Zelda Producer Eiji Aonuma Embarks on a Quest

Although I try to not get too caught up in companies’ marketing strategies, the way in which Nintendo has communicated with its fans has just been infectious throughout the past few years. From Reggie Fils-Aime hiring a child as his successor to Bill Trinen’s donut escapades, the company has exhibited a refreshing sense of showmanship.

There’s just something inherently endearing about seeing the CEO of a video game company either act like a complete doofus or present himself with such childlike enthusiasm. I get that it’s all done with the end goal of selling a product, but it’s a form of presentation I wholeheartedly welcome nonetheless.

That said, Nintendo just released a couple of videos chronicling Twilight Princess director and Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma’s heroic trek through the frozen wilds. Throughout his adventure, he encounters not only one of Breath of the Wild’s Guardian enemies, but also the Master Sword itself. Take a look after the jump!

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Final Twilight Princess Retrospective Episode Drops Zelda U Hint

Nintendo released the final episode in its Twilight Princess Retrospective series earlier today.

This time around, the team discusses some of the HD remake’s new features, including the Wolf Link-Midna amiibo and the Cave of Shadows. Assistant director Tomomi Sano notes that she received a ton of requests for a figure based on the iconic duo. As a fan of the mischievous imp herself, Sano championed the idea of a Midna amiibo.

The episode caps off with a brief hint from Eiji Aonuma regarding Zelda U. Check it out after the jump.

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Twilight Princess Retrospective: Episode 3 Explores Gameplay and Dungeons

Nintendo’s Twilight Princess Retrospective continues, this time with a look at the game’s dungeons and overall gameplay. From the implementation of items such as the iron boots and the spinner to the challenges of creating smooth underwater controls, this episode provides some fun nuggets of insight. Hit the jump and take a look.

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Twilight Princess Retrospective: Episode 2 Focuses on Story and Characters

Well, that didn’t take long. Nintendo has just released the second entry in its Twilight Princess Retrospective video series. This time around, the development team discusses not only the game’s narrative, but also some of its favorite characters from throughout the adventure. Take a look after the jump.

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Nintendo Looks Back at Twilight Princess in New Video Series

Since my first run through Twilight Princess, I have wanted to see a full-blown behind-the-scenes feature about its development process. Although the original game’s pre-launch interviews — not to mention the information inside of Hyrule Historia — are appreciated, I’ve always wanted to hear more specific anecdotes about the production.

With Nintendo being in the business of making dreams come true lately, it just launched a Twilight Princess retrospective video series. In this first episode, key figures of the game’s development — including director Eiji Aonuma and script writer Aya Kyogoku — reflect on various moments. Hit the jump to check it out.

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