PeanutButterGamer Begins Zelda Month by Hacking Twilight Princess

Another November, another Zelda Month! Since 2011, YouTuber PeanutButterGamer has dedicated this month to producing unique — and often hilarious — Zelda content.

Similar to how last year’s festivities began with some Skyward Sword hacking, Zelda Month 2016 kicks off by giving Twilight Princess the same treatment. The result is a nightmarish trek through Hyrule, with giant heads, a particularly freaky Midna, and corrupted musical tracks abound. Head past the jump to see for yourself!

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Yuga and Ravio are coming to Hyrule Warriors

Although a leak spoiled the fun a few months ago, Koei Tecmo officially announced the details regarding Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends’ final DLC pack this morning.

Based on A Link Between Worlds, the DLC brings two more playable characters into the fray with Yuga and Ravio. Additionally, it features a Lorule-inspired Adventure Mode map and 17 new character costumes. Check out a few of them, including Twili Midna’s, after the jump!

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Nintendo Minute Shares Favorite Zelda Games, Gives Shoutout to Midna

This past weekend, Nintendo Minute hosts Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang celebrated Zelda’s 30th anniversary with a rundown of their top three favorite entries in the series. Although there is some overlap — Skyward Sword is on both lists — this video highlights how the franchise as a whole has managed to attract people with radically different tastes.

Yang praises Twilight Princess as her No. 1 pick, and attributes much of the game’s brilliance to everyone’s favorite mischievous imp. Indeed, the air of mystery that surrounds Midna throughout most of the adventure was one of the driving factors of my first play-through.

Check out the video itself after the jump, and be sure to share your top three favorite Zelda games in the comments below!

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Nintendo releases official illustration for Zelda’s 30th anniversary

Appropriately capping off today’s Zelda festivities, Nintendo released a logo and illustration for the series’ 30th anniversary. The piece showcases iconic characters, including Midna herself, from across the saga’s rich history. Really takes you back, doesn’t it?

Check out the full image after the jump!

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Midna is Reggie Fils-Aime’s Favorite Zelda Companion

Among the mayhem that was E3 2016, YouTuber The Completionist got a chance to sit down and record an interview with Reggie Fils-Aime. However, the Nintendo of America CEO quickly turned the tables and began to test the interviewer’s Zelda know-how.

Like the best of the Nintendo Direct skits, this charmingly bizarre video boasts more than a handful of great moments. However, the highlight for me is when Reggie kicks off a lightning round of Zelda-related questions.

When asked who his favorite Zelda companion is, The Completionist snaps “Fi!” However, Reggie simply responds “Eh, Midna. Sorry.” The guy’s got it figured out.

The video is chock-full of little moments such as that one, though — definitely give it a watch after the jump!

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