Twilight Princess HD Trailer Shows Hero Mode, GamePad Functionality

Alongside the launch of the game’s Japanese website, a new Twilight Princess HD trailer has released.

Considering that there hadn’t been any word on Hero Mode since the Amazon France leak, I was somewhat skeptical as to whether the feature would make it into the remake. Thankfully, not only does this trailer confirm Hero Mode, but it also reveals that playing on this difficulty will reverse the world map to resemble the original Wii version. According to GameXplain’s recent preview, the Ganondorf amiibo is compatible with Hero Mode. Taking four times the amount of damage? Sign me up.

The trailer reveals some minor improvements, too. The GamePad functionality, for instance, looks to make item management more convenient. Additionally, Link can transform into a wolf more seamlessly this time around. You know, without asking for Midna’s permission. See for yourself past the jump.

2 thoughts on “Twilight Princess HD Trailer Shows Hero Mode, GamePad Functionality

  1. Glad to hear that the Ganondorf Amiibo stacks with Hero Mode. Admittedly, I do think there should be some tweaks to the AI, along with buffing enemy health in Hero Mode. Even with quadruple damage received, smart players will know how effective the spin attack is and use it to mow down everything. Even bigger enemies like Lizalfos.

    Personally, I didn’t think the quick change to wolf form was necessary. It’s not like talking to Midna took a while. If you mash A it doesn’t take much longer than 4 seconds. It’s nice, but a little unnecessary if you ask me.

    • To be fair, the ability to change instantly keeps the flow going. There are times where I just want to change instantly, like in the Death Sword and Ganondorf (beast) fights. Having to stop, talk to Midna, then change messed up the flow for me. But hey, that’s just me.

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