Nintendo Minute Shares Favorite Zelda Games, Gives Shoutout to Midna

This past weekend, Nintendo Minute hosts Kit Ellis and Krysta Yang celebrated Zelda’s 30th anniversary with a rundown of their top three favorite entries in the series. Although there is some overlap — Skyward Sword is on both lists — this video highlights how the franchise as a whole has managed to attract people with radically different tastes.

Yang praises Twilight Princess as her No. 1 pick, and attributes much of the game’s brilliance to everyone’s favorite mischievous imp. Indeed, the air of mystery that surrounds Midna throughout most of the adventure was one of the driving factors of my first play-through.

Check out the video itself after the jump, and be sure to share your top three favorite Zelda games in the comments below!

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Skyward Sword releases on Wii U virtual console today

This morning’s Nintendo Direct definitely went out of its way to celebrate Zelda’s 30th anniversary. As if the announcement of four new amiibo and the release of Hyrule Warriors Legends’ third DLC pack weren’t enough, the Wii U virtual console is adding another entry to its robust catalogue: Skyward Sword.

Considering that the game will release in its original form, you’ll need a Wii remote with Motion Plus and nunchuck to play it. If you still haven’t experienced this fantastic chapter in the Zelda mythos, now’s the perfect time.


PeanutButterGamer Begins Zelda Month with Skyward Sword Hacking

Throughout the past few years, YouTuber PeanutButterGamer has dedicated Novemeber to producing unique Zelda content. He just recently kicked off his fifth annual Zelda Month with a look at some of Skyward Sword’s most bizarre hacks. Seriously, some pretty messed up stuff goes down. See for yourself after the jump.

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