Nintendo Looks Back at Twilight Princess in New Video Series

Since my first run through Twilight Princess, I have wanted to see a full-blown behind-the-scenes feature about its development process. Although the original game’s pre-launch interviews — not to mention the information inside of Hyrule Historia — are appreciated, I’ve always wanted to hear more specific anecdotes about the production.

With Nintendo being in the business of making dreams come true lately, it just launched a Twilight Princess retrospective video series. In this first episode, key figures of the game’s development — including director Eiji Aonuma and script writer Aya Kyogoku — reflect on various moments. Hit the jump to check it out.

From the fans’ overwhelmingly positive response to that initial E3 2004 trailer, to Shigeru Miyamoto’s “sob-story” text messages, this first episode recalls a handful of fun incidents. Although a decent chunk of the video focuses on the pressures of the fans’ expectations and the overall trial of getting the game out the door, I appreciated hearing Kyogoku discuss how rewarding the critical response was.

What did you think of the first episode? What do you hope to hear more about next time around? Let us know in the comments below.

One thought on “Nintendo Looks Back at Twilight Princess in New Video Series

  1. This was pretty cool to watch. Nice to hear them mention Mid and all the support she’s gotten. I’m seeing a lot of people on news feed posts writing how much she is loved and is the greatest character to ever be in the series. I’m so happy to see her kind of back in the spotlight. It’s nice to see the people at Nintendo know what they have created too. I keep hoping she’ll continue to be featured in future games.

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