Hyrule Warriors’ Link’s Awakening DLC to Launch June 30 in the UK

A trailer for Hyrule Warriors Legends’ Link’s Awakening DLC pack just released, showcasing what exactly fans can expect. Both the Wii U version and its 3DS counterpart will bring Marin to the playable roster, as well as a nifty pair of boots for Linkle to stomp enemies with. Additionally, 15 new My Fairy costumes and an Adventure Mode map based on Koholint Island will come exclusively to the 3DS version.

The trailer also reveals that the DLC will launch on June 30 in the UK. Considering that the Master Wind Waker pack released simultaneously in both regions, it’s safe-ish to assume that this pack will launch in North America on that day, too. That said, I’ve yet to see any official confirmation.

Check out the trailer after the jump, and let us know in the comments section whether you plan on picking up this DLC.

One thought on “Hyrule Warriors’ Link’s Awakening DLC to Launch June 30 in the UK

  1. Ah, I’ve been waiting to see this post ever since I saw the official artwork for Linkle’s Pegasus Boots on Tumblr. I think it looks awesome, but the combos it shows… Not so much.
    Marin, though? Her moveset looks a lot better than I expected. I haven’t been able to pick the game up, but when I do I will be getting the DLC asap, methinks. 🙂

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