Introducing Dungeons and Darknuts

It’s about time we ventured into even dorkier territory, isn’t it? I mean, as much as I enjoy discussing the Zelda series at large, the prospect of roleplaying as my own Hyrulean character sounds just as exciting.

An offshoot of Want Midna Back, Dungeons and Darknuts is an in-character Legend of Zelda forum. The board not only allows players to sign up as a member of virtually any race from the series, but it also boasts a wide variety of classes. Duelist, scholar, pirate, engineer, warrior — you name it.

Each character class gains unique level-up skills, which can be used throughout your adventure. Feel free to share any background information about your character in the Character Lore board, too.

From there, players may join whichever guild best suits his or her character’s alignment. As of right now, an individual guild may fall into one of three groups: Din’s Power, Nayru’s Wisdom, or Farore’s Courage. Additionally, the forum houses shops for weapons, armor, and miscellaneous items, all of which are necessary for questing.

Speaking of which, the real meat of Dungeons and Darknuts comes from the board’s quests. Both boss fights and mini-boss fights are available for a set number of players to tackle. There is a board that’s strictly dedicated to roleplaying, too — one where players can start their own adventures.

All credit goes to WMB administrator Lauren “Spookypatrol” Felipe for setting this up, by the way. Fingers crossed, this will sound entertaining to most of the community. Hope to see you on the forums!

The Immortal’s Shard updates logo, cover art, races

A couple of months ago, WMB administrator and banner artist Lauren “Spookypatrol” Felipe unveiled the prologue for her graphic novel, The Immortal’s Shard. To the uninitiated, the story follows an unlikely group of adventurers seeking the truth behind an immortality myth.

Although the prologue is still the only finished piece of the graphic novel itself, its official site boasts plenty of information about the setting’s characters and mythology. Actually — you knew I was leading into this — some new information regarding the world’s more exotic races was recently revealed.

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New Affiliate: Puissance-Zelda

OK, here’s a site that runs the gamut. Our latest affiliate, Puissance(Power)-Zelda, is a French site with one of the most versatile setups in the Zelda community.

It’s not only an active, reliable source of Zelda news, but also an exceptionally robust hub. Walkthroughs, videos, wallpapers, fan art, an encyclopedia — you name it!

Definitely give Puissance-Zelda a look; be sure to follow it on Facebook and Twitter, too.

I mean, if nothing else, how many sites do you know of that feature a countdown timer for Majora’s Mask 3D?

Check out The Immortal’s Shard’s prologue

2015 is here! With the release of not only Majora’s Mask 3D, but also Zelda Wii U, this year is sure to be an exciting time for Zelda fans. 2014 was sort of the year for Want Midna Back, but as far as the series proper is concerned, 2015 looks to be much more momentous.

That said, let’s kick things off and talk about something related to neither Midna nor the Zelda series at large.

Joking aside, this is definitely worthy of your attention. WMB administrator and banner artist Lauren “Spookypatrol” Felipe has, for nearly a year, been working on something that’s been shaping up to be pretty special — a graphic novel titled The Immortal’s Shard.


Set in an — as of right now — unnamed continent, the story focuses on the popular myth that Death himself left a precious artifact in the mortal realm. Legend claims that whoever obtains this artifact will be able to use it as a bargaining chip, ultimately leading to an immunity from death.

Often referred to as the Shard of Immortality, this artifact and the mythology surrounding it has caused many to dedicate their lives to tracking it down. Of course, none have succeeded, but that hasn’t stopped the most adventurous of folks from trying.


That’s where Eris, Alvar, Zander and Moros come in, for their adventures, including their search for the shard, are the center of this story.

Although the graphic novel is still a work in progress, eight of the prologue’s nine pages are up. An immaculate retelling of the creation of the universe by way of a “stained glass storybook,” this is one hell of an opening.


Already, the tidbits of lore that have been put in place have made this a world that I can’t wait to get lost in. Be sure to head over to the graphic novel’s official site and read the rest of the prologue! Definitely comment, too, for I know Lauren would appreciate the feedback.