“Midna’s fate revealed itself in the Twilight

Princess, so I guess that will be up to your imagination.”

~Eiji Aonuma

Mr. Aonuma, when asked by an interviewer if Midna would see a sequel, gave this simple remark. This one sentence stirred the hardcore Legend of Zelda community into an uproar. Some felt cheated, certain that they would see this latest masterpiece of a character. Others sympathized with Aonuma’s point of view, but could not understand its applications from a corporate perspective. Still more simply found themselves appalled that Nintendo could address an issue debated not only across the internet, but in the gaming community as a whole both consistent and casual, so offhandedly. We figured, although it seemed impossible, that Nintendo needed to be informed of just what a masterpiece of a character they’ve created with Midna, and that her potential has been wildly underestimated and should be looked at more critically with the demands and responses of both long-time fans and newcomers to the series introduced to Zelda by Nintendo’s most recent console.

This…we…is and are the WMB movement. We Want Midna Back. Whether we were intrigued by her uniqueness, driven by her story’s passion, or see her as one of the most sadly overlooked characters in the gaming world, we have dedicated our time and energy to contribute to this mass email in a meaningful way. WMB does NOT contain game ideas in any way, shape or form. However, it does contain well-written and heartfelt opinions and responses from Midna fans of all ages, nationalities, and gaming experience, fan art from budding and talented artists, and poetry spawned from the breathtaking story of Twilight Princess that deviated so well from all its predecessors in the series. We have three successive goals that we will make plain to you, the reader:

1) To entertain. Hopefully you will enjoy reading and viewing this as much as we enjoyed creating it. Much time and effort has been put in over the last several months and though we have had hundreds of people participate in discussion and contribution, we bring you only the best.

2) To inform. Midna’s potential needs to be recognized by Nintendo. All characters to appear to date in The Legend of Zelda series have been flat or unrealistic, not contributing to the story in a meaningful way as the game focuses on puzzles and epic boss battles. Midna is the one exception, and her realistic and dynamic personality, her contribution to the story, and her uniqueness to the series are things that, if nothing else, should not be passed over.

3) To Bring Her Back! Ultimately, we are adamant in our stance. We want to see Midna in a second game worthy to succeed Twilight Princess. Her personality and still-standing mystery has captured the hearts and minds of thousands of gamers, judging by poll and response, and the number is still growing. We are certain that for her to disappear forever with just a single game would only be an insult to her fans, wanting to hear more about her story and continue their journey with her that broke so many traditions.

So, now you know who we are, and why we are launching this massive email at you. We expect to be heard! For now, though, please enjoy reading this net- and world-wide community project that we’ve put so much work into structuring. See you later.


By CentralServices

Want Midna Back is a weird idea. A bunch of obsessed fans of a side character from a video game decide to band together, form a site, and convince the corporation responsible for her creation to continue her story in another one, all hanging on a quote that the developer of said game probably doesn’t even remember saying. “Because of the way Twilight Princess ended, I don’t see her making reappearance, but who knows? If we hear enough voices for her to come back, how can we not?” So WMB must attract a really odd bunch. People with warped senses of reality, misplaced priorities, no lives, and a list of physical deformities long enough to make Quasimodo blush, right? Well, yes, but this is also the group of people who recognized that this side character was also one of the deepest, most lifelike characters conceived in any work of fiction. This group decided that allowing Midna to meet the same fate as Navi, Tatl, and all the rest of Link’s companions as single-game plot devices was loathsome enough to go out of its way to prevent. The level of affection for her within WMB varies from appreciation of a truly incredible character all the way to outright love, and yet all of its members can agree that the very least she deserves is to not be left in obscurity on the other side of a broken mirror. These are the thoughts and testimonials of those members, past and present. You’re about to be introduced to people who, at first impression, may appear to be rambling on about the merits of a creature that does not exist. Want Midna Back is a weird idea. However, if you’ve ever cried at the death of a character in a book or movie you love, or felt joy for his or her successes, or been afraid for his or her safety, or even thought, “He obviously loves her, why aren’t they together?” with some amount of frustration, you understand at some level what this is all about. We are trying to reconnect with a lost friend, or finish an incomplete story, or even just rescue a piece of art. From that perspective—disregarding that we’re delusional for the most part and insultingly unattractive with only one notable exception—it’s really a less ridiculous cause than you probably originally thought. Keep all of this in mind while you read, and by the time you reach the end, we hope you’ll agree.

WMB Member Letter Tributes

I was never a huge fan of Zelda games. In fact I rarely play video games at all. They were fun, but I never got crazy over them like some people. Before Twilight Princess my experience with the Zelda games was just Ocarina of Time, which I never beat, thanks to the water temple, and a demo of Majora’s Mask. Neither of which had been played in a long time. But I always thought the games were fun and I especially loved the boss battles because the bosses always seemed so creative and interesting. So one day I was looking through the list of bosses and found Morpheel. I saw Midna in her shadow form after it was done, but thought nothing of it other than the voice acting was pretty cool. I just figured it was an updated Navi or something. (A character I truly hated) But when I saw the cut scene of the Zant battle on Twilight Princess, I saw Midna in her regular imp form and thought “well who is this?” After I looked at some more gameplay on the internet I was intrigued enough that I found the GameCube and popped Twilight Princess in. (conveniently bought by my brother a few months prior).

I eventually got to the part where I first met her and almost immediately, practically fell in love. Over the course of the game I grew attached to her, and for the first time in my life I actually grew to care for a video game character, something I didn’t think was even remotely possible. When Zelda said “this is no time for levity” and Midna deliberately got up and started levitating, I thought I had finally found somebody that shared my personality. The way she teased and bossed around link and her use of sarcasm just grew on me, caring enough about her, that I tried my best to make it a smooth ride when I was playing as wolf link. When she was dying from Zant exposing her to the light spirit, I crushed down the rage that grew inside after seeing him throw her around like a toy. I paid attention to nothing else and got to princess Zelda as fast as I possibly could with my heart in my mouth and watery eyes. (not even enjoying the music) I was more than relieved when Zelda sacrificed herself to save her, as I had never really cared for Zelda, and Midna was really the only reason I was playing the game in the first place. When I sank into the sand in the arbiters grounds and she started levitating above me and shaking her head, I could only say “sorry Midna”. Once I gathered the mirror shards, I really grew to care for her after seeing the cut-scene of what happened between her and Zant, and I just wanted to kill that jerk even more. I didn’t want the game to end after defeating Zant but eventually I couldn’t put it off any longer. When she warped me to safety to face Ganondorf alone I felt completely useless and for the first time in a long time, tears welled up. Then Ganondorf emerged clutching her mask to symbolize killing her. My heart crumbled just like the fused shadow that he crushed in his hand. While I was fighting him/cussing him out, I was thinking to myself; “figures, they make you grow to care about something and then take it away”. It was the first time in a long while that I had bothered to grow attached to anything, and I just felt let-down and abandoned. When she was revived by the light spirits at the end, relieved would be an understatement to how I felt. I didn’t like her true form as much as her imp, but I still cared for her nonetheless. But that feeling of relief and joy was quickly and soundly replaced by the feeling of loss and sadness, after she stepped through the mirror of twilight right before it shattered. I just sat there in disbelief, watching the rest of the credits hoping to see a glimpse of her again, pissed at myself for allowing myself to grow so attached to something so seemingly unimportant, and annoyed at the thought of not seeing her again.

Obviously I didn’t see her and in the weeks that followed much to my own horror, I grew badly obsessed. I would sit at my computer watching cut-scenes and looking at artwork. When I was at work, (dishwasher) I would loop her theme for hours without growing tired of it. I kept trying to tell myself that I didn’t have the time for something silly and meaningless like this, but it didn’t help. I had experienced feelings of attachment before, but this was just… insane. Eventually I picked up drawing just so I could draw some pictures of Midna and see her again. This provided an outlet for my obsession and while I was browsing for screenshots for drawings, I stumbled across WantMidnaBack.com. Normally I would have thought “what a bunch of no-lives” because I’m judgmental like that, but I decided to join after a short while because I share the same feelings that they do for that beloved imp. That’s a big leap from my comfort zone, and usually I would rather set my hair on fire than join a social website, but now I can say; “thank god for this site”. Midna is now my 2nd favorite video game character, (Mario isn’t giving up 1st without a fight) but she still remains the only character I have ever developed feelings for. I know this sounds a bit cliché but I’ll say it anyway. I hope to see her again for many reasons, but I also have to thank her for basically teaching me to draw and finding something that I’m passionate about. She has helped me to learn about myself, and I must say that if she hadn’t been revived at the end, I probably wouldn’t have brought it upon myself to pick up a Legend of Zelda game again.


I bought a Nintendo 64 in 1998-99 when Ocarina of Time was released, and that gaming experience is still today among the best and most enjoyable games Ive ever played. I fell in love with the Zelda universe and I haven’t looked back since. I played Majora`s Mask, Wind Waker and lastly Twilight Princess, so I haven’t been following the series from the start. I engage in tabletop-sessions with a bunch of likeminded individuals now and again, obviously I spend a great deal of time perched in front of my computer, either playing or browsing, I also enjoy reading, specifically fantasy-literature, no shocker there.

I suppose I have to write a few words about our beloved Twilight Imp as well. She is a character that grew on me after I had finished the game the first time. It took me a few years before I started thinking about it again, and well, it was fan made videos on YouTube that caught my attention after re-reading about Midna on Wikipedia. I guess I started remembering that when she leaves at the end it’s a real shame and I wasn’t aware she had made this kind of an impact on people, and as I came to understand, on me as well.

My main reason for wanting her back is because she is the character that has had the most impact on the Zelda-universe in this decade. Prior to her making her entrance, it was always Link, Zelda and Ganondorf, period. She is not just your customary sidekick that helps you keeping track of quests and enemies, but a person with her own motives initially, complex moral guidelines and she goes through a gradual change as the story unfolds. Her character goes on a journey as she is not the same person at the beginning as she is towards the end.

Now, in my mind I would obviously want a happy reunion between her and Link, where she finishes the sentence she began before shattering the mirror, but that is a long shot and it would also take away the impact of her leaving.

