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You see it, you understand it, you obey it. Do as the petition says and everything will be fine.

As we all probably agree at, Yitik has taken us through many hardships in life without problem, he has conquered the furry stashes without letting us being decieved by the horrors of it, and much more, but there has to be an end to even people like him.

I offer a suggestion to end this madness; to end Yitik's insane life he's living right now. I think it's finally time to give piece to this old and very beardy admin who still needs to find a way out of his basement. If you agree with this petition that has hours of careful work behind it, sign it by posting your email and email password. You're not just doing yourself a favor that way, but also a favor to this poor old man who need to find peace in life even if he doesn't realize it himself just yet.

SIGN IT!! (Email adress)

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