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 Spirit Animals 
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Post Spirit Animals
So, whether or not you believe in spirit animals, I figured we could have a discussion over which one you'd think you'd have, and why. If you have any stories to tell, even better!

I personally think my spirit animal would be some sort of lizard, perhaps even something as basic as an anole.

Ever since I was a child I've had an affinity for lizards. I used to catch Cuban and Carolina anoles in my yard all the time, and I've saved a fair share of them before in recent years. I have really good "lizard vision," too, in that I generally can spot them camouflaged before anyone else in my family. It's like I always know where they are. ^_^

As for a story, a Carolina Anole got stuck in my brother's office for a few days once. My brother was convinced he was likely dead because he had been enclosed for quite a few days (although we get spiders in there so he likely had snacks), but when I entered the office I immediately found him by the window, trying to leave. He was a dark brown, almost black, due to the amount of stress he was under. I finally managed to gently catch him and pet him gently on his head for a bit. After about 30 seconds he turned a bright green in my palms and no longer struggled in my hand. I carried him outside and put him on a tree and he just stayed where I put him until I walked away. He was really a sweet little guy, and I really hope he's still out there thriving.

Anything you guys want to share? Or is there any animal you've just felt "connected to" so to speak?

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Sat Mar 28, 2015 2:20 am
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Post Re: Spirit Animals
Okay so everyone is probably tired of me saying corvids all the time but if anything, corvids apply the most to this thread. I do truly believe they are my spirit animal if such thing exists.

I feel such an attachment to these wonderful creatures, way beyond that of just being a favorite animal. I get this weird feeling everytime I hear crows call and I can't help but stare at them in awe. They fascinate me so much as well as their mythology especially Pacific Northwest Native mythology. While most people label them as messengers of death or gloom, I like to think they are more the animal of curiosity and perhaps mischievousness not malice. They truly are curious creatures, playing with new objects, collecting things, and just playing around. I have kind of been the same, always eager to learn new things and learn about the world around me (the biology world more of). They are also extremely intelligent, being able to realize their own reflection, solve complex puzzles, and a species of corvid can actually make tools (they can use tools quite easily). I too am considered a rather intelligent person, being able to pick up facts rather easily unless the subject is like chemistry. They also have such personalities too kind of like dogs do. I also feel like they are very misunderstood which I always felt like when growing up. Not only that but I for some reason love their harsh voice (apparently I am quite loud myself...). Its just so distinct and I can sometimes recognize what they are up to (defending territory, welcome call, etc.). I don't know, I feel like I could treat them as equals and I honestly know better than to be on their bad side (they will hunt you down and remember your face forever). I also have an obsession with how birds fly. Gosh it looks so much fun...

Other than corvids, I am a friend to many spiders since I will actively try not to harm them and transport them safely outside if they are bugging people in the house. Otherwise, if its made a web, I just leave the poor thing alone. I have also saved two dragon flies from drowning and a couple of mice as well. Getting off topic.......

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