Four New Zelda Amiibo Announced

Long time no see! Understandably, there’s been a bit of a lull in Zelda news since this year’s overwhelming E3. That silence ends today, though.

During this morning’s Nintendo Direct, Reggie himself made a handful of Zelda announcements. Perhaps the most surprising was the unveiling of four new amiibo, all of which will be compatible with Breath of the Wild: eight-bit Link, Ocarina of Time Link, and special Wind Waker variants of Toon Link and Zelda.

Check out the announcement after the jump, and let us know which amiibo you’re most excited about in the comments below!

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Lon Lon Ranch Recreated in Unreal Engine 4

Throughout the past year, YouTuber CryZENx has taken his fair share of locations from Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask and re-imagined them in Unreal Engine 4. From Clock Town to Zora’s Domain, he’s put together some breathtaking locales. The designer recently shared his take on one of the homiest places in the Zelda universe, Lon Lon Ranch. Check out the stunning results after the jump.

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Discussion: What are the creepiest Zelda moments?

You just knew we had to acknowledge Halloween somehow, right? I mean, if nothing else, then this article is an excuse for me to use that unsettling featured image.

For all of its whimsical sensibilities, the Zelda series frequently delves into some dark places. This ranges from more mature themes to unnerving enemy encounters to downright creepy imagery.

Many of the fans’ go-to examples of this still hold up. The Shadow Temple, Yeta’s transformation into Blizzeta, Ghirahim himself, seemingly every major element of Majora’s Mask — the series definitely has more than its fair share.

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