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 Rin's Character (I can't do more than one) 
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Post Rin's Character (I can't do more than one)
Name - Anberlin Starcroft

Nickname - Rin

Age - 17

Race - Elf

Height - 4'11"

Weight - 110 lbs.

Eyes - dark brown

Hair - short black hair

Skills - Rin has many skills, but prefers to keep them secret unless she has to use them. She is very smart. She's probably one of the smartest she-elf's you will ever know, but doesn't show off her intelligence unless absolutely necessary. She is also very skilled with a sword or a bow and arrow, but no one will know unless they are in battle with her. She can use some magics and is practicing on getting better, but she does this in secret because she prefers to do things alone. Rin is also very good at concealing her emotions and the only reason no one knows this is because she's so good at it.

Habits - licking her lips. playing with her hands. biting her lips.

Personality - Rin is very quiet. She doesn't yell and talks so softly most people can't even hear her. She prefers to keep to herself and stay mysterious to everyone, so they can't harm her. She flinches when people yell and, though you can never really tell unless you know her, if she's angry at you or hates you, she'll just leave the room instead of glare or yell at you. The same goes for if she is afraid of you. She's afraid of most people she meets, so if you are a stranger, she'll probably leave your presence the first couple times she meets/sees you. After that she'll get used to you and stick around.

Appearance - Rather short for her age and race, which makes people both overlook her and mistake her for a human. She typically is dressed in a tunic (like Link's only black) with leather boots, arm guards, fingerless gloves and shoulder guards. She is usually heavily armed with her quiver of arrows on her back, her bow in her hand, her sword buckled around her waist and throwing knives hidden in various places throughout her body.

Equipment - Archery supplies: a bow made of ebony and arrows made of whatever wood she can get her hands on, since she makes her own arrows, though she always tries to reuse them, since making them is such a hassle. A sword with a blue hilt, and long shiny blade with a thin scratch of pure gold twisting up it. An unknown amount of throwing knives. All very small and very sharp with small handles and pointed blades.

History - Rin's past is a mystery to everyone. Including herself at times. She has so many memories that were repressed or blocked from her memory by some unknown person that she no longer knows what is real and what is reality. She had an unhappy childhood, though she doesn't remember much of it, except her mother dying when she was young and her father getting through his grief by abusing her and blaming her for her mother's passing. When she was twelve, she ran away from her father and his anger and became a nomad, never really having a home or enough to eat. She has always been avoided and ridiculed and because of this and her childhood she has become silent, rarely speaking, unless she must or is spoken to. Even then it isn't guarenteed you will hear her voice. She stole her bow and her sword from her father and made arrows out of whatever wood and feathers she can find using knives she's stolen from shop stands in various cities.
Rin is technically an assassin, but she rarely ever does her jobs and just ends up running away instead to another city, getting another job and leaving or, if she feels she must, completing it before she decides whether to go back to collect her gold or just run away.
Many colonels in many of the cities she has visited has asked her to join the army because she is so good with weapons, but she either doesn't answer or politely refuses, explaining she doesn't kill unless necessary, which confuses everyone because she is (technically) an assassin.
Rin is kind to anyone who is kind to her. If you are unkind to her, however, she just ignores you completely. She only speaks to close friends, but she doesn't have many of those, so, as previously mentioned, her voice is rarely heard.

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