Nintendo Discusses How Wind Waker 2 Became Twilight Princess

Before the likes of Midna and Wolf Link were even ideas, Nintendo had planned on following The Wind Waker up with a direct sequel. Even as late as GDC 2004 — just a few months before Twilight Princess’s famous E3 2004 reveal trailer — Wind Waker 2 was still planned as the next major Zelda installment.

Although the Legend of Zelda: Arts and Artifacts art book won’t release stateside until Feb. 21, it’s been available in Japan as Hyrule Graphics for several months. Thanks to the folks over at Nintendo Everything, the section regarding Wind Waker 2’s short-lived development has been translated. Head past the jump to read the full details from artist Satoru Takizawa.

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Did You Know Gaming Remembers Satoru Iwata

YouTube channel Did You Know Gaming recently released one of its more sobering episodes with a look back at former Nintendo President Satoru Iwata.

Clocking in at 19 minutes, this touching tribute serves as a healthy reminder of Iwata’s impact on the gaming industry at large. From his programming days at HAL Laboratory to the revolution brought about by the DS and Wii, the video definitely runs the gamut in terms of the late pioneer’s storied career.

Every time I hear about Iwata’s legacy, I’m particularly struck by his hands-on approach during his tenure as HAL’s president. On top of programming the prototype for the original Super Smash Bros., the guy personally stepped in on and dramatically impacted the development of games such as Earthbound and Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Check out the full story after the jump.

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