Who is Minda?

I don’t know, but I’m guessing that you mean Midna. Midna is a character from the video game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. She acted as the game’s “assistant,” but increasingly throughout the game she became the spotlight in a story that in the opinion of some revolutionized the series, and even video games as a whole. I won’t give away any spoilers, suffice to say that she is a being from the Twilight Realm, hunted by the game’s key antagonist, and is planning to attack him using the Fused Shadow, a magic locked away by the Goddesses. Her personality and history really got to many people emotionally, and she now has a very large and dedicated fanbase.

What is WMB?

WMB stands for WANT MIDNA BACK. It is a website, community, and movement of Midna fans who pledge to do whatever it takes to persuade Ninty, and give Midna another game with a plot worthy of her first. We feel this is very necessary to keep the series alive, to relive the experience many of us have had due to Midna and Twilight Princess, and to refute Eiji Aonuma’s idea (the director of many Zelda games, including TP) that Twilight Princess‘ ending was final and that the game itself was unsuccessful.

You people are crazy! All this over a video game character?

Yup. As mentioned before, many people feel that Midna changed the way they see things. We’re not insane; we do have lives beyond Midna, but we do hold her close to our identities and feel it would be a terrible shame if she was lost forever because of low sales in Japan. Some of our members have a very deep and true love for Midna as well, and we ask that you acknowledge and respect that.

How are you planning on doing this?

We have a lot of projects (collectively called WMB initiatives) going. One was inspired by Starmen.Net’s “PK Siege”, called Twilight’s Gift, which will be a package sent to some of Nintendo’s high-ups who have a lot of impact on the Legend of Zelda series. We have many artists hard at work on some of these things, which include compilations of fan music, figurines, stylized mirrors, and many more. Another of our goals is to become prominent in the eyes of Nintendo fans and Nintendo itself through various means such as fan videos and contests. For more information, check out the Initiatives board in our forum.

What’s with the Mass Email? You don’t seriously expect Nintendo to read that?

Of course not. The Mass Email’s name is a little misleading. It was one of the first WMB initiatives, and started long before a website and forum, or even a movement spanning across multiple websites was considered. It was originally going to be emailed through customer service, but we decided that this would be fruitless. Now it’s a compilation of Midna fandom at its finest. Anyone can contribute poetry, fanart, or speeches regarding their own experiences and feelings, no matter the extent of their interest in Midna. As long as it doesn’t include game ideas, it’s immortalized on the site.

Have you considered that Nintendo might bring Midna back just as fan service?

Of course. WMB exists as a movement to do whatever possible to prevent this. A throng of whining Midna fans could sway Nintendo to bring Midna back, but to make sure they don’t blow it we need to show them how serious about this we really are, and about this we are probably more adamant than simply getting Midna a second game. Really, if Midna returns in a way that seems completely pointless, or even contradictory in any way, we’ll be at least as angry about it as any other hardcore Zelda fan.

Alright, I’m interested. How can I help?

Many of the members of our forums just hang out and chat, and support us. This is perfectly fine, and believe it or not it does help the movement substantially. However, if you have some talent that you’d like to put to use, we’d be ecstatic to have you! We can truly never have enough musicians, artists, coders, composers, writers, etc. and we’d definitely have something to do for you.

Another thing we always need is ideas; we’re not run by a handful of people telling everyone what to do. We’re a true community, so if you have a plan – even a small one – that you’d like to contribute, that would be brilliant. Really, just browse the Initiatives section of our forum. You’ll see just how many possibilities there are.

The third thing we are always in need of us money. Some of the things we do can get quite expensive, and we’re always on a tight budget. Even ten dollars into our PayPal account can go a long way. To be able to donate you only need access to a debit or credit card, and PayPal accepts any currency. If you do decide to help us out financially, we’d really be very grateful!

How do you see Midna returning?

Story-wise, everyone has their own opinions, many of which are very thoroughly developed. We do agree on a few things, though: one is that she should come back in a game with a storyline equal to or greater than Twilight Princess in terms of depth. We also agree that game ideas should be kept to the forums because Big N doesn’t like hearing about them. Your idea of Midna’s sequel/prequel/parallel universe has no impact on your ability to integrate and assist WMB, and neither does anything else. The only requirement we have is that you want to see Midna again.

Who wrote this FAQ?

I’m Yitik. I write most of the stuff around the site. If you have any other questions, email me at geckat@gmail.com and I’ll try to answer them, and put them up here so I don’t get a dozen people asking the same thing. Thanks for reading; I hope this FAQ answered any questions or concerns you might have had. Here’s to Midna’s fitting return!



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