Twitter Giveaway: Get a Chance to Win a Copy of the Twilight Princess Manga

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is finally out in the open and it’s every bit as addicting as I hoped it would be. Seriously, it’s been a long time since I’ve played a game almost 10 hours straight. I need help!

Link’s long-awaited adventure isn’t the only piece of Zelda content this month, though. On March 14, the first volume of Akira Himekawa’s manga adaptation of Twilight Princess releases in English.

Based on what I’ve seen of the book so far, it looks like a refreshing take on a familiar story — one with its fair share of entertaining character moments. Midna’s introduction in particular is something that I would’ve loved to have seen in the game itself — you’ll know what I mean when you see it.

In any case, what better way to celebrate the manga’s release than with a Twitter giveaway!

It’s pretty straightforward: follow us at @WantMidnaBack and tweet to us your favorite moment from the Zelda series. This can be just about anything — a particular cutscene, a boss fight, a dungeon, simply walking out onto Hyrule Field in Ocarina of Time for the first time. Whichever moment from the series is the most powerful to you, let us know! Lastly, be sure to include the hashtag #ZeldaMemories at the end of your tweet. Three people will be picked at random and sent a copy of the Twilight Princess manga. The deadline for submitting a tweet is March 12 at 7 p.m. CST.

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s responses!

Breath of the Wild: More E3 Impressions

Alongside my work for Want Midna Back, I occasionally write articles for fellow fan site Zelda Dungeon. My most recent one sheds more light on my Breath of the Wild play session from this past E3. Although my first set of impressions focused almost solely on the game’s story, this one delves deeper into the world map and new mechanics. Head over to Zelda Dungeon and check it out!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Hands-on Impressions

Time sure does fly — E3 has already come and gone. Now that I’m a few days removed from the show, let’s talk about that one game. The one that many attendees spent the entire event just trying to get access to. I can’t say I blame them, as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is undoubtedly the highlight of this year’s E3.

Nintendo gave attendees access to two distinct demos, adding up to about 35 minutes of playtime. The first one emphasizes the game’s sandbox overworld, while the second offers a glimpse of its story. Throughout this particular article, I’ll be discussing my experience with the latter. Let’s hit the jump and dive right in!

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Look Out for Nintendo’s E3 Zelda Presentation

E3 is finally upon us. Within mere hours, we’ll have received our first substantial look at The Legend of Zelda for Wii U and NX. The festivities begin at 9 a.m. PST when Nintendo Treehouse streams the game live.

Additionally, I’ll offer my own hands-on impressions, as well as — fingers crossed — some footage of my experience, later on in the day. Be sure to keep an eye on Want Midna Back’s Twitter page throughout the next couple of days, too, for images from the show floor.

Get ready, folks. We’re about to have a ton of stuff to talk about.

Want Midna Back Will Be At E3 2016

2006 was the first year I kept up with the pandemonium that is E3. Just off the top of my head, some of the highlights include the announcement of Halo 3 and the unveiling of the Wii. We caught our first glimpse of not only Super Mario Galaxy, but also Twilight Princess in its near-finished state.

Since then, the event has become an early Christmas for me. Some years are more momentous than others, but throughout the past ten years, it’s been a dream of mine to experience the madness firsthand.

After jumping through my fair share of hoops, I can confirm that, for the first time, Want Midna Back will be at E3. With The Legend of Zelda for Wii U being Nintendo’s sole focus at the show floor, it’s the perfect year for WMB to have a presence.

I’m incredibly excited to provide all sorts of coverage, from videos to photos to hands-on impressions. Be sure to stay tuned come June 14!