I think a way to implement her again, would probably be that she isn’t there in person, but perhaps rather in spirit or appearing in a dream perhaps. I`m thinking along the lines of Zelda`s appearance in Majora`s Mask without actually being there physically. As a storytelling tool, she could perhaps be allowed to pass through the veil between Hyrule and the Twilight Realm for a short time, perhaps as a result of some spell or perhaps the intervention of the goddesses or spirits, but only to do one thing before she must return, which would probably be to aid Link in some fashion. A brief encounter would be touching before she again must return to the Twilight Realm.


My love for the Zelda series predates my love for Midna by about 8 years, or so. I got Ocarina of Time when I was seven, and that really hooked me into the series. I saved up for and bought Majora’s Mask, and then The Wind Waker (Which I still think is the best one ever, gameplay and graphics wise) But I had no idea what was in store for me in the next game.

On February 11th, 2007, I received $50 for my birthday. I had heard a lot about Twilight Princess, and really wanted to get it, so the next day, I went to my local GameStop and looked for a copy. At the time, I didn’t have a Wii, so I bought the Gamecube version, and went home. I looked at the back of the case, and saw picture of Wolf Link, with Midna on his back. This was the first I’d seen or heard of Midna, and my first reaction was “What the hell is that?” I opened the game, put it in, turned on the Gamecube, ready to enjoy another Zelda game! Little did I know this particular game would change my life forever!

I easily breezed through the Ordon village part of the game, wondering when I was going to be able to kill something. When I got to that wall of twilight, I knew something was about to happen. The hand came out and grabbed me, and when I saw Link transform into a wolf, I thought “This is about to get good!”(In more ways than one)

Link woke up in the jail cell, disoriented and such. I ran around a bit, and that’s when I saw the cutscene with Midna. At first, I didn’t know if it was male or female, good or evil. It decided to help me, but I thought it might turn on me when it got the chance. It helped me through the sewers of Hyrule Castle, and led me to Princess Zelda’s room. When the cutscene began, I started to notice physical things about Midna. It’s face, it’s expressions, it’s shape…and then I realized, with a bit of disbelief, “It’s a girl?!” I soon learned her name was Midna, and began to study her personality. It was obvious she didn’t really care for Link too much, and I began to resent her a little.

Now, I’m very slow at beating these kinds of games, it can often take me a few years to do it. This one was taking longer than others, so eventually, I gave up.

Exactly one year later, on February 11th, 2008, I received a Wii and a copy of TP for my birthday. The Wii was nice, but I knew I already had a copy of TP, which I hadn’t touched in almost 11 months, so I played it for about an hour, got frustrated with the controls, and sold it the next day.

But, I’m glad I got that game for a 2nd time, because otherwise, I wouldn’t have been persuaded to try again on the Gamecube. So I popped in the game, and picked up where I left off, at the Fire Temple.

Throughout this dungeon, I was reintroduced to Midna’s features, and her personality and began to notice them in a big way. By the end of the dungeon, I had thought I had gone insane, because I was thinking “My God, she’s beautiful! And what a personality!” These thoughts were only strengthened in the Water Temple (Which was so bad I needed an online guide to do it; but it helped me get through it in a few hours.) And at the end, I was almost convinced I was in love with her.

Then, came the moment of truth. You all know it, the scene with Zant. I literally cried out in rage when he threw Midna to the floor. When he exposed he to the light, I had a grim look on my face, thinking “This might be the end!” When the scene ended, I was presented the task of getting to Zelda, with a dying Midna on my back. I felt the tears come up in my eyes as I ran towards the castle and like many, thinking there was a time limit I had to beat, or it was all over. When I got to the castle, and saw the scene, I realized that not only is Midna a beautiful and sassy girl, but she is a kind and compassionate girl, one who had almost gone completely unnoticed. It was then, that I confessed to myself that I was in love with her.

I found MFF the next day, and wasted no time joining, all the while giddy with glee that I wasn’t insane for feeling this way (Or at least, not the only insane one.) And eventually found WMB. I’m more active on the MFF boards, but both MFF and WMB have helped me deal with my feelings, making me realize that it’s normal for this kind of thing to happen. Had I not found these places, I would no doubt be as depressed as ever, and for helping me through this, I owe all of you a heartfelt “Thank you.” I know I’ll always love Midna, no matter what, and even though I know she isn’t going to pop out of my TV, I’m happy with the fact that I can see her every day anyway.

Thanks for reading


I’m a late Midna fan, having bought the Wii, along with Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and Brawl in January of 2012.

When I first started playing I didn’t know what to expect; when TP came out in 2006, I didn’t want to know anything about it beforehand either. So, basically, I only knew that Link was in the game (duh!). Also, now I recall treating it just as a fun game when I started playing. Seeing as how I was much older at that time, I wouldn’t involve myself as much with a Zelda game. I wanted to play it just for the new OoT/MM-style dungeons again, as I know those by heart. Honestly, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Soon after I started the game came the time when I met that cute little imp, though I didn’t think that she was cute at that time. In fact, I didn’t trust her at all; she made me kind of mad. I couldn’t get her off of me and there she was, taking advantage of the situation. I didn’t associate her with being the helper of the game, so I thought she was going to be someone who’d betray me at some point and then the game would go on. I enjoyed dashing so that she made that yell. C’mon, it was my only way to make her uncomfortable!

Little by little, her subtle attitude changes made me appreciate her more to the point where, a while after her desperate hour, when she put her hand on Link’s cheek, that peripeteia changed everything. I realized it and I could only think “Damn…” I started looking for information about her on the web and I spoiled her transformation for me when one of the Google images that popped was her true form. I found out about the heartless ending and didn’t want to play anymore. I stopped before Snowpeak Ruins, but can’t remember exactly where — maybe it was in the middle of the previous dungeon?

Then I started playing again, up until the beginning of the Sky Temple. However, I just couldn’t get over the sad ending, which I hadn’t seen yet, so I stopped entirely. I remember starting Skyward Sword at that time, and only being able to see that it was the next game and Midna wasn’t there. It’s a great game by its own, but I didn’t like the graphics, nor the helper. Talk about a huge contrast!

After some time I started a new file — really enjoyed the Temple of Time and those sweet cutscenes where her more lovey-dovey attitude towards you could be appreciated. In fact, the Temple of Time at first almost brought tears to my eyes. I remembered a whole period of my childhood with OoT, friends which I haven’t seen since then… to see the temple fully alive now, so clean, so mystic, so beautiful… It was just amazing. Anyway, I started talking to her just to read what she had to say on every part of the game.  By the way, 2012 was a terrible year in general; I knew that the ending of the game wouldn’t make things easier, so I avoided it… In one of my sketches you can see that Midna was kind of a support for me during bad times (“Cheer up you silly thing!”).

Eventually I started looking for cutscenes until I stumbled upon that one where Link cradles her, which  just warmed my heart. I think back to this moment as being the best scene of the game, really. I wanted to get to that part by myself, so I continued playing. The last time that I played, I went into the castle and there I was. Admittedly, I still haven’t finished the game, but not because I’ve been avoiding the ending.

During all that time I kind of studied the game, though. All of the details are just amazing. Just as a brief explanation, I remember watching some analysis on Michael Jackson’s videos and dance routines, and they said that it was full of positive subliminal messages — things that your subconscious mind understands; that’s why it caught so many fans. Basically, instead of showing you something in plain sight, they make your mind deduce it while you are watching the videos, or in this case, playing the game.

Zelda games are full of these messages. Once you understand a bit about other topics (mainly spirituality), you see that they are also full of positive subliminal messages. For example, eight is the number of death, not as in physical death, but as in the ending of one thing and the beginning of another. Sideways, it’s the symbol of infinity. Well, it’s no coincidence that the Temple of Time’s (time being eternal) boss is in an octagon room, and also that it’s a spider (8 legs)… the spider is also the archetype for death, like Scorpio, the phoenix, and the wolf. In OoT you get a medallion after defeating a temple regarding a certain theme… There are 7 sages, as well as 7 chakras, which go by the same colours, which you clear by facing certain fears. I think that the shadow temple’s medallion is purple, as in the third eye chakra…

Just connect the dots; it’s fun!


Were should I begin, well I guess I can start on the day that I got the game.

I had finally got a game cube that I had bought from a friend and I was determined to get Twilight Princess. I very first night I played it I was amazed, it was fantastic. By this point I had not met Midna yet and I in fact stop playing and let my bro take a first run with the game. Since it was a Friday night he had all the time to make it to the first dungeon. It was around 9:00 and he had just gotten to the scene were Link had transformed into Wolf Link, I just stayed in the room and watch. I then saw Midna for the first time, I was stunned. I had never really seen a character quite like her before. Later that night while just thinking and listening to some music I began to think about her emotionally, I had never really felt such a thing like that for a video character before.

After my bro was done, I quickly got the game from him and began playing thought. I rushed thought the beginning just so I could get to Midna. When I did get to her, I was as stunned as the first time I saw her and I began to slow down in playing the game and read every little thing she said.

A the game progress I began to grow very attached to her and I really felt like I was with her. When she was hurt by Zant for the first time, my heart was literally pounding as I quickly got her to Zelda and saved her. It was there I really realize that I in fact loved her to a passion.

As I played thought the game, she was keeping me very good company. I would find myself constantly talking to her even if she was saying the same thing over and over again. I felt myself at this time to be really careful when taking to other Zelda fans about her, mainly because I was worried people would talk down about her and I would hate to have been pissed at them for doing so. Thank God all my friend do like her and I can talk to her without a worry.

It had nearly been a week and I had finally defeat Zant and we were on our way to Ganon. It was there I came to a stunning realization: the game was almost over for good. I was in canons throne room and was ready to fight him, I thought I was going to be a normal battle, but it did not go as plan. When Ganon sent Midna flying across the room, I felt a real sense of hate towards him like I had never had before. I had aways liked the villain Ganon but now I hated him will all my life! (Don’t worry Ganon fans, I do like him.

It was now his final battle form, and I began to fight him again. All of a sudden I felt really upset because it was almost done, near the final hits to Ganon, I go out of my chair, walked to the cube, and shut it off. I will now come clean, I have NEVER really finished Twilight Princess because I do NOT want to see that ending, of course I did watch it on YouTube, but I never EVER plan on really ending the game for the fact that seeing Midna leave would literally break me.

Maybe one day I will truly finish it, but as for now, I do not have any plans.

