PeanutButterGamer Begins Zelda Month by Hacking Twilight Princess

Another November, another Zelda Month! Since 2011, YouTuber PeanutButterGamer has dedicated this month to producing unique — and often hilarious — Zelda content.

Similar to how last year’s festivities began with some Skyward Sword hacking, Zelda Month 2016 kicks off by giving Twilight Princess the same treatment. The result is a nightmarish trek through Hyrule, with giant heads, a particularly freaky Midna, and corrupted musical tracks abound. Head past the jump to see for yourself!

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Did You Know Gaming Remembers Satoru Iwata

YouTube channel Did You Know Gaming recently released one of its more sobering episodes with a look back at former Nintendo President Satoru Iwata.

Clocking in at 19 minutes, this touching tribute serves as a healthy reminder of Iwata’s impact on the gaming industry at large. From his programming days at HAL Laboratory to the revolution brought about by the DS and Wii, the video definitely runs the gamut in terms of the late pioneer’s storied career.

Every time I hear about Iwata’s legacy, I’m particularly struck by his hands-on approach during his tenure as HAL’s president. On top of programming the prototype for the original Super Smash Bros., the guy personally stepped in on and dramatically impacted the development of games such as Earthbound and Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Check out the full story after the jump.

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Watch TheSpeedGamers’ Zelda Marathon for St. Jude

Formed in 2008, TheSpeedGamers’ is a non-profit organization that periodically holds gaming marathons for various charities. Watching its 2009 Zelda marathon in particular remains one of my most memorable experiences within the Zelda fan community. Seven years later, these guys are back at it with yet another trek through Link’s adventures.

Considering all of the Zelda content that has released since TSG’s previous Zelda marathon — nearly three years ago — the gang is getting a bit more ambitious this time around. Unlike previous outings, which lasted for about 72 hours, this marathon is scheduled to run for a whole week. It just kicked off a couple of hours ago — be sure to tune in and donate to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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Lon Lon Ranch Recreated in Unreal Engine 4

Throughout the past year, YouTuber CryZENx has taken his fair share of locations from Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask and re-imagined them in Unreal Engine 4. From Clock Town to Zora’s Domain, he’s put together some breathtaking locales. The designer recently shared his take on one of the homiest places in the Zelda universe, Lon Lon Ranch. Check out the stunning results after the jump.

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Game of Hyrule expertly crosses Zelda with Game of Thrones

Throughout the past five years, Game of Thrones has been among the handful of shows that I actively watch. Its unconventional storytelling, rich mythology and political intrigue make for some of the best television around.

With the show’s sixth season premiering tonight, YouTube channel Megasteakman recently produced an excellent parody-crossover in Game of Hyrule. On top of looking professional — seriously, the production value is out of this world — the fan film expertly applies Game of Thrones’ sensibilities to the world of Zelda.

In keeping with the style of the show, the video contains some pretty graphic and violent images. For those who don’t mind, though, be sure to check it out aftet the jump.

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