Medli is Coming to Hyrule Warriors Legends

The main Zelda-related announcement from today’s Nintendo Direct is the addition of a season pass in Hyrule Warriors Legends. Similarly to the original Wii U title, the game will offer a string a DLC packs alongside its already robust roster. Those who purchase the season pass will receive a free costume for Ganondorf — one based off of his appearance in Wind Waker.

Speaking of which, a new character has been announced. Medli, the young Rito from Link’s first nautical quest, will be made available for free alongside the game’s first DLC pack. Hit the jump for the full details!

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Nintendo Reveals Official Twilight Princess HD Art

Alongside yesterday’s trailer, Nintendo released stunning artwork of some of Twilight Princess HD’s key characters. As far as I remember, the original game doesn’t feature any official artwork of Ganondorf. That said, it’s great to see his warmongering presence depicted in this style. Midna, meanwhile, looks appropriately mischievous. See for yourself after the jump!

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