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 The Testimonial of Narkloth 
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Post The Testimonial of Narkloth
Hello and greetings to my fellow WMD comrades, at long last I have found the Testimonial page. Now I do not know why I didn’t discover this thread sooner, in fact it was another member here on the forum that brought it to my attention. Anyways writing a testimonial proved…difficult, not because I was at a loss on what to write but because I found difficulties summing everything that I could write in a testimonial up into one.

Midna, that name still rings loud and strong in my ears as it did over 6 years ago. I remember receiving my first copy of Twilight Princess for Christmas, nothing else I received that morning could’ve compared to the joy receiving that game brought me. After the Christmas exchange was over I quickly ran to my room, inserted the disk into my GameCube and began on another quest to save Hyrule. However, I could never have imagined the mark this quest would leave on me when it was all said and done.

I remember my first play through very well, almost as if it was yesterday, and I will never forget the attachment I formed for the character Midna. Now it is very hard to explain just how this love for the character formed exactly, because in all I honesty I couldn’t explain it myself 6 years ago. All I knew was that her snippy attitude and arrogance began to grow on me because in the end, she was the most unique character I had ever encountered in a Zelda game. She was unique, and I loved that. I started bonding with Midna shortly before my ordeals in that wretched Lakebed Temple were over. My bond with her began there and, how ironic it was, it was right after that particular temple that the game’s story took a terrible twist.

All of those who remember their first play through will surely remember the shock they felt when Zant appeared, after finding the last Fused Shadow, and I’m almost certain they remember slamming the A button on their GameCube controller (considering they were using the GameCube version like I was) repeatedly in order to sprint as wolf Link in a heart wrenching effort save Midna’s life after Zant nearly took it from her. We would soon find ourselves racing through the sewers and dungeons of Hyrule castle, where not too long ago we had met the arrogant imp. Now we had returned to the dungeons, racing down the same path we had treaded once before, only this time to save her life.

That moment in the game was a very touching and very…changing, if you will, experience for me. It was after Zelda sacrificed herself for Midna was that arrogant and selfish imp was taught compassion selflessness. I personally believe each one of us changed after that, we started the game loathing the imp only to find ourselves beginning to love her.

The entire play through of the game was fantastic; to this day Twilight Princess holds a special place in my heart. I hold a special place in me for the game only because of that one loveable imp, Midna. I remember transforming into a wolf and fighting in my wolf form for the longest time just so Midna would be there on the screen with me. I loved that character, Midna was the greatest character I had ever seen. Though I remember the fun and excitement I felt in my play through, I’ll never forget the ending.

The ending was one of the most life changing experiences I had ever felt, from a video game at that! When the Mirror of Twilight was shattered and Link and Zelda were left standing in shock as the credits rolled on, I honestly was speechless. The ending to Twilight Princess, when Midna shattered the mirror and that ‘THE END’ screen rolled up shortly after, was the biggest kick to the chest Nintendo could’ve ever dished out to me. (Now I mean a kick to something else but I’m trying to show some sort of professionalism here) I felt hurt, depressed, but most of all I felt a strong sense of loss. Nintendo had done more than just create the perfect character, one I learned to love, and they did more than just succeed in making more than just another one of Link’s helpers. They had made something that made you feel. They created something you bonded with, whether they realized that or not.

Navi was wretched, a glowing orb always shouting in your ear. The King of Red Lions was very forgettable. As for Fi…given her leaving was sad but I felt as though Hyrule’s Cyberdyne Systems Model-108 was just being switch off, seriously though Fi had no emotion that you could bond with. Midna was the first companion that had emotion, the first companion who you felt obliged to defend and protect, and she was the first companion that made you feel something while losing yourself in the gameplay. Making you feel a certain way is probably the biggest breakthrough Nintendo ever made with Midna, to have a companion that grew and developed with you and Link was pure genius.

Midna changed my life beyond belief, and it all started with her departure. After the ending the feeling of loss I felt was so great I sought any form of closure that I could find, I needed resolution to that game’s ending, closure in which Nintendo had failed to provide. It was then I discovered a piece of Fan Fiction, known as ‘The Legend of Midna’ to some, this was written years ago by a former NSider known as Echoesoflame. This Fan Fiction was just the relief I needed, its direct sequel to the tragedy of Twilight Princess provided closure and satisfaction.

It was through that story though I discovered something else, writing. Before discovering his story, I hadn’t dreamt of writing anything, but after seeing someone writing a sequel to the game, I decided I wanted to write my own. So I spent a year or so writing and posting Fan Fiction relating to the continuation of Twilight Princess, receiving praise and constructive criticism alike. This love for writing I had discovered led me to be here in college, where I’ve taken a semester of Journalism writing classes and now I’m moving to Technical Writing classes. Looking back now I don’t think I could’ve ever gotten to where I am now had it not been for Midna.

So I would like to applaud Nintendo for their beautiful work with Midna, there has truly never been another like her and without her and the way she changed me, I couldn’t have reached the point I’m at today. However, my applause needs to be cut short. In the end of all this there is something terribly wrong with Nintendo’s mindset as well. It seems even when Nintendo creates a great foundation for something extraordinary, they quickly forget about it and move onto something else. Now I’m quite fond of progress and expansions in the gaming world, I enjoy the taste of something new especially with something like Zelda as much as any other person. However, Nintendo seems to love creating bittersweet endings to their Zelda franchise, and in the case of Twilight Princess it was highly unnecessary.
Let’s take a look at them (Possible spoilers):

Link's Awakening: The Wind Fish fully awakens and all of Koholint vanishes

Ocarina of Time: Zelda must put her feelings aside and send Link back in time.

Majora's Mask: In all honesty it was actually not quite as tragic as other Zelda game endings. Ironic considering how dark it was.

Wind Waker: The King floods his ancient kingdom of Hyrule along with himself.

Minish Cap: Link's companion, Ezlo, must leave Link to return to the Minish world.

Skyward Sword: Fi is sealed within the Master Sword and Impa is left in the past only to disappear in the future.

Twilight Princess: Midna returns to the Twilight Realm. She also shatters the Mirror of Twilight completely destroying the connection between the two realms.

Tragedy seems to be a constant in the franchise, tragedy that was highly unnecessary in Twilight Princess with the departure of Midna. Perhaps it was because Nintendo had no idea the reception Midna would get, or maybe it was something else entirely. Either way a deed once done cannot be undone, but it can yet be mitigated. I know we each have our doubts on whether or not Nintendo will listen to our cries, but in the end as paying customers of their franchise WE stand as their foundation.

No matter where Nintendo decides to go with their franchise, we the foundation of their company will still have a card to play. For in the end it is our voices that’ll ring forth, our words and cries will always retain their meaning and power. So until Nintendo acknowledges our efforts and brings back Midna to the game, we will continue to stand, we will continue to make our voices ring out. We will not stop until we are heard.

Midna is a key part in the basis of everything I am today as a person, and I will always stand by any movement to bring her back. I feel her character was wrongfully taken from us and I, along with all of you, want Midna back.

Sun Jan 13, 2013 3:08 am
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