So that’s basically how I feel in love with her, and I have to admit, for loving a video game character, I am dam well happy it was her I feel in love with. I really do wish at times that she was real, but I’m sort of happy she not just because of all the sick f***s on the Internet that draw these nasty images of her if you know what type of images and what people I’m talking about(Hint it starts with a H and ends with a i). Of course if she was here she would straighten them out if ya know what I mean.

I’ll aways think of her, till the very day I die she will be on my mind, as a helper, a side kick, a friend and a love.

And no matter what happens… She will aways be in my heart.


Why am I all for these ideas and why do I want Midna back? Well, needless to say, I’m pretty biased. By love. Hell, I had no idea one could fall like this for a ”mere character” as a few puts it. But apparently I did.

When I first had seen her, in a hype-trailer for Twilight Princess, countless years ago… I would lie if I said I wasn’t remotely curious about her. She looked interesting, captivating, perhaps? Anyhow, I was interested in this new character from the way she looked… and what I read in several Zelda fan site- and game forum discussions didn’t exactly make me less curious either. Rather the other way around… who was this mystical figure and what was her intentions? Reading through several threads and speculations about her, I couldn’t help but snicker at some things people assumed.

“I am totally sure that’s Ganon in disguise, who has to fool Link into helping him”. Well, yeah, you’ve all heard those things at least once, I assume. xD Anyway, I decided that getting the game would probably be the only way to clear those things up. Not that I hadn’t intended to, at first. So I kind of forgot about her for the rest two-three years… not entirely, she still puzzled me. But it wasn’t like she was on my mind all of the time. xD That part is for later.

At Christmas, the 24th of January, after opening our presents, I noticed that TP wasn’t there… just a heck load of money. It didn’t take me long to order a copy of it through the net though- though, since the mail doesn’t arrive for a few days after Christmas, a lot of things can happen in said time. At the 26th, I got a call from my closest friend at the time. The only one I knew who had interest in Zelda games actually. He thought I had got the game, and wanted to talk about it, which he was almost finished with.

As I said, I hadn’t got it, he decided to get over and show it to me in person- and to have a nice time, of course. Not a lot of time later, he had came to my place, inserted the game, and started to play a file which he was at the Arbiter Grounds at, himself. Not before long, he had almost beaten said temple before he decided that I could do without the game spoiled to me. As on a whim, he took the moment in act and commented on what a shame it was that Midna seemed to be the main focus of the game, and winded up a story about her attitude. Which kind of biased me until I got my own copy of the game at the 27th (or was it 28th? Whatever).

I checked the mailbox every day, for the heavily anticipated title. The hype had gotten to me, and I had almost entirely forgotten about this character called Midna. Then, the very day I got it, I couldn’t believe my luck. I put the disc into my Gamecube and booted up the game. I never thought it would put me through this kind of ride though. Anyway…

I played through the start of the game, and got to the part in the cell. Oh, hell. How could I have forgotten about her, I thought… she looked awesome… attractive. A beauty so to say. But… as said, I was kind of biased because of what my friend had told me the other day… And, well… she didn’t make the best impression to me in the cell either. I thought I hated her back then. I don’t think I really did, I was probably more upset about how one this good looking could be teasing me like this. (I took it personally. xD Even though the one she teased was Link. Well, you all know the saying… ‘‘You are Link”. Which, I don’t really agree with anymore.). Anyway, I took it as a habit to be annoyed at her teasing, annoyed comments.

Somewhere along the way, I suppose I got attached to more stuff than her looks… she didn’t seem as annoying anymore, and I barely cared. Might be because that she changed her ways not too long into the game. Either way, after a day or so of constant playing, I had arrived at the water temple boss and beaten it. And what happened? Zant hurt her, made her weak. While I didn’t think I loved her at the time, this still came a shock. What did I feel, towards what happened to a video game character? I was actually stressed up like hell… all I wanted to do was to get her to Zelda. That was all that mattered… she was weak. She had to get help. This is when I could say that I noticed that I liked her. And what a time for her to mature on… needless to say, she probably had me hooked back then too.

Playing through the game, I finally faced Ganondorf, with the trusted Midna beside me. An epic battle were about to commence… and a changing point. Okay, so I (Link) beat up Ganon pretty bad… but apparently, that was enough. He transformed into… something… and Midna decided to help. Seeing Link trying to stop her left me worrying about what would happen next.

She then warped Link and Zelda outside the castle. But why, I did not know. A large boom was then heard as the run-down castle seemed to be getting a much larger beating than what it already had. The camera then switched to him. While he crushed her fused shadow. Whatever he did there, I did not know, but it left me furious. I was boiling mad… he had killed her, I was sure of it. And whether he was real or not, he had to suffer.

When he then was defeated, and I saw her again, I couldn’t believe my luck. She was alive. But she looked different. It quickly got to my mind that this was probably her un-cursed form. Heh… she still looked rather hot, I’m afraid. =P Anyway….

Here comes a part which many are familiar with. When she crushed the mirror. I guess it was there I fully realized what I did. And strange thing was… I got something to remember her by- as I beat the game at New Years Eve, to the sound of fireworks. Anyway, that broke me down mentally. I cried. I cried… for a video game character. I cared… I loved. From being taken aback and slightly disliking, I had gone through what felt so real. Friendship, love, panic, sadness, happiness… she had made me feel it all. That’s not what your everyday game character does. She’s special… I’ve never played a game with a character that seemed, nay, seems so real. For which I actually developed feelings, and who I actually began caring about. She’s just that well developed. And well designed too, I have to add. She’s even my source of inspiration as I take my first few trembling steps drawing again… for the first time in 4 years.

Whatever Nintendo did there, I salute them for the greatest game character ever…


Midna… She’s special to me, I remember having crushes with some fictional characters before. I never thought I would actually love a character like this. I never expected it. As soon as I got my hands on TP and started to play it I knew it was gonna be a good game with a nice story and all that. Until I first saw her, she had some kind of charm. I continued playing the game, absolutely fascinated by this new sidekick. She was different from the others, her mischievous, devilish personality was something I never saw before in Navi or other sidekicks, the way she talked… the way she treated Link like her pet. Her giggle. Summing it up: I was attracted to her in all possible ways, but how attracted I was? It took me a little time to realize that I was in love with her. It was kinda awkward. It was the first time I felt that way for a fictional character but I didn’t cared much. I continued to play just to see the next cutscene with her and I often pressed Z Just to hear her talking, finally I got all the fused shadows… And Zant appeared and injured her. The music, her moans of pain, the rain… It saddened me to see her like that. I rushed to meet Zelda so she could help her. Once I had, I was relieved, and I couldn’t wait to continue the journey.

Gerudo desert… When I arrived there I noticed that Midna’s behavior against Link changed… she stopped to be so cold and cruel… she began to care about Link and treat him more like a partner than a servant, and I liked that. I liked how she placed her hand on his cheek. It was a gesture that made me smile. The game continued. I enjoyed everyone of the cutscenes and moments I spent with her.

And after the battle with Ganondorf and all that I expected a happy ending, but no. Suddenly she broke the mirror and disappeared. I felt crushed. I dunno what to say. I felt let down. Yeah Hyrule was saved, but who cares? She left. She was the only thing I cared for in there. But then I saw Link riding away from Ordon, I got a little hope after seeing that. I thought “I hope he is embarking in another journey to find a way to see her again” I hoped for a sequel, and I still hope for it.

TP was a good game… But it wouldn’t have been the half of the game it is without Midna. Ocarina of Time was better in terms of gaming, but in terms of feelings. Well… Twilight Princess was special to me. I still love Midna, and if you are reading this Nintendo, please… let me and the others who share my feelings see her again.


As other people said, Midna was the first character, not just in a game, but in ANY work I’ve fiction I’ve ever read, watched, heard, or played, that made me fall in love like this. The way she was presented, the way she could mischievously giggle and tease Link, her strengths and weaknesses… everything about her, made her seem so real. Now, I should tell you a little bit about myself. I’ve played many games, most of them FPS, and simulation. Games like Doom, and other games like Silent Hunter IV (a WWII submarine simulator). About as far removed as Zelda as you could go. About as far removed as you could go from emotion itself! I’ve played all sorts of games, but never once did the story, or characters, touch me the way that TP’s did.

I started playing TP when I got it for the Gamecube in about July. Until then, I hadn’t bought it, hadn’t followed news about it, nothing. So I started playing, and soon was introduced to Midna. I thought she was extremely cute, but I find many characters in games to be physically attractive, so that was nothing new. In fact, I rather disliked the way she acted and treated Link. Yet she was so different, so spontaneous. I began thinking about her more and more. Then came the part where she was brought to the edge of death. Suddenly seeing her weak like that, I realized… I was in love with her. I couldn’t bear to lose her. I began playing through the section in desperation, as quickly as possible… the sound of her breathing made me feel slightly teary-eyed, but I pressed on. I felt incredibly relieved after Zelda healed her… In fact, I was so glad that she was with me still and could now exist in the world of light. After that, I began playing the game just to see every little cutscene with her… every expression she made, word she said, I hung upon. When Ganondorf broke her fused shadow near the end, I was enraged, but I knew deep down, that she was still ok… somehow.

But when Midna broke the mirror at the end of the game… I couldn’t believe it. I literally couldn’t believe it. I just sat there in shock, I couldn’t even cry… it felt like I was watching a bomb falling out of the sky right towards me, and I was utterly powerless to do anything about it. The rest of the day, I couldn’t say or do anything… I just went to bed. It was then that I started to cry. I’ve been heartbroken before in a true relationship, but this felt as much real as my previous real life one had. In fact, it was worse, because you can’t go back into a game and change the course of fate. We’re united in our call that she be brought back! Every time the sun goes down now, I think of her.. I look out towards the horizon and see that light tinge of dark yellow and orange slowly fading from behind the clouds, and if I’m alone, I sometimes let myself cry a few small tears. To be torn apart from Midna like that… If she doesn’t come back, Nintendo would have made one of the most cruel endings to anything I’ve ever read, seen, watched, played… you name it.

