Site History

How does a brief history lesson sound?

Want Midna Back originated on the now-nonexistent Nintendo Nsider forum in mid-2007, where the head administrator of the Midna Fan Forum started a thread in the Legend of Zelda board there titled “Want Midna Back? Make yourself heard!” It soon became one of, if not the most popular thread on that massive forum. After it was deleted because of a conflict that erupted in the thread, members continued to try to keep the essence of the thread alive by organizing such things as the Mass Email.

Eventually the idea grew, and even spread to other forums. Over the course of a number of months we became more serious about becoming a movement, and established our own home on the internet.

For over four years, this was the layout of the site. Until October of 2012, that is, at which point WMB 2.0 was launched.

While the idea of WMB remains controversial, as people begin to understand that we’re not just messing around and have given the concept a lot of thought, we are quickly becoming recognized and even celebrated around the Zelda fanbase.