Justin “Yitik” Mann (Founder)

Founder of Want Midna Back, Justin is responsible for kicking this whole thing into motion. From 2008 to 2012, he was the guy. Although Justin has since moved on, the site would not be what it is without him.

Brandon “Rare Addict” Schmitz (Webmaster, Editor-in-Chief)

Since 2012, Brandon has been the site’s webmaster and editor. He is responsible for not only coordinating the movement itself, but also hiring new staff members. He’s also the man responsible for posting news and articles on the main site. If you have any questions regarding the site, he’s the man to contact.

Mark “Central Services” Price (Senior Member, Composer)

I’m Mark, and I’ve been a site Admin for a few years now. I also head the music project, which originally consisted of creating a CD to sell and now consists of two free digital albums – one of covers and remixes, one of original content, all of which was created by our members. We’ll get back to you on the physical CD thing. Nowadays I mostly do moderator-type stuff, with the occasional admin-type stuff, and unrelated music stuff pretty much all the time.

Gabriel “Legend Boy” De Gracia (Senior Member, Web Designer)

The Legendboy – a.k.a. JETZ.acx – has been behind many of the website’s contributions throughout the years, among them including creating designs for the iconic Mirror of Twilight, managing the social media websites alongside Brandon, and most recently the third revision of the website. A veteran who has been in WMB from the beginning, he’s one of the few who still comes back to say hi to the community.

Liz “Light World Midna” Clarke (Administrator, Contributor)

When getting your first Zelda game at the ripe old age of fifteen, you may consider the possibility that it’s not really your cup of tea. But when you end up playing it all day, everyday for the next few weeks, and then borrowing every Zelda game from everyone you know, what do you call that? Hm… Ah, yes, obsessed. Liz – A forum loving, Zelda fan-fiction writer and artist who dedicates hours into recreating the Mirror of Twilight.

Lauren “Spookypatrol” Felipe (Administrator, Contributor)

The latest addition to Team Admin, Lauren is WMB’s de facto organizer. Would you believe that this staff page was out-of-date for nearly two years before she alerted Brandon? Not only does Lauren ensure that the site looks well kept, but she is also the artist behind the main page’s current banner. Additionally, she and Liz are a tag-team duo of forum-managing project junkies.

Foxtrot813 (Administrator, Web Designer)

From a technical standpoint, Foxtrot is this site’s go-to guy. His web design expertise has kept this site from falling apart on more than a handful of occasions.