I could go on, and on, and on… I could probably write an entire book on all the things that I feel while playing the game, thinking of her, how it’s affected me…


I would like to see Midna back because her and Link have one of the best developed relationships in the entire series. It’s normal for the fairy-type characters that follow Link around to go away in the end, but usually we don’t care all that much, since we hardly seen any interaction between them, with the exception in WW, which was genuinely heart tugging, and with games such as PH and ST, but the exposition characters don’t go away in those games……..but I digress. With Midna, it was really heartbreaking to see her leave for good, not just with us, but Link seemed pretty sad about it to, which is what really got to me above all else. It just doesn’t seem fair for Link to go through everything then lose one of his best friends, especially after all they went through and how close they got. It made me so sad, that I actually dreaded finishing the game in a recent playthrough, since I really didn’t want to have to see the bitter ending again. DX Nearly kept me from finishing, and left me feeling somewhat depressed afterwards. I don’t care if she appears in a brief cameo or what, but it’s simply depressing that Link never sees her again, and would be as happy as could possibly be if they meet again.


First off, I would like to thank Eiji Aonuma, and Shigeru Miyamoto for working on one of the greatest video game series of all time, The Legend of Zelda. I would also like to thank Yusuke Nakano for creating one of the most beloved characters in The Legend of Zelda series known as Midna. Midna for me is one of the greatest characters in the series. She has so many characteristics that other characters in the series seem to lack such as affection, compasion, and most importantly she knows how to express love through her own body language. Other characters in the series have some of these characteristics but none of them even come close to being as strong and well potrayed as Midna’s.

Midna has such a strong personality and character that it makes her seem like a real person and with the connection of Link being a sort of connection or avatar of the player makes you actually care for her and helps you become immersed in the game world all around you. The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess is one of the only zelda games where I actually felt like I have been to Hyrule and done all the things Link has done. This is because of Midna. Midna was by your side for pretty much the entire game so you actually felt like there was someone by your side supporting you and even mocking you at times. This connection really helps immerse the player with the game world and even makes some players fall in love with Midna throughout the course of the game.

Some aspects of Twilight Princess that really made me fealt like I actually went to hyrule and done all the things Link has done includes the fact that Link is a mute character who doesn’t say a word. This helped me fill in my personality and traits into Link so in other words, the player is Link. The beautiful and realistic environments never seen in other zelda games also really helped me become immersed in a world that I could live my own fantasy in and become friends with the other characters in the game such as Midna.

I would like to say a few more things about Midna before I end this testimonial. Firstly, Midna is undeniably the best companion in the zelda series because she has things that other companions in the series lack such as being harsh and snooty in the beginning of the game and warming up and maybe even falling in love with Link throughout the second half of the game. it is just amazing at how well her character is potrayed in the game. The fact that Midna has such a strong personality and character actually makes you care for her and the things that happen to her. Just the fact that Ganondorf actually kills Midna makes me hold a grudge against him and really makes me want to defeat him for what he has done. This is a really shocking and touching part of the game because Ganondorf ends up killing Midna, a character I have grown to fall in love with throughout the course of the game.

In conclusion I would like to finish of this testimonial by saying that Midna actually changed my mental state and that I feel more in tune with the world and the things around me. Midna has taught me many things and I have grown to love her as a character and a great friend. I think that it would be a really big shame if Midna was never seen again let alone the world that she comes from known as the Twilight Realm. The aspects and features that were in The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess are some of the best in the series and I think that they should be implemented into future games in the zelda series. Midna is undeniably one of the greatest characters Nintendo has ever come up with and she has earned a very special place in my heart.


Let me just say that there are few who have ever made me really want to write a song for them. Midna is one of them. As a musician, I like to create music, but rarely does such an inspiration come by in such an unexpected form. You may have heard this song being used in the email/video/whatever it’s in now.

You see, I’ve been sheltered from emotion for quite awhile now. It was not even a conscious effort, but before I knew it I was having trouble being truly sad, angry or joyful. Midna broke me from this shell as she left for the Twilight Realm. I’ve always been a Legend of Zelda fan, but this sudden outpouring of emotion for somebody I’ve never even met is what caused me to really appreciate not only the games, but the community surrounding it as well. She is the sole reason I ever joined NSider, just to find out what could possibly have happened next. You see, I could not live with the ending they gave me, she could not be gone forever.

And that brings me to the song. Someone as diverse as Midna who has gone through numerous stages and attitudes deserved an equally complex piece of music, yet with the same simple goodness that she is comprised of. I don’t think that what I recorded really does her justice, but I can only hope that some of what she represents is portrayed through my music. That is the only way I can accurately express my attitude towards the best character this most beloved series has ever put out.

All I can hope is that somehow our combined efforts and skill in words and music can somehow convince Nintendo to allow her to return. Somebody who brings so much life to the series shouldn’t be thrown to the side like an old pair of shoes that has served their purpose, but are now used and worthless. Someone who can face the greatest evil to threaten her land and Link’s, yet still maintain her dry wit and tender affection deserves more. The only fictional character I have ever felt that I would really want to be friends with, who would understand anything I had to say deserves more. Someone that would feel like a death in the family if she were never to return deserves more.

But, of course, Nintendo can’t do that! It’s not like they have complete control over any story they create. Not to mention that it’s preposterous to even consider that entertainment corporations listen to or care about what their fans have to say. It’s especially absurd when it’s an organized, dedicated group of fans with plenty of drive towards a common, reasonable goal. Of course they immediately see such a group that it is in their power to appease as the equals of a week old moldy bag of creamed corn glistening with pesticide, baked in the artificial heat provided by a whale’s intestine. The most logical course of action would be to alienate a large portion of its fan base by forcing them to settle for the repeated cutscenes and lines of text all its members have likely already memorized, thereby destroying any semblance to a dynamic, lifelike character and any hopes to learn more about more about her, just in spite.

I think the WMB haters get the point now.

Midna deserves more than she got just out of that one game, regardless of how good it was, and this outpouring of care and effort shown by this entire community should be more than enough to show that.


To me what really sets Midna apart from any other is defiantly her personality. It’s rare see a character so dimensional/human in a game, especially in a console game. Of course being cute doesn’t hurt.

To me the game was really about the bond you develop with Midna through the game. Everyone else’s role in the game was minimal in comparison.

If it wasn’t for Midna then the whole game would have felt entirely different. Without her being with you thought the game it would have been just a dry story about you saving the world and some Twilight Realm that has no real significance to you.

The ending was rather sad to me, just… why? After all the blood, sweat and tears it ended like that? Though I hope she will be in another game, my logic is telling me it will be very unlikely she will show up in anything other than as a cameo appearance. I hope I’m dead wrong about that.

After seeing that mirror shatter made me feel an emotional shock that I have not felt in a game. After the ending I was like “WHY? After all that it had to end like that… no. After all that she needs a happy ending” and it left a overall bad taste in my mouth.

Midna is 10 tons of awesome. It would be a shame for her to not appear in another game.


Midna. She is without a doubt the greatest video game character ever. Full stop. Her character development is deeper than anything I have ever seen before, I’m glad Nintendo finally decided to do this. The way she grows, learns and matures throughout the game is truly amazing. The way her relationship with Link builds up slowly from servant to lover (come on, it’s so obvious) is spectacular, like none I have ever seen before. I used to think Final Fantasy X was the most romantic game ever, but not anymore. Twilight Princess is the first video game to have ever made me cry. The ending was the saddest and most moving thing that I have ever experienced in my entire life, it really was. The way Midna left and broke the mirror, never to be seen again… it broke my heart. I couldn’t hold back the tears. And even though I have completed the game nine times now, I still cry every single time I watch the ending. It is not a bad thing that I cry, though. I cry for Midna because I love her. I want her to come back. I want to see her again. I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing the first time I watched the ending. I realized what was going to happen. I know what Nintendo are like, with their sad endings, so I just knew it had to happen. I was just thinking to myself: “Link, you stupid…! Stop her, now!!” And then I cried. I first saw Midna in the TP trailers a few years ago. The very first time I saw her, I thought, “Heh…she’s cute!”

And then when I finally met her in the game and heard her voice, I fell completely in love with her. I felt a strong bond with her. I felt like I actually was Link, and just like him, I loved her more and more with each passing second. Now, the part after Lakebed temple really scared me. Just seeing Midna helplessly lying there, with her colours inverted, made my eyes water. I didn’t cry, but I came close. I was playing the game at a friend’s house at the time, so I tried very hard to hold back my feelings. I ran through Hyrule field at the speed of light to save her. I murdered all who stood in my way. The music was something very special, it really added to the atmosphere. The enemy music completely ruined it though. I can’t believe Nintendo couldn’t be arsed to spend another two minutes taking the enemy music out of that part of the game. I hate to say it, but, when I finally got Midna to Zelda, I thought she was going to die… The pain in my heart was beyond compare, and I couldn’t hide it for long…And then, when Midna was saved, I was overjoyed. I honestly couldn’t have care less about Zelda. She meant absolutely nothing to me whatsoever. Just seeing her there made me happy. I loved the rest of the game, despite the lack of story. I played as Wolf Link wherever possible, just to see her… I could spend hours at Lake Hylia, doing the camera glitch, to get her face as close to my own as possible.

Then there was the scene where she broke the barrier. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen in my entire life. I just wanted them to kiss so badly. Definitely the sweetest video game moment ever. Then I saw Ganondorf crush her fused shadow helmet. It P***ed me off to no end. I absolutely murdered Ganondorf, I could never forgive him. After executing him, I discovered that Midna was of course still alive. However, her form had changed, she was different. This was not the Midna that I had grown to know and love. I hated it. However she was still Midna. Then she broke the mirror, and I cried for ages, but I have already discussed that. I still cry for Midna, I am right now, in fact. I miss her, and I want her to come back…

A direct sequel is the only possibility now. If Nintendo don’t do it, I don’t think I will ever be able to forgive them. Midna has earned a special place in my heart, which she will always have, for every last second of my life.


As an avid video gamer who plays numerous video games of various genres and styles, I have obviously experienced many different characters of various emotional depth and range, personality wise. But, upon playing and enjoying the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, I don’t believe that I have ever become attached to and marveled at the personality of a character like I have done so with Midna. She is a fantastic, beautiful creation, a true deep, emotive woman that they player can empathize with incredibly easily. Her relationship, and development thereof, with Link is something so profound and captivating that I could not resist becoming completely immersed in the pair’s experiences together, their interactions with each other and overall, her development from any unloving, sassy and uncaring imp into a heroic, beautiful and emotionally enriched heroine. She is a joy to experience and journey.

