GameTrailers’ “Timeline” Set to Launch with Zelda

Next Thursday, GameTrailers will be premiering a brand new series called “Timeline,” whose main purpose will be to explore the continuity of some of gaming’s most popular series. Unsurprisingly, they have decided to kick-start the project by showcasing the franchise whose overarching narrative is the most hotly-debated within the medium: The Legend of Zelda.

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New Hyrule Historia Trailer and Cover Revealed

Since Hyrule Historia was released in Japan last year, fans had been clamoring for a western release. Why would they not have? After all, this book contains exclusive concept art from virtually every Legend of Zelda title, as well as relative closure to the long-held timeline debate.

Although this de facto Zelda bible won’t be released until January of next year, Nintendo has successfully tide us over by revealing the cover for the English translation of the book. Hit the jump to see for yourself!

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