stories I’ve always craved. And that’s where SONG OF LOCKE comes in.

“Inspired by classics like Legend of Zelda, SONG OF LOCKE is the story of an ordinary boy. His tale begins when a bloodthirsty band called the Unstoppable Hundred passes through the Enchanted Forest. From a nearby hiding place, Picke—a musical spirit of air—dares Locke to follow the warriors. Little does Locke realize that this small, fateful choice will lead him onto a hero’s path. And, with just enough guts to begin, he soon finds himself on a quest to rescue a Goddess—something he never expected—and a marvelous adventure follows, one with ancient ruins, snarling wolves, magical swords, and dragon flights.”

Although this ambitious project definitely borrows some elements from Zelda’s playbook, it sounds as if it will stand well on its own merits. His well-received resume, especially, is a healthy sign for this story.

Washburn’s campaign has already reached the $1,000 goal in pledges, but it’ll take more backers to make this a success. Be sure to head over to The Song of Locke’s Kickstarter page and help the novel hit its thousand-backer target!

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