Final Twilight Princess Retrospective Episode Drops Zelda U Hint

Nintendo released the final episode in its Twilight Princess Retrospective series earlier today.

This time around, the team discusses some of the HD remake’s new features, including the Wolf Link-Midna amiibo and the Cave of Shadows. Assistant director Tomomi Sano notes that she received a ton of requests for a figure based on the iconic duo. As a fan of the mischievous imp herself, Sano championed the idea of a Midna amiibo.

The episode caps off with a brief hint from Eiji Aonuma regarding Zelda U. Check it out after the jump.

It’s neat to hear Aonuma refer to Twilight Princess as a starting point for what he and the team are doing with Zelda U. I’m curious as to what he’s referring to specifically, though I imagine one aspect of that may be the upcoming game’s expansive overworld. Assuming Link’s first proper Wii U adventure sticks to its release window, we won’t have to wait too much longer to find out.

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