PeanutButterGamer Begins Zelda Month by Hacking Twilight Princess

Another November, another Zelda Month! Since 2011, YouTuber PeanutButterGamer has dedicated this month to producing unique — and often hilarious — Zelda content.

Similar to how last year’s festivities began with some Skyward Sword hacking, Zelda Month 2016 kicks off by giving Twilight Princess the same treatment. The result is a nightmarish trek through Hyrule, with giant heads, a particularly freaky Midna, and corrupted musical tracks abound. Head past the jump to see for yourself!

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PeanutButterGamer Begins Zelda Month with Skyward Sword Hacking

Throughout the past few years, YouTuber PeanutButterGamer has dedicated Novemeber to producing unique Zelda content. He just recently kicked off his fifth annual Zelda Month with a look at some of Skyward Sword’s most bizarre hacks. Seriously, some pretty messed up stuff goes down. See for yourself after the jump.

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