Twilight Princess HD Amiibo Functions Revealed in New Trailer

A new trailer for Twilight Princess HD has surfaced, confirming the functionality of not only the Wolf Link amiibo, but also those of the other Zelda characters. The former does indeed unlock the “Cave of Shadows,” an additional Cave of Ordeals in which the player is restricted to playing as Wolf Link and Midna. Additionally, the trailer shows off some more footage of the game proper. Head past the jump to check it out!

5 thoughts on “Twilight Princess HD Amiibo Functions Revealed in New Trailer

  1. Hmn… I was hoping profusely that it wouldn’t be just another Cave of Ordeals. I suppose considering they only re-skinned it and didn’t bother to update the models at all kind of gave away the fact they’re not really bothering to put much effort into this. Zelda U had better be good, because this is just screaming ‘money-grubbing’ to me.

    • The models don’t really need to be updated. Even the models in Wind Waker HD weren’t altered all that much.

      All that’s really being changed are the textures, lighting, and visuals among other details. Much like in Wind Waker HD.

  2. I’m hoping there’s some actual story to the Cave of Shadows, and it’s more than just a second Cave of Ordeals.(which I’ll still look forward to. :D) Hero Mode was confirmed, right? If that’s the case, hopefully the Ganondorf amiibo stacks with Hero Mode for 4x damage!

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