It is therefore that I was deeply saddened and disturbed upon completion of Twilight Princess at Midna’s departure, and what is to be assumed the severance of her relationship with Link. It is upsetting to me that a character with the depth and personality of Midna may be discarded, never to be used again and her beautiful presence may never again grace another Legend of Zelda game. I was also left unhappy at how, after the development of a true partnership and obviously mutual relationship with Link it is assumed to be effectively over before, I believe, it has a chance to blossom into something truly special.

I believe Midna’s character has so much more to offer, and that Midna and Link should meet again as Midna says at the end of Twilight Princess. The potential between the two characters is enormous. Thank you for reading this brief, but heartfelt, message.


i woke up one morning to the sunlight breaking the darkness created by my curtains, after preparibg myself for the day i managed to convince my parents to take me to GAME to have a look what they had in store, and hopefully buy something.

When we got there we all went our seperate ways, and the instant i walked through the front door, something caught my eye, the cover was split by a diagonal line, on the top half, a mans head with a goldnen background, on the bottom half a wolf’s head with an intricate black background, i turned it over and saw the same wolf surrouned by unearthly creatures, but one stood out among them all, a small black imp with a wearing a helmet, then i turned to the spine, it read,”Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess.” I put it dowm and went browsing some more until my curiosity got the better of me and i bought it, which came with a guide book for the game, so i was pleased, then we all regrouped and went home.

When we got home i instantly put the game in my wii and got staight to it, i breezed through the first part, enjoying everything as i went, until it got to a part where a girl took my horse and i had to go retrieve her. But then things got interesting.

After a few minutes of diaglogue some things came and took everything in the spring exept me, then came a decorated black wall, which then a hand came out and pulled me in.

After a minute i turned into a wolf and instantly knew that was when the story began, but then i got a backshot of the mysterious imp from the cover, watching me get dragged away.

Then i woke in a jail cell, chained to the floor, i had no clue what to do, so i started running in circles, but then suddenly everything faded to a cutscene of me knawing the chain, and then, the black imp appeered with a devious grin on its face, it mocked me for abit but then freed me, i had no idea what to think it was so cruel yet it had helped me so i tolerated it, but nothing more. After 20-30 minutes jumping through sewers and over buildimgs we came to a tower, where a hooded figure stood looking out a window, but then i mamaged to get a good look at my helper, then i noticed some of its features, and then i said in shock,” Its a girl?!?”. Then the hooded figure revealed themselves to be zelda, and then i learnt my companions name; Midna.

During the first temple i noticed she really didnt care what happened to me, but she did help occasionally, but it would always be followed with some cruel remark, so i didnt really like her all that much, but that didnt stay for very long.

During the second temple i noticed some of the hidden things about her, such as her personality, her sense of humour and her eyes, her deep red eyes which seemed to burn with a fire like no other. I started liking her, and she wasnt such a cruel burden anymore, she still poked fun at me, but now it was actually funny, but i would never in a million years expected what i did next.

During the third temple she was no longer cruel at all, she was helpful, there to assist if neccesary, and i had feelings growing towards her, and when she apologised at the end of the boss fight, i couldnt fight back anymore, i had to admit it there and then,”i love her, i truely do love her.” i had done what i thought never would be possible, i had fallen in love with a game character. But i couldnt fight it, i just couldnt.

But then everything was crushed, Zant, the evil king who had been casting darkness on the world, which we had destroyed, tortured her and used his magic to turn me into a wolf permanently, but then i saw her, white and dying on my back, it was torture, and the music, oh god the music. A bittersweet song, such beauty, played at such a sorrowed time.

The entire time i was rushing to zelda, tears flowed down my face and i cursed anything that got in my way, i wouldnt let her die, she would not die! Not after what ide just admit! When we got there i almost couldnt control myself, i was in deep despair.

When she fell off of my back i thought she had died, and anouther wave of tears broke free, but then, it all turned around, zelda sacrificed herself to save midna, and at that moment a feeling of absolute joy broke out, and from that moment on, i physically reacted to everything she said, and when i fought anything, i did it for her. Ide never felt anything like it. I thought it would last forever.

There it was, the final fight; ganondorf. His first two forms we’re difficult, but with her at my side i knew i wouldnt fail. But then, midna teleported away to finish ganondorf herself, and then the castles tower got oblitterated and i thought she was victorious. But she wasnt.

Then i saw him, ganondorf, holding midna’s helmet as a trophy of his kill. A wave of emotion burst at the moment: Anger, despair, rage and sorrow. My heart did the thinking at that moment, and it told me to destroy him, for midna i would kill him and end it. With my state of mind set i would not fail, it wasnt an option, i would kill him!

When he fell to the floor defeated, the sorrow and despair set in, ide ended it, but ide lost my love. But then i saw her, she was alive! As i ran toward her i noticed she was no longer the devious imp i once knew, she was in her true, and beautiful form, i didnt know what to think, i was just overjoyed she was alive.

But then, mid way through the credits, i saw us all stood at the portal to her home, she wasnt staying, but at least the portal was still open so i could still see her. But what happened next changed everything.

A single tear appeered, it glowed with light, but then a phrase earlier in the game hit me,”Only the true leader of the Twili can break the mirror.” the true leader, that was her! As i watched the tear hit the mirror, cracks appeered everywhere on it, the same happened to my heart, and just after she teleported home, it broke, just like my heart. She was gone, and my heart just caved, and tears flowed out, my heart was broken, and until she returns, it will never be truely repaired.

~Cry of Twilight

I had never even touched a Nintendo title before i borrowed the entire Zelda collection from my uncle. I dicided to borrow them becuase i had wanted to try the Zelda games for a long time. I just never really got around to doing it until a few month back during one of my breaks from school. I knew at that time after having seen much discussion on YouTube, that Ocarina of Time was one of the best in the series and so, i played that first. Left in amazing awe upon completion i immediatley chose another one and started playing. I chose Twilight Princess.

And this is where my whole experience begins, sorry for the long intro… I could tell that Twilight Princess was going to be a great game already after having seen the opening ( where Wolf Link howls at the curtain of twilight ). This intro gave me goosbumps, it was just so damn good and I couldn’t wait to get into the game. Then after enjoying the peaceful start of the game I eventually reached the scene where you meet Midna and I liked her character immidietley. At the first sight of her, where the character zooms in on her face and she smiles, I smiled too and at the time i didn’t even understand why. It was when she started teasing Link that i began to like her character becuase i never really cared for Link. For the same reason i kind of liked Ruto from Ocarina of Time since she was treating Link like crap. Anyway, after you got control over yourself, the first thing that struck my mind was just how cute Midna looked riding Link. I probably stood there for about a minute just rotating the camera.

In every cutscene from this point on i focused mainly, and sometimes only on Midna. At times i would skip certain dialogs becuase the text was in the way of her… I knew that i liked her character but it wasn’t until after Midna’s Desperate Hour that i knew that i didn’t just like her. And i consider myself to having failed my attempt at keeping this text sensible. Sorry about that but i guess i can’t explain myself in any other way. Anyway, it was at this point that i realized that i actually loved Midna. When Zelda healed her and she slowly hovered down to the ground, I have never been so relieved in my entire life… It felt like a pretty good point in the game for someone to die and create a dramatical turn so i truly feared that she would die here, looking back, considering how unstable my mental condition was… I think i might very well have suffered some sort of trauma should she have died at this point…

As her resolve started to change and her attitude towards Link grew different i only grew more fond of her until my affection reached dangerous magnitudes. Towards the end of the game, when i realized there wasn’t much left i started to drag it out as much as i could without boring myself becuase i couldn’t stand the idea of just finishing the game and having her finish her role in it. When i eventually reached Ganondorf though and i saw him break Midna’s Fused Shadow after defeating her i didn’t know how to react. I told myself that they couldn’t kill her off now considering her role in the game so i just wanted to kill Ganondorf as quickly as possible. Then when it was all finally over and the Light spirits revived Midna, I felt that relief again.

I’m going to be honest though, i was a bit disappointed at her True Form and i didn’t really care for it. I didn’t really feel a connection between the two and it might aswell have been two different people. As an imp though, she is without a doubt capable of beeing not only the cutest thing i’ve ever seen but she also had the most loveable personality and i cannot recall a single thing she said that made me even slightly annoyed. Just the opposite. As the credits rolled though i felt pretty satisfied. I now knew who my favorite game character was, i knew what my favorite game was and i felt pretty all right with moving on. However, they could apparently not have let it end like this… No, of course not… They had to have Midna leave forever by destroying the only known link between the two worlds. At this point, i have never felt so… Strange. I don’t know how to discribe it becuase there were so many thoughts in my head at this time. I was unsatisfied, depressed, angry and i didn’t know what to do.

This is where my obsession for Midna was born. Knowing she would probably only be featured in this one, way too short game was too much for the handle at the time. It felt like such a waste of the most well-made character ever. So, Nintendo, in the unlikely event that you actually read this… This game, more specificly this character… Made me feel the strongest magnitudes of grief, relief, anger and joy i have ever felt. Now, if that’s not sign of a well made character i don’t know what is… It would be brutal for you to let such a remarkable creation go to waste.

I have tried my best not to come off as a whining, over-emotional idiot here by not going into great detail in just what effect this character has had on my life. Believe me though, i could probably go on forever about that very thing. Also, i should probably thank you guys here at WMB for simply being here. It has eased my obsession quite a bit. I cannot imagine what terrible fate i could have come to meet with should i never have found this site becuase in that event, my obsession would probably just have kept growing until it would eventually break me.



The key to This Legend of Zelda, this game couldn’t have worked without her. With another Zelda game, this could happen with another person. But Midna seems to be the most well involved, Deep (In a way), most realistic and, -by the looks of this- Most Loved of all the Twilight Princess Characters. Even if she’s a side character, Even a Simple FOOTNOTE of her would get us Happy. (Though, we would like the footnote to be Identifiable to Normal People and for it to actually show Midna…) And, as LillyttAddict Says, Twilight Princess felt like a prequel. The Ending was so open-ended, and the Character’s can’t have fully developed in that amount of time. Showing Colin at the End with a sword and shield added to the anticipation of a new, yet familiar, Zelda adventure involving at the least an Adventure with Colin.

Midna saying she would see Link Later was even more of a surprise due that, well, she broke their only connection- Or did she? There are plenty of ways for Midna to come back, and I’m sure you can find at least one of them. Once again, even the mention of her (Or, more preferably a Thought of her showing Midna) would be the least you could do for us fanboys and girls that love the Zelda Series oh so much.

