WMB Contest Winner Announced

Twilight Princess HD is less than 24 hours away from its release; with that, I should probably announce the winner of our latest contest, lest this article be even more overdue.

Thanks a million to everyone who participated. Seriously, looking at and reading through each of these took me back to when I joined this community in 2008. Hit the jump to check out all of the entries!

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Reminder: Still a few days left to participate in WMB’s latest contest

WMB’s latest contest — in which the winner receives a copy of Twilight Princess HD — is well underway. This is just a reminder that there are still a few days left before the deadline. Although the original one was set for Monday at noon (central time), I’ve extended it to Tuesday at 5:00. Head over here for all of the details!

Enter WMB’s Latest Contest for a Chance to Win a Copy of Twilight Princess HD

With The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD a mere two weeks away, it’s about that time for some nostalgic reminiscing. The original GameCube-Wii title is not only my favorite video game, but also a key source of creative inspiration. I rarely cite a piece of media and say “that thing changed my life,” but Link and Midna’s adventure — both directly and indirectly — has made a tremendously lasting effect. From the fond memories I have with the game itself to the friends I’ve made through sites such as WMB, no other piece of entertainment comes close in terms of personal impact.

Considering the original purpose of this site, it’s clear that other people feel similarly. Before we re-experience the Hero of Twilight’s journey, let’s express why we fell in love with this game in the first place.

Through just about any creative means — writing, music, hand art, graphic art, etc. — let us know what Twilight Princess means to you. Feel free to write a piece — similar to WMB’s Testimonals — in which you discuss your experience with the game as a whole. Share a drawing or painting of King Bulbin. Build a Wolf Link papercraft — whatever sounds like the most fun to you.

Assuming we get a substantial number of submissions, we’ll collect them all on February 29 and present them on the front page. On top of that, we’ll pick one person among the group and send them a copy of Twilight Princess HD. Hit the jump for some of the specific details.

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Discussion: What are the creepiest Zelda moments?

You just knew we had to acknowledge Halloween somehow, right? I mean, if nothing else, then this article is an excuse for me to use that unsettling featured image.

For all of its whimsical sensibilities, the Zelda series frequently delves into some dark places. This ranges from more mature themes to unnerving enemy encounters to downright creepy imagery.

Many of the fans’ go-to examples of this still hold up. The Shadow Temple, Yeta’s transformation into Blizzeta, Ghirahim himself, seemingly every major element of Majora’s Mask — the series definitely has more than its fair share.

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We’re off! …Sort of.

I won’t lie – it took me almost all day just to get this website back online, and even then there’s so much to be done. While most posts are linked and available for you to click and enjoy, we still have a few more kinks to work with as we rebuild the website. For one, images are not showing up for all older posts – I’ve been looking further into the issue and it looks like we’ll have to load ’em up again manually (unless there’s an easier way, which I’ll be researching). Now all new posts will still have images on, so new content will not be affected.

I’ll be posting another article detailing most of the new changes we’ve been working into, but right now my biggest focus was to load up the website. If you have any issues logging into any of your usernames, let me know – I believe you can be able to log into your accounts with your password and not have any issues.

Anyway, this is Legendboy signing off.