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 Savoc's Characters 
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Post Savoc's Characters
Name: Giilienticeryum Fryuule Threyvic III [Pronounced Gih-yihl-ee-en-tih-see-ree-um Free-yool Thray-vik]
Nickname: Giil [Pronounced Gih-yil or Giyil]
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Race: Hylian
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 118 lbs
Eye Color: Deep Blue
Hair: Slightly messy, very curly. Sandy-blond/Brownish blond in colour.
Clothing: Giil wears a gray-colored set of clothing beneath his usual garb, for extra warmth in colder temperatures. Over that, he wears a pair of slightly worn pants, a blue long-sleeved shirt, and some leather armor over his shoulders. At his waist, he keeps a sword sheath. Overall, a rather simple look.

Personality: Giil is still immature and kiddish in a number of ways, But he's also quite polite and mature in other ways (Generally when around his elders, he acts much more like an adult). When people offer him something, he often feels uncomfortable taking it when he cannot pay them back somehow and will usually only do so out of necessity or when consistently urged. But when around children, he can be quite, well, childish.

Giil is a masterful lutenist, despite his age. This is mostly due to his immense free time when he was younger, the only thing for him to do was to learn to play the thing. Most, if not all, of his spare hours have gone into learning it. Improvisation is his forte, though he has very little formal music education. He can't even read sheet music. He plays by sound more than anything.

In terms of swordsmanship, Giil is very amateurish at best, and just awful at worst.

Giil owns only his clothes, a lute (Which he wears on his back in a protective case,) and a sword (Sheathed on his waist). Apart from those, All he has is some money, and a rather outdated map of Hyrule.

-Weapons/Fighting Style-
Giil hasn't had proper training to develop a distinct fighting style. All he's capable of really doing is swinging wildly to and fro to try and hit his target.

-Sword Statistics-
Type: Bastard Sword (Also know as a Hand-and-a-Half sword)
    Pommel to Blade's Tip: 3' 3.5"
    Pommel to Cross-Guard: 8.5"
    Pommel's Diameter: 1"
    Gross Guard Thickness: .5"
    Handle Length: 7"
    Blade Length: 2' 7"
    Blade Width: 3"
    Weight: Approximately 20 lbs.
Shape: It's a rather simple, standard sword. Nothing real fancy about it.

Giil was born in a cart of a traveling troupe of performers. Jaini, his mother, and a widow at this point, had lost her husband only a week before, and in order to support herself she moved in with her brother-in-law, Tielk. Tielk, grieved by the news of his brother's passing, suggested they name the child after him. And so, Giilienticeryum was given the same name as his father and his grandfather. His uncle took on the role of a father, teaching him to do things (Such as how to play the lute and juggle) and the other people on the cart became like family to him. By age ten, he was an active part of the troupe's performance. Then, one day, a man in the Hylian army happened to see the show. Upon seeing the young boy, he saw quite a bit of potential. He took his uncle aside, and spoke with him, asking him to perhaps train Giil to use a sword. Tielk agreed, despite his not knowing how to use one himself, and the man bought a sword for him. He instructed Tielk to teach Giil what he could, and then one day, send him off to find a place to further his skills with the blade, and eventually join the ranks of the Hylian army. The man (named Kriol) offered to pay for everything needed for his instruction, and then some, in return. When Giil heard, he was overjoyed, to say the least. Throughout his childhood, he'd listened to many stories, (His favorites being about The Hero of Time) and always had wanted to learn how to use a sword and maybe one day be recorded in legend like the heroes of those stories. He whole-heartedly agreed, and soon, his uncle had taught him all he knew about swordplay, which was barely anything more than how to correctly hold the blade. Giil immediately showed that he was quite a natural with a blade, despite his very limited understanding of the correct way to fight. Playing the lute, which up until this point had been his favorite activity, now took second place in his list. Eventually, a few weeks after his fifteenth birthday, the day came when Giil decided he had to find a better teacher. Bidding goodbye to his mother and the others in the troupe (and promising to stop by and visit whenever he ended up in the same town), they gave him the money which they'd saved for him to pay for his instruction, and a rather old map of Hyrule, seeing as they needed the most current one. This all happened near Death Mountain, and so a Goron (Who was a close relative to one of the Gorons in the troupe) offered to let him stay with him for a little bit. After spending around a month there, Giil set off to find a person to teach him. His first and only lead was from that Goron, who happened to sell metal to many swordsmiths. He put marks on Giil's map, and sent him off with a store of food and some extra money. And so, Giil started to travel. His uncle had let him keep one of the lutes, and Giil kept it strapped across his back, with his sword at his side. He decided it wasn't a good idea to spend the money that was for his training, so he soon was at the side of the road, playing requested songs for travelers to earn a few rupees. He has found no proper mentor as of yet, and is still looking, stopping every now and again to play his lute by the roadside, earning his daily wages to keep himself alive.

-Giil is left Handed, as he broke his right hand when he was at the age where he developed his primary hand.
-Giil cannot swim. One of his friends in the troupe was a Zora, who attempted to teach him, but Giil couldn't seem to get the hang of it.

Jaini: His mother. Alive.
Giilienticeryum II: His father. Deceased
Tielk: His uncle and father figure. Alive.

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