And, as you can see by this E-Mail, You left your top consumers wanting more. You wouldn’t want to disappoint us, would you?

With that, I bid you adieu, Aonuma-San… Or whoever’s reading/watching this E-mail/Website/YouTube video


So, I ended up here through tvtropes.org, when this site was referenced in an article about Tear Jerkers. Of course, the particular example was talking about the ending to Twilight Princess. In my own personal experience with the ending, I was simultaneously confused and upset, as a very well-written character was suddenly like “kthxbai” and our heroes are left in the cold. I actually wasn’t too surprised at this “bullcrap last-minute tragedy” strategy, since I’m pretty used to it as a common bit of questionable Japanese story writing.

Still, I couldn’t help but do what I usually do in situations where I’m faced with a tragedy – usually a character’s death, but not in this case – that I don’t like or agree with: I rationalized like crazy. Basically, I go back and analyze every little detail surrounding the tragedy until I determine why it’s dumb or unrealistic. I guess it helps “ease the pain” if I feel like it couldn’t have actually happened. In this case though, the ending isn’t really implausible, given the fact that Midna is both not really an experienced ruler, and is also kinda new to this whole “being nice” thing.

Still, I tend to wonder why it is that in this situation where you have two powerful political matriarchs together, at least one of them didn’t start talking about possible beneficial diplomatic ties between their respective kingdoms, especially inter-dimensional ties. In Midna’s case I guess you could blame it on the fact that, as I said and from what I understand, she doesn’t actually have much rulership experience. And maybe in Zelda’s case, she hadn’t really had time to broach the subject, since I kinda don’t recall the span of time between Ganon getting offed and the mirror breaking. Did they just go straight to the mirror? I would think they’d hang out at Hyrule castle town or the palace or something first at least.

My other complaint deals directly with whatever Midna’s train of thought was. Regardless of her inexperience with certain things, I still kinda feel like she got passed the Idiot Ball when she decided to break the mirror and sever the tie between light and twilight realms. For some reason she thought there was some inherent problem with the mirror or interaction between the two realms, when in fact the problems came from Hyrulians throwing their super-powerful convicts through portals they didn’t understand, as well as the evil intentions of Ganon and Zant. With these problems understood and taken care of, one would think the mirror and the relationship between the realms could be handled intelligently from then on. So I’m not sure why Midna came to her odd and rather brash conclusion.

But you know what? All of this means nothing in the face of some determined script writers. Surely if the powers that be behind the Legend of Zelda series felt like bringing Midna back, they’ll decide there’s some other connection between the realms besides the mirror, or Zelda just decided to throw tons of money and an army of wizard-scientists at the problem. And that’s the point of this place, isn’t it? To convince them to bring Midna back somehow, and bring her back well.


Midna is unique. No video game character I have ever seen has been as special as Midna. When she spoke to Link and Zelda for the last time, I didn’t want to, I just didn’t believe that she would go. When the Mirror started to crack, I still thought she would stay. When she rushed to the portal, I thought she would have changed her mind and take Link with her, or stay in the world of Light. But then… The Mirror shattered.

I sat down, flabbergasted, I did not move, I did not speak, I was confused, angered, that Midna had left. Does she know that she will come back, and maybe then she can tell Link her true feelings for him?

My brother is at the beginning of the game, as he’s been busy, and I noticed what Midna says to Link. She’s changed during the game, but so subtly, that it seems perfectly natural.

The best companion or comrade ever in a video game, she deserves more. It may seem hard to bring her back… But wasn’t it harder to get Midna’s actions, dialogue, everything, to be perfect? Atleast let the Twilight Princess’s name appear, no, more, let Midna herself reappear. Perhaps a special object must be obtained, but only in the Twilight Realm.

How many hearts has she touched? How many people will be overjoyed to see the beloved Twilight Princess again?

Please Nintendo, bring Midna back.

~Din_Nayru_Farore / Halfthefun

When I first turned on Twilight Princess, it was just another LoZ game. Play through it, sidequests, nothing unusual. When I first saw Midna, in the prison, I felt a small jolt, but nothing big. As I played through the game, I started to like the little imp. My mom found me actually talking to my screen on more than one occasion. And my little brother wrote me off as nuts too. By the end of the game, and due to a fan story written by a former NSider, I came to love her. Yes, love. lol Well, I still love Midna, and if you don’t let her come back, I’ll probably be…umm…well….really mad.

I constantly think about Midna before I go to sleep, so I usually dream about her. On several occasions, I have woken up with myself nearly strangled in the covers, and I’m all sweaty. They vary though, and sometimes I’ll wake up in tears, and recently, I woke up kinda screaming/ yelling “NOOOOO!!!!”, that didn’t help my “crazy” situation, and my mom seriously threatened to go to my schools counselor. I’ve written poems about Midna, made a tribute, collected waaaayyy too many pictures of her, made collages, and a song.

Needless to say, I love her. Simple as that. Undying, flat out, head-over-heels, LOVE her. And that’s all that needs to be said.

~Dratheus / Tenorplayer

I guess my story with Midna starts off a while ago. Before I even became acquainted with Legend of Zelda, I used to play these old “click and point” adventure games called “Kings Quest”. These were the games that would pave the path to becoming an adventure game enthusiast. When I had completed the entire “Kings Quest” series, there was nothing left to play. Years past until one day, summer of 2012, I finally decided to find myself a new adventure game. I began to browse the internet to see if there were any good titles on sale, and that’s when I stumbled upon Skyward Sword, which was just barely released at the time. I saw the game teasers and advertisements for it, and I was rather impressed from what I saw, so I wrote it down on my Birthday List. When I finally got the game (not to mention the faulty and irksome motion controllers that came with it), I was not disappointed. The graphics, game play, colorful environment and family friendly content were enough to make me an (almost) instant fan of the series.

I eventually finished the game (well almost, except for the very final boss battle with Demise. By that point, I became very fed up with the motion controllers which kept malfunctioning every 20 minutes, and so I didn’t bother to finish) and, again, had nothing to play. It wasn’t until a year later in the summer of 2013 that my younger brother brought home a Wii game called “Twilight Princess”. He was shopping at Wal-Mart with my mom when he came across a left over copy in media isle. It was on a special discount price, so he went ahead and bought it. Remembering how good Skyward Sword was, I was looking forward to see what Twilight Princess had to offer.

Looking at the back cover, I saw a picture of Wolf Link with a strange creature. I recognized it as one of the Smash Trophies in “Smash Bros. Brawl”, and regarded it as one of the game’s ‘odd-ball’ characters. I played through the first part of the game in Ordon Village, expecting some pivotal event at any moment. When the Orcs (I know, they’re called ‘Bulblins’, but I like to refer to them by how they look) attacked Link, Ilia and Colin, I knew things were about to get interesting. After getting through the Twilight cut scene with Link’s transformation, I found myself in a small dungeon cell…
That’s when I met her.

At first, she seemed to me mischievous and troublesome, much like brownies or fairies of Olden English folklore. At the same time, I found her a rather interesting companion. As the game progressed, I didn’t see her any different. However, she wasn’t as irritating as Fi, who constantly interrupted and pointed out the obvious. It wasn’t until the end of the Lakebed temple that I saw her relationship with Link in a new light. When Zant commented that Midna shouldn’t converse with “their kind”, I knew that there was something much deeper that a guardianship developing between her and Link. The scene with Midna’s Desperate hour to me was very moving and memorable.

From that point on, I was always interested to see what she was going to do next, and played the game just for the story plot alone (well, not entirely, I might have exaggerated that. But yes, that was my motivation.). To me, Link’s and Midna’s friendship was a very beautiful thing, and it grew deeper as the story progressed. I also began to see that she was, in fact, very attractive in her own special way.

I eventually finished all the Temples, thwarted the psychedelic Zant, and defeated the Dark Lord Ganondorf. It was then that I reached the infamous Mirror cut scene. I expected that Midna would finally convey her true feelings to Link before descending to her homeland. Then she shattered the mirror without saying a word…

My initial reaction was “Wait, what? That’s it!? Preposterous! How could they just end the game there?! WHY?!”. Not only did she not say a word to Link about how she felt, but she also permanently severed the link between her world and Hyrule. Never before in my life had I felt so disappointed by a video game.

The few following weeks after that left me feeling depressed, empty and cheated. No matter what I did, I just couldn’t shake it off. I eventually rationalized that maybe if I purchased another adventure game, the bad feelings would go away. That’s what lead me to buying and playing “Ocarina of Time” from the Wii Channel. However, the feelings of disappointment and betrayal kept coming back from time to time. This experience lead me to finding , and eventually joining, the Want Midna Back organization.

Now, I don’t know exactly how or when I came across WMB. What I do remember is feeling hope and peace that people out there felt the same way I felt, and were trying to do something about it, that there was a fighting chance that she might have a comeback. For a long while, I considered joining, but just regarded it by simply agreeing to their cause and objectives. It wasn’t until very recently that I finally decided to make a difference, and submit to the cause by offering up this testimonial, written on the 26th day of February 2014 A.D..

I now speak directly to Nintendo. First off, let me compliment you on the excellent work you did with the “Legend of Zelda” series. Without your ingenuity, this organization would not have existed, neither would the global fan base that so dearly love The Legend of Zelda. For that, we thank you. However, we still stand as a testament to the opinion of your customers, and declare that we will do whatever it takes to gain our satisfaction, a goal of which should be your utmost priority.

It would be such a tragedy to see such a well written character thrown away forever. Just remember that we still stand as your audience, and that the customer is always correct. How she is brought back in the next game is up to you. The realm of fiction is filled with endless possibilities, so I’m sure it shouldn’t be that hard to bring her back. Just remember that the decision lies within your hands now. Choose wisely.

As for me, I shall wait with diligence and patience, moving on with the regular movements of life knowing that I have done my part. I will wait for E3, when the question of her return will be answered. If it isn’t then, then I will continue to wait until the time shall come. Good things come to those who wait.

