Want Midna Back is a non-profit initiative, and as such the website does not use any ads. You can be sure that our website does not collect any data for advertising purposes, nor we will use your information, anonymous or not, for goods or services.

WMB does accept donations using the PayPal platform, which has its own Privacy Policy. All transactions are done via the platform, and we do not retain any information related to your payment method. While we might have access to certain personal information such as your name and your address, we will not retain this information as we value your privacy. We do, however, require an e-mail address to register an account in the site and in the forums. All information is kept privately and you will not be identified publically unless you decide otherwise. If we ever require your personal information – be it for gifts, prizes, and/or exchanges – we will contact to directly, either by e-mail or by PM in the forums, and let you know exactly how we will use it for.

If you have any inquiries as to how we use your information, please contact us.