GameXplain Plays Through Super Mario Maker’s Twilight Princess HD Course

To celebrate the release of Twilight Princess HD, Nintendo has released a new event course in Super Mario Maker — one that takes advantage of the Wolf Link-Midna costume. Throughout the course, the duo must take on Bowser Jr., who has split himself into three. Go figure. GameXplain’s Andre Segers ran through the level yesterday, showcasing its various secrets. Take a look after the jump.

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Twilight Princess HD Trailer Shows Hero Mode, GamePad Functionality

Alongside the launch of the game’s Japanese website, a new Twilight Princess HD trailer has released.

Considering that there hadn’t been any word on Hero Mode since the Amazon France leak, I was somewhat skeptical as to whether the feature would make it into the remake. Thankfully, not only does this trailer confirm Hero Mode, but it also reveals that playing on this difficulty will reverse the world map to resemble the original Wii version. According to GameXplain’s recent preview, the Ganondorf amiibo is compatible with Hero Mode. Taking four times the amount of damage? Sign me up.

The trailer reveals some minor improvements, too. The GamePad functionality, for instance, looks to make item management more convenient. Additionally, Link can transform into a wolf more seamlessly this time around. You know, without asking for Midna’s permission. See for yourself past the jump.

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GameXplain: Twilight Princess HD Trailer Analysis

Since Twilight Princess HD’s official unveiling this past Thursday, the GameXplain crew has combed just about every corner of the game’s announcement trailer. Its analysis not only highlights the subtle, yet profound, visual improvements, but also hints at what control schemes we might see in the HD remake. Hit the jump to check it out.

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