Link Amiibo compatible with Yoshi’s Woolly World

As we get closer to its release, Yoshi’s Woolly World looks to be among Nintendo’s most inventive games of 2015. Its one-of-a-kind art style, as well as its sheer breadth of content, puts it near the top of my most anticipated list.

Similarly to just about every other recent Nintendo release, the game will feature amiibo support. The Link figure, for instance, allows Yoshi to dress up as the Hylian Hero, while the Mario and Donkey Kong amiibo provide costumes for their respective characters.

At least 37 other amiibo, including Toon Link, Sheik, and Ganondorf, are compatible with the game, too. Assuming they all offer costumes, I can only imagine how awesome Yoshi would look in Ganondorf’s getup.

Hit the jump to see the full announcement from Nintendo of Europe’s YouTube channel!

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