New Twilight Princess HD Story Trailer Releases

With Twilight Princess HD nearly one month away, the game’s marketing campaign is in full swing. A trailer based around the adventure’s opening hours was just released, showcasing a ton of new footage. Head past the jump to check it out!

As I see more and more of the remake, the graphical improvements are becoming increasingly apparent. It may not be the fundamental overhaul that many expected, but there’s a crispness and refinement to it that just isn’t in the original title.

What do you think, though? Based on how much you’ve seen so far, are you satisfied with Twilight Princess HD’s visuals? Think they could still use some work? Let us know in the comments below.

One thought on “New Twilight Princess HD Story Trailer Releases

  1. It’s an odd teaser-trailer, it reveals the whole intro of the story. I wouldn’t say it has spoilers, not exactly… but it’s an odd pacing.

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