The music in this section has been created by members of WMB for WMB. These remixes are free to listen to and download, and we have original music that will soon be released on an “Inspired By” CD: Invocation of Twilight!

Invocation of Twilight


Invocation of Twilight 2


All reorchestrations available for free listening up here are now available for download down here, dutifully arranged in alphabetical order by artist’s username.

Mark “centralservices” Price – Lake Hylia

Mark “centralservices” Price – Midna’s Theme

DFrost – Midna’s Rain

Ben “Flibster” Hayward – Midna’s Desperate Hour

Ben “Flibster” Hayward – Rutela’s Theme

Ben “Flibster” Hayward – Sacred Grove

Bruce “FreezeFlame” Tharp – Twilit Tears

Bruce “FreezeFlame” Tharp – Desolation of Frost

Bruce “FreezeFlame” Tharp – The Forest

Bruce “FreezeFlame” Tharp – Forever and Ever I

Bruce “FreezeFlame” Tharp – Forever and Ever II

Kylethedarkn – Dark World

Kylethedarkn – Gerudo Valley

Kylethedarkn – Majora’s Mask Ending

Kylethedarkn – Ordon Village

Kylethedarkn – Stone Tower Temple

Invocation of Twilight 2

Ben “Flibster” Hayward – Lonely Universe

Ben “Flibster” Hayward – What Was That Temple Again

MynxNightShade – Untitled

Mario64Mario – Deserted

Mario64Mario – Until We Meet Again

Mark “centralservices” Price – Corona

Bruce “FreezeFlame” Tharp – December Night

Bruce “FreezeFlame” Tharp – Obsidian Sanctuary

Bruce “FreezeFlame” Tharp – Starfire

Production of the physical CD has officially begun. LightWorldMidna is currently overseeing the project, which is set to be completed by February of 2013.