~Dr. Dastardly

It was my eleventh birthday. The day I had received a Nintendo DS. It was all new to me, the games and such. The one time before that, was the Playstation system at my cousins. Unfortunately, I raged and screamed I hate games! at him, then threw the controller down, and pouted. Regardless, after I got my first owned game system, I began collecting and storming through games over the DS. Fortunately, a few months or so later, after TP for Wii release, I came across the Legend of Zelda, Phantom Hourglass. Took a little longer than expected to beat it, but it was accomplished.

I was intrigued by the Zelda series, and flew to the internet, then immediately typed out Legend of Zelda in the Google search engine. First couple searches that came up were Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess. Ew. Twilight. Disgusting! is what I thought at first. Though, it turns out that I clicked it anyway, and read through a small overview of the game, and immediately ran to my father.

“Dad! Dad! Dad! I want to buy another Zelda game!” I had said to him, with a PleasePleasePlease expression on my face at the time.

“Mm. Well. It depends, silly. Is it that new one I keep hearing about?”

“Yes, Dad! Twilight Princess!”

“Well… I don’t see why not…… your Mother and I have been discussing getting a Wii for you kids for a while, now.”

Eventually, he got a Wii and Twilight Princess for us, after about a week from that little chat we had. I took the game case, and read the back. Just as I read from the computer. Though I saw the little devil thing, Midna, and couldn’t help but think What the HELL?! Not to long after, I stuck the game in, and waited for an opening scene to make me wonder what the heck kind of game this is.

“Oi’, what the hell is this? A wolf? Give me a break.” I had said, reaching the cage part of the game. “Oh, Great. Locked up, too. LOOOOVELY.” Midna then appeared before me. “Ugh. Her again.”

Didn’t take long for me to fall for her though. Her cute little body and devilish little attitude, they were just so adorable. Probably by the time of fighting Morpheel, I had began to think more about the young lil’ imp. I had thought we had beaten the game, Midna and I. Had collected every last fused shadow, and had reached the point where we warp back to safety and live happily ever after.

Unfortunately, Zant was a dummy, and threw me unconscious and re-did the lake into Twilight once more, supposedly. I got really mad that I might have to re-do every single thing that I did. Though, at the time, I was worried about Midna, being forcefully held against her will. What’s Zant going to do? I thought, then being forced to watch a horrific, and heart-breaking scene. As soon as I heard Midna scream, my emotion turned from frightened to broken. How the heck could a guy do such a thing to the little cutie?

It was down to Midna and I, bolting down the field, with the constant thought running through my tangled mind. She’s not going to… D-Die, is she? Her harsh breath really hit me hard in the side to hear. It was not pleasant in a single way, left or right. Eventually I had shed a single tear to hearing it at its loudest, and zoomed in on her sick little body.

Soon after, we had reached Zelda. I had hope. ‘Cept, that hope wasn’t exactly directed to killing Zelda to save little Midna. Throughout the game, I was thinking of Midna. She was my number one obsession, and I Just couldn’t let’er go.

As the game progressed my love for her had grown stronger and stronger. We had reached Zant once more, together, and I just… gave it my all! This is for what you’ve done, Zant! Go die in a hole! Then, suddenly, POP. That’s all I can really say. Pop. I had laughed in Zant’s death scene, and moved on with the knowledge of being Midna’s hero.

Skipping towards the Ganondorf’s fight scene, I had courage to kill Ganon, with all of my might! Die you foul beast, die! Finally, he was down, on the ground, dead, and burning. Unfortunately, he was alive… again?! Die already!! Midna had warped me away, and I was worried. Is she going to die? I thought again.

Just then, the whole castle blew to bits, and I literally strained myself from flying towards and hitting the TV, from seeing Ganon holding Midna’s fused shadow. You put that down, dammit!!

Then, out of all things to choose, he smashed it to bits! I was furious, and I flew past exceptions and power to destroy him, until he was down and dead, for good. Immediately ran towards Midna, just to see that she was… well… not her! This new Midna didn’t please me…

When Midna shattered the mirror with the tear I thought she was trying to hold back… I didn’t show any emotion. I just let the ending go by. Like it was nothing… how stupid of me. I found it rather sweet, at the time, actually. Though, as the week progressed, I depressed myself with the thoughts on how she left.

A couple months or so later, after being an addict, and doing all sorts of Midna-related things, I found Want Midna Back. I joined on sight, and welcomed myself through a topic. Eventually I got to know the community and such. They, happily enough, want her back as much as I.

~Emkay / Zehdils

To whom it may concern:

This letter is to inform you that I, as a player who has completed The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, wishes to express his support for the return of Midna. I’m fully aware that Nintendo has been most successful, and will likely remain successful, when operating independently of 3rd party pressures and trends. In fact, your most recent successes with the Nintendo Wii and continuing success with the Nintendo DS have surprised and rattled the very foundation of the video game industry despite all prior assumptions and criticisms. Despite this, I still believe Nintendo is not apathetic and unresponsive to its followers which why I have written this brief letter.

This letter is not aimed to apply pressure to the topic at hand, nor is it a plea to be acknowledged and catered to. It is, however, designed with the simple goal to inform you that you have created something wonderful with the Midna character and I earnestly ask that you seriously consider her future.


I have a history of falling in love with fictitious characters. I’ve never had the talent or the desire to socialize with a large number of people; since elementary school I would have a few close friends and not really associate with anyone else because I didn’t trust people to accept me. On my own, though, I would come across a movie, book, or video game character with which I would develop a close personal attachment. This has happened less and less as I’ve gotten older, but Twilight Princess really did that for me.

I made a sort of personal study out of trying to discover what makes me become obsessed with certain characters but pass over others who may even be similar. Consistent failure to come to any conclusion has made me just give it up and enjoy the emotions while I feel them, expressing myself through music and writing. In the case of Twilight Princess, though, my best guess is that I am so attached to it because I played my entire first file with my girlfriend, who is now my fiancée. Good memories, you know? (Also, Midna always reminded me of her, as their personalities are not that different…)

Just tonight, I completed my second file, and seeing as I knew just about every line that led up to the final scene, I thought I was ready. I was moved all over again at how tragic the end(?) of Link and Midna’s relationship really is. Emotionally, the storyline is at the level of the best sad films I’ve seen – I mean, up there with Moulin Rouge, The Fountain, and a few others that made me actually cry (which does not happen often). My second watching of the final Mirror scene was even more powerful than the first time, and I now have complete inspiration to finish the Midna-inspired pieces I’ve started.


First off, I have been a fan of the Zelda series for as long as I can remember. Naturally, when Twilight Princess was released, I got a Wii to try out what controls Nintendo made for us and to enjoy another Zelda game. The events in Ordon Village started off slow, but I didn’t mind. When Link was thrown into the wall of twilight and transformed into a wolf, I instantly knew that this game wouldn’t disappoint me. After that was my encounter with Midna. At first, I had mixed feelings towards her. I liked her sarcastic personality, but I didn’t like that she was treating Link like dirt. I thought, “Hmm, how will I feel when she leaves?” I know the Zelda series so well that I knew Midna would leave at the end just like every other companion up to date.

After making it through the prison and meeting Zelda, that’s when I learned her name was Midna. Her facial expressions made me more intrigued in Midna, but when Zelda said, “Midna… This is no time for levity” and Midna started levitating, I yelled, “Yes!!! Finally, a smart-ass for a Zelda companion!!!” As I continued throughout the rest of the dungeons and exploring Hyrule, Midna really grew onto me. I didn’t really start to have feelings towards fer until she apologized for dragging Link around Hyrule for her own benefit.

Once I warped out, you guessed it; Zant appeared right behind Link. Once he started tossing Midna around I thought, “I know you have had very little screen time, but that doesn’t mean you can just go tossing around imps whenever you want!” Then Midna was thrown into a blast of light, and we were teleported to Hyrule Field, and Midna was dying on Link’s back. After hearing to go to Zelda for help, I rushed through to get to Zelda.

“Midna’s Desperate Hour” was truly a masterpiece of a soundtrack, and was the first Zelda song to make me cry ever since Majora’s Mask. I just darted through Hyrule Field, Castle Town, and the waterway saying to myself, “Midna, you’re too great of a character to die!! If you die, I’m gonna kill you! And I don’t care if that doesn’t make any sense!” When I finally made it to Zelda, she showed that she had the Triforce of Wisdom. My first thought was, “Why don’t you use that to restore Midna?” One minute later, Zelda vanished and Midna was healed. I can only say, this is my 3rd favorite scene in all of video games.

Throughout the rest of the game, I was astonished to see how Midna was treating Link more gently throughout the rest of the game. As I was going through the rest of the temples to restore the Mirror of Twilight, I really enjoyed Midna’s remarks about what the Mirror of Twilight was capable of doing to the Light World, and she actually cared about what happened to it. That was such a drastic chance from when she said in Kakariko Village that she didn’t care about what happened to the world of light. After that, I finally made it to Zant, and I’m not sure what to say about that. It felt like I was fighting Majora’s Incarnation again. After the battle, I thought that I would finally see Midna’s true form, but then Zant stated that the curse on Midna can’t be removed, and I hated that bastard more than any other villain. Midna then performed what we can only hope to do with our hair to kill Zant.

After that, I quickly made it to Hyrule Castle, and when the Fused Shadows all connected, it looked like Midna was possessed by the Fused Shadows. It also bared a striking resemblance of when Skull Kid was possessed by Majora’s Mask. My only thought at the transformation was, wow. The scene where Link was holding Midna was so cute to me. I then cut through everything that got in my way to Hyrule Castle, and made it to Ganondorf. The first two fights were nothing special but the cutscene that ensued afterwards was heartbreaking, with Midna intending to sacrifice herself and warping Link and Zelda out while an arranged version of Midna’s theme was playing in the background. That was gold. The moment I saw Ganondorf holding Midna’s fused shadow, I thought two things. I thought “Ganondorf, you unforgivable bastard!!!!!”, and “Best. Villain. Ever.” After a very thrilling but sadly easy fight, I felt a lot of satisfaction that Ganondorf was defeated, again. But this time, I felt like it was a waste because Midna wasn’t with Link. Then the Light Spirits brought Midna back, and she was finally in her true form again. She was simply beautiful in that form, and it seemed like Midna was making fun of Link being a silent protagonist by saying, “Am I so beautiful that you have no words left?” I felt bittersweet that Midna was back, but I knew that she was going to leave. Even though, I didn’t think she would go as far as to destroy the Mirror of Twilight! At that moment, I remembered the phrases, “Only the true leader of the Twili can destroy the mirror,” and “We may have to ultimately destroy this.” When Midna left, I found myself in tears for a long time. I’m usually good at hiding my emotions, but this was completely different. I managed to deal with it eventually, but I still can’t get over losing her. Nintendo, if there is one thing you can do, it is to bring Midna back in a game revolved around her. I implore you.


