Lon Lon Ranch Recreated in Unreal Engine 4

Throughout the past year, YouTuber CryZENx has taken his fair share of locations from Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask and re-imagined them in Unreal Engine 4. From Clock Town to Zora’s Domain, he’s put together some breathtaking locales. The designer recently shared his take on one of the homiest places in the Zelda universe, Lon Lon Ranch. Check out the stunning results after the jump.

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Game of Hyrule expertly crosses Zelda with Game of Thrones

Throughout the past five years, Game of Thrones has been among the handful of shows that I actively watch. Its unconventional storytelling, rich mythology and political intrigue make for some of the best television around.

With the show’s sixth season premiering tonight, YouTube channel Megasteakman recently produced an excellent parody-crossover in Game of Hyrule. On top of looking professional — seriously, the production value is out of this world — the fan film expertly applies Game of Thrones’ sensibilities to the world of Zelda.

In keeping with the style of the show, the video contains some pretty graphic and violent images. For those who don’t mind, though, be sure to check it out aftet the jump.

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Twilight Princess Lore Summarized in One Minute

YouTube channel LORE is known for summarizing the mythology of various franchises with one-minute animations. It recently took a crack at Twilight Princess, using offbeat comedic imagery to get the message across. Zant’s portrayal alone makes the video worth checking out. Hit the jump to take a look!

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Mashed’s Latest Parody Video Links Links

YouTube channel Mashed is well known for its pop culture — albeit mostly video game — parodies. On top of being generally funny, its constant experimentation with different art styles is refreshing.

The channel’s latest video is a spoof of Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears, tying the show’s introduction in with Tri Force Heroes’ totem mechanic. Hit the jump the try to spot each of the Zelda character cameos.

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