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  1. Hey Rare,

    Nevermore here. Just giving you the heads up that something seems to be going on with the forums. Every time I try to get into them via my browser, it comes up with this message:

    “Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.”

    It works that way when I open Safari, too. Has anyone else mentioned anything or is it just my end?

  2. It’s hard for us admins and mods to notice questions not sent directly towards us or posted on the forums. So if you have any questions regarding anything, feel free to visit either the forums or mail preferably the first email address up there. You will get an answer as soon as possible that way, be sure of it.

    ~Xytox ^__^

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  4. Hey there,
    I just beat Twilight Princess for the um-teenth time, and did some searching to see if Midna would ever be back in a new Zelda, & that led me here. I’ve been playing Zelda since i was a little kid & TP is by far my favorite. I NEED more Midna. I’ve been drawing her like crazy, i just ordered posters. I thought Navi was my favorite companion until her, I’d really love to know if she’ll be back. I mean, the way the game ended, it doesn’t seem like it, & it made me really upset. If anybody knows the true answer, please comment. Thanks!(:
    – Chey.

    • Hey chey,
      We hope that midna will be in the zelda wii u title but no one knows yet. A hardcore midna fan myself(beat it an umpteenth too!) I hope that our wishes will be granted in the future. Btw there is a guy who is making a sequel to the game already. The link to his site is

      – 5Ring

  5. I would really like to join the cause in getting midna to come back I feel its my life journey to do this and I want to get others who love midna into doing it too. Can you let me join your cause.

  6. you guys should really make a twilight princess 2! like a princess returns with like a twilight stream or one part of the world has the last secret wall of
    twilight or something! come one im getting so bored of one game and dont make them split! screw zelda what about midna! like really people!

  7. I love the idea of a twilight princess 2! And that secret twilight thing is awesome! And b sides Zelda wasn’t even a like big big part of the game. She was actually kinda emo. But I would looooove to see midna back she was the best partner link has ever had!!!!:)

  8. I want Midna to come back on another wii game because that’s the only game system that I have. Also, I beat Twilight Princess for the umpteenth time, too! But seriously, I do want Midna back as much as all of you do, too. And I am also wondering about the whole, Mirror of Twilight Replica prices, because I want to support this as much as I can!

  9. There is a poll up in the description at
    Please do what you can to get people here to come and vote for Midna. I just hope Nintendo knows she is still very popular and very loved. The poll will probably end in a few days… maybe not. Not sure. She just needs more votes.

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