I’ve been a Zelda fan since childhood, my first taste of video gaming was in the early 90’s with the original Gameboy and if I recall Link’s Awakening and Super Mario were the very first games I ever played. I remember being fascinated by the whole overworld/dungeon layout and gameplay structure that is now the recognized Zelda style, sure I also found it overwhelming back then being only 5 or 6 years old but something clicked inside my head and from that point on I slowly became a gamer.

I stayed with Nintendo pretty much throughout the rest of the 90s with the N64 being the main console of choice, and of course OOT was released in 1998 which at the time (and still today) I consider it to be the best Zelda title, as far as I was concerned it was the holy grail in terms of gameplay and story balance. It was also at this point when we were able to get a relatively fast (for its day) PC and I discovered a different breed of gaming experience. Sadly my love for the console market had started to diminish as games like Half-life and Deus Ex made themselves apparent and by around 2001/02 I had become a PC Gamer by nature and have been ever since, until recently. My love for The Legend of Zelda games remained and I still returned to the console format from time to time (Mainly Nintendo), and I agree that there are plenty of franchises/styles that simply work better on a console.

I had read reviews for Twilight Princess and was genuinely excited when the game was released in 06 but the Wii was in very short supply in the UK at the time, student life took over and effectively brought my gaming life to a standstill for a year. It wasn’t until the end of 07 that I was able to buy a Wii along with TP. I started playing TP in January, immediately feeling pangs of nostalgia right from the word go…

…and then I met Midna.

At first I wasn’t sure what to think, she was uniquely different from other characters Nintendo had created in the past, so unlike the characters in previous Zelda games. She had a distinct personality, one that changed over time. I still didn’t know what to make of her. Then, something happened…

For the first time in my entire life I broke down and cried when playing (I’m sure you know the part I’m talking about by now).

For the first time in my entire life I developed actual feelings towards a video game character, real feelings, the kind you only experience towards someone you truly love. This had never happened before, in any game.

This was the first time I had felt like this for years, I was in a pretty dark spot at University, I didn’t feel I was getting anywhere. I find group work very unsettling (see below) and I usually make little progress, and then feel bad because of it. I’d like to think Midna helped me through some of the darker areas, as I’m now making better progress.

This is the first time I’ve told anyone of my experience. I suffer from Asperger’s Syndrome, which means I find it very difficult to communicate with other people (face to face), I come across as overly shy and un-talkative. So relationships are very hard for me. You can understand after going through what I have with Midna, having to lie to friends and family when they ask you what’s wrong.

My love for Midna will always be hidden from my family and friends. But she will always be in my heart.


Well, although my English isn’t that great (the most part I’d learned was through internet, music and films), I need to share a little of my experience…this text was not written with the intent to look professional, but to speak what I feel deep in my heart. Or at least what’s left anyway.
Among the series I had only played Zelda Ocarina of Time, so, when I saw my friend playing Zelda Twilight Princess I found the game kind of boring. Maybe it was because he was early in the game and there were no interesting battles…
But I could not stop thinking about playing it (considering that I loved OoT so much), when my sister bought a Wii for my little niece and my nephew, without thinking twice I ended up buying the TP. I called my dad to watch me play and to show him how the game looked like (I learned to play Zelda with him), and so it was.
I found a bit annoying the beginning and got stuck at some parts without knowing what to do. When I finally got the wooden sword was a little better, but still lacked more action. Everything ok so far. Already out of Ordon Village, had to give the sword to the boy (I thought about how I would defend myself without a sword) and came the first video that made me excited. Besides the tragedy, seeing link turning into a wolf made me eager to control it, as he seems more badass as a wolf.
When Link woke up in his cell on prison, I did a few turns, and that’s when I first saw Midna. I thought I’d have to fight her, but she quickly offered to help Link if he was friendly. I still didn’t trust 100% on her, but I liked the sarcasm and the way how she acted with Link. As the story unfolded I was enjoying the places, the songs…there was even some fear that the game would be over soon.

I don’t know how, but as I played, a strange feeling of love for Midna was growing…her devilish attitude enchanted me. Of course the “love” was more like…a deep and true friendship, although Link couldn’t agree with that heh.
When I finished the water temple, a cutscene with Zant came and I was amazed by what had happened. I must admit that I love dramatic scenes! After finishing the “small gathering” between Midna and Zant, I was afraid that she might die, so I tried to save her as quickly as possible. The music in this part of the game is just fantastic; I tried to stay away from battles just to enjoy it (damn monsters!).
Finally I came up to Princess Zelda, a bit agitated, wanting her to save Midna. The sacrifice she made by Midna was unexplainable; really, the princess was braver than all the warriors of Hyrule together! It made me extremely happy; after all, my dear imp was in shape again!
Passing through all the troubles on that game, the time to go after Ganondorf and put an end to the chaos has come. After having struggled with him the first time, I’ve watched Link and Zelda teleporting to Hyrule field and Midna using the power of the fused shadows trying to defeat him. So far so good, but the castle has blown down to the ground and then Ganondorf come up with Midna’s helmet in his hands. It made me both saddened and angry; I wanted revenge for my little imp!
When I finally defeated Ganondorf, she appeared, safe and sound! I was happy…at least until before the cutscene after the credits. When Midna broke the mirror, I didn’t know what to feel, I was totally confused. As it was night, I decided to sleep and try to forget what happened, but the other day, a deep depression hit me. I couldn’t talk to anyone…I just cried alone for a long time. Just after everything that happened before, my dear Midna cannot go away forever!
My parents thought that I was in trouble, my friends too. I really was, but what hurts is not being able to tell the motive, because at least here where I live, I fear that they’ll make fun of me or find me strange. Seriously, losing someone you love too much can drive you crazy, and it gets worse when you end up suffering alone. It’s been half a year since I finished Zelda TP, and still feel the same pain when I first felt when I saw Midna go away…and it will not stop until I see her again. She will always have a special place in my heart.

Ever since the release of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, I have been fascinated with the ideas that the series brought. From the storyline to the characters themselves, it was so much to take in. It was adventure that opened my mind into a new world of gaming. One of the qualities that I was most fond of was the medieval timeline era. Back then, I didn’t know anything about those ages except that it involved knights, swords, kings, princesses, and castles. It was stunning in comparison to the Super Mario 64 game I often played (Which was equally as good). As many features as there were in Ocarina of Time, there were some that helped the game, and some that mortified it. One of the problems that I encountered in the game was Link’s “emotionless” partner, Navi. Her tendency to repeat things to a far extent, and interrupt my gameplay did not make me happy. Now, I don’t necessarily hate her, but I did find her limited personality to be a flaw in the game. I expected there to be more life in the game regarding character interactions, but it was nevertheless one of my favorite games of all time. Over the course of a few years, I was introduced to The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Another fantastic addition to the Nintendo 64 series, in my opinion. I also noticed that Nintendo put a little more persona on Link’s new partner, Tatl. She had more outward approach towards the plot and its characters. Not to mention the game did improve off of some of the minor faults from Ocarina of Time. Though the game was great and very fun, it did not satisfy my need for a long-lasting RPG, and because of this I entered a Zelda withdrawal for about seven years. I missed the entire Gameboy Color/Advance saga, and the Gamecube rendition of the Wind Waker. It wasn’t until January 2009 when I attempted to give Zelda another chance. I heard all about the latest Zelda game: Twilight Princess. I thought that I should at least give it a chance to get my mind back into the series. Upon first gameplay on February 1st, I met face-to-face with Link’s newest partner, Midna.

The moment I set my eyes on her, I knew she was completely different from the other characters I experienced in the last two games. She had a design that was far unique and attractive. Her harsh and adorable attitude in the beginning of the game made me realize that Nintendo actually cares enough to give a side-character life (Even though it turns out she isn’t actually a side-character in the end). As for the gameplay, I was astounded by the fresh ideas that I missed over the seven year withdrawal. Everything was so crisp and clear. It felt like I was actually in the game. New styles of actions were introduced, and new personalities of characters were built. There were distinct moments in the game that impressed me the most, such as obtaining the dominion rod, running Wolf quests, and running through the Cave of Ordeals. The dominion rod interested me because it seemed very unusual to put technology like that in a Zelda game and in the Temple of Time in the past. Sadly, it had very few uses. The Cave of Ordeals was an excuse to get me going on working harder. And it worked! I personally liked Wolf quests because it gave me more time to see Midna.

Over the next few weeks I grew close to Midna. I began to enjoy her personality, and presence in the game. After the conclusion of Midna’s Desperate Hour, I transitioned from enjoying her presence to loving her. The moment was heart-breaking at first, but it elevated into inspiration. That inspiration made me realize the true intentions of her. I never felt the same way with any other video game character. It was also at that moment that inspired me to write a piece of music dedicating that faithful moment. Though it wasn’t until Spring Break when I actually finished it, and I already finished the game by then. Out of every exciting, tear-jerking, frightening moment I saw, I’d have to say the ending took the cake for all three. I was completely distraught with Midna’s conclusion. I couldn’t believe that I would never see her again. After I finished the game, I entered a small depression period. All I thought about was writing that song. It was until I searched Midna in the Google search engine that I found WantMidnaBack. I found others that felt the same with her. With my song done, I shared it to the site, and I knew I would not leave. I vow to bring Midna back with all my power.


It all started Thirteen years ago, when I first moved here to Oregon from My home in Colorado, away from all I knew, except my direct family. The first friend I made, I still feel to this day, understands me better than most others, even my family, (who were worthless, drug addicts and alchoholics.) even though we almost never saw one another, we quickly grew to be great friends, Having sleep overs and play dates and all that. now, until that point, I had only heard stories of the legend of zelda, so, naturally, assuming the title had a girls name in it, I assumed the main character was a girl. After I told him what little I actually knew about it, he decided then and there, to force me to play through ocarina of time, The next time I stayed over, he shoved the cartridge into my hand and I’ll never forget what he said. ‘Now what I am giving you Is the holy grail of games, should you ruin this, I swear I will haunