Marin from Link’s Awakening is Coming to Hyrule Warriors Legends

Hyrule Warriors Legends’ first round of DLC is still at least a month away, yet Nintendo is already divulging specifics on its second one. As many suspected, Marin will be the playable character in this summer’s Link’s Awakening pack. Alongside the confirmation, Nintendo provided a piece of concept art for the young singer. Check out the full tweet after the jump.

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Nintendo’s Twitter Asks Fans to Share Twilight Princess Memories Using #MidnaMemories

Nintendo has taken to Twitter to ask fans to share their fondest memories of Twilight Princess. Simply tweet using the hashtag #MidnaMemories. If I have time, I’ll try to share some of the comments in another news post.

New Twilight Princess HD Art, More Details Coming Soon

With Twilight Princess HD only a month and a half away from its release, we are close to hearing more concrete details about the game’s new features. According to a post from Eiji Aonuma on Zelda’s Japanese Twitter page, he will have some news to share soon.

Alongside his announcing of an announcement, Aonuma shared some new artwork from the game — one of the few in which Link’s Twilight Princess incarnation is — gasp! — smiling. Hit the jump to check out the translated Twitter post, as well as a high-quality version of the image featured above.

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Nintendo reveals Tri Force Heroes’ place on Zelda timeline

Considering that Tri Force Heroes releases today, now is the perfect time to address one of its most hotly discussed aspects. Since the game’s unveiling at this past E3, fans have speculated whether it falls onto the Zelda timeline; and if so, where exactly?

Fortunately, the secret is finally out, for Nintendo of America’s Twitter page just posted the answer. Take a look after the jump!

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