Japanese Version of Twilight Princess Manga Releases Next Week

Following its announcement from a few days ago, Akira Himekawa’s Twilight Princess manga adaptation has received a firm release date.

Beginning on Monday, Feb. 8, a new entry will release every two weeks on the Manga One mobile app. Although this applies only to the Japanese version, news regarding the English translation will reportedly follow soon. In the meantime, we’ve got this awesome artwork featured above.


Twilight Princess HD Box Art, Wolf Link-Midna Amiibo Image

I’m still trying to collect myself after such a bombshell of an announcement. At this point, there isn’t much of a question as to whether Want Midna Back got what it initially wanted. I mean, once you reach amiibo status, there’s just nowhere else to go, you know?

Speaking of which, we have a better look at Twilight Princess HD’s box art, as well as the Wolf Link-Midna amiibo. See for yourself past the jump!

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