Watch the Zelda Dungeon Informer Marathon for Child’s Play

Soon after one Zelda marathon ends, another begins. Just a couple of days ago, Zelda Dungeon and its partner site, Zelda Informer, kicked off its own trek through the series. In an effort to raise money for Child’s Play charity, the gang is playing through virtually every Zelda game — CDI games included. As of this posting, they’re finishing up A Link Between Worlds. Be sure to follow the Twitch stream and donate to Child’s Play!

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Watch TheSpeedGamers’ Zelda Marathon for St. Jude

Formed in 2008, TheSpeedGamers’ is a non-profit organization that periodically holds gaming marathons for various charities. Watching its 2009 Zelda marathon in particular remains one of my most memorable experiences within the Zelda fan community. Seven years later, these guys are back at it with yet another trek through Link’s adventures.

Considering all of the Zelda content that has released since TSG’s previous Zelda marathon — nearly three years ago — the gang is getting a bit more ambitious this time around. Unlike previous outings, which lasted for about 72 hours, this marathon is scheduled to run for a whole week. It just kicked off a couple of hours ago — be sure to tune in and donate to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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