Retired Projects

Invocation of Twilight

This of course referring to WMB’s somewhat-soon-to-be-released Music CD, featuring remixes, as well as plenty of original music. I would like to thank Centralservices, Flibster, and Zoku for making the wonderful pieces of music for the CD. Kudos to Silvs, too, for making the fantastic Album Art.



This is a project that has been in the works for quite awhile and draws upon many different elements. These include Verbal Responses, Imp’s Overture (Originally by Centralservices, but being added to by Flibster), and a good video maker.


Interview with Akiko Koumoto

Our goal here is to establish contact with Akiko Koumoto, the voice actor for Midna, and ask her a few questions about herself and her role as Midna’s voice. We hope not only to get Nintendo to notice our efforts, but also to encourage her to push for Midna in another game herself..



Zazzle is a free site that will put designs on apparel and posters for you and then offer it for sale online. You then get a percent of the profit made. This is being done to accumulate funds for WMB and to promote WMB in real life.


Hardcover Testimonials

The Testimonials are a collection of expressive statements of Midna fans directed towards Nintendo, and represent our first attempt at getting her back. We are now looking into professionally binding these statements, along with some other information, and using it in Twilight’s Gift.

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