YouTuber Theorizes Connections Between Zelda Wii U/NX and Twilight Princess

Since its initial unveiling at E3 2014, Zelda U’s story has been shrouded in mystery. Among the handful of hints that have been dropped throughout the past couple of years, most of them revolve around the enigmatic Sheikah.

From recent artwork to the loading screen on the company’s E3 2016 press site, Nintendo seems to be suggesting that the tribe will play a prominent role in Link’s next outing.

YouTuber Zeltik recently shared a fascinating theory regarding the nature of the new Sheikah symbol. He mentions that the pattern surrounding the iconic eye — not to mention the color — is reminiscent of those found in the Palace of Twilight.

Since Twilight Princess’ release, fans have discussed the notion of there being a connection between the Dark Interlopers and the Sheikah. I mean, the tribe’s symbol is present on not only Midna’s helmet, but also her throne.

Zeltik suggests that Zelda U will explore the Interloper War, which many speculate exists in the “Era of Chaos” between Skyward Sword and Minish Cap. Head past the jump for a full rundown of Zeltik’s theory.

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Twilight Princess Retrospective: Episode 2 Focuses on Story and Characters

Well, that didn’t take long. Nintendo has just released the second entry in its Twilight Princess Retrospective video series. This time around, the development team discusses not only the game’s narrative, but also some of its favorite characters from throughout the adventure. Take a look after the jump.

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Nintendo Looks Back at Twilight Princess in New Video Series

Since my first run through Twilight Princess, I have wanted to see a full-blown behind-the-scenes feature about its development process. Although the original game’s pre-launch interviews — not to mention the information inside of Hyrule Historia — are appreciated, I’ve always wanted to hear more specific anecdotes about the production.

With Nintendo being in the business of making dreams come true lately, it just launched a Twilight Princess retrospective video series. In this first episode, key figures of the game’s development — including director Eiji Aonuma and script writer Aya Kyogoku — reflect on various moments. Hit the jump to check it out.

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Hyrule Warriors Legends: Linkle Character Trailer

Yet another Hyrule Warriors Legends trailer has arrived. Assuming that there aren’t any more characters or weapons that have yet to be revealed, this is likely to be one of the last videos before the game’s Japanese release in January.

In any case, the latest 60 seconds of footage showcases Linkle and her dual crossbows. Her versatile move set definitely suggests that she will stand out among the robust character roster. Additionally, the music that plays throughout the trailer — presumably Linkle’s theme — sounds like a more playful rendition of the main Legend of Zelda tune. Head past the jump to check it all out.

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