Yuga and Ravio are coming to Hyrule Warriors

Although a leak spoiled the fun a few months ago, Koei Tecmo officially announced the details regarding Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends’ final DLC pack this morning.

Based on A Link Between Worlds, the DLC brings two more playable characters into the fray with Yuga and Ravio. Additionally, it features a Lorule-inspired Adventure Mode map and 17 new character costumes. Check out a few of them, including Twili Midna’s, after the jump!

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Hyrule Warriors’ Link’s Awakening DLC to Launch June 30 in the UK

A trailer for Hyrule Warriors Legends’ Link’s Awakening DLC pack just released, showcasing what exactly fans can expect. Both the Wii U version and its 3DS counterpart will bring Marin to the playable roster, as well as a nifty pair of boots for Linkle to stomp enemies with. Additionally, 15 new My Fairy costumes and an Adventure Mode map based on Koholint Island will come exclusively to the 3DS version.

The trailer also reveals that the DLC will launch on June 30 in the UK. Considering that the Master Wind Waker pack released simultaneously in both regions, it’s safe-ish to assume that this pack will launch in North America on that day, too. That said, I’ve yet to see any official confirmation.

Check out the trailer after the jump, and let us know in the comments section whether you plan on picking up this DLC.

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Hyrule Warriors Legends’ Master Wind Waker Pack Now Available

Hyrule Warriors Legends’ Master Wind Waker Pack launched on the 3DS eShop today for $0.99. The first of four DLC expansions planned for the game, the pack includes 16 My Fairy costume pieces, a Wind Waker-themed Adventure Mode map and a new adventure battle scenario. Although the expansion itself is available only in Legends, a free update brings Medli to the playable roster of both versions.

Do you plan to buy this first round of DLC? Have you tried out Medli yet? If so, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below!


Hyrule Warriors Legends’ Master Wind Waker Pack to Release on May 19 in Europe

Hyrule Warriors Legends’ first round of DLC kicks off next week. According to Nintendo of Europe’s Twitter account, the Master Wind Waker pack will launch in Europe on May 19. Although its U.S. release has not yet been confirmed, I assume the pack will release either on the same day or shortly after its European launch. S’pose we’ll find out soon enough.

In any case, Koei Tecmo just released a trailer that showcases the pack’s additions. From costumes to a new adventure mode map, there’s quite a bit to look forward to for only $0.99. On top of that, a free update will launch alongside the pack and add Wind Waker’s Medli to the playable roster.

Check out the trailer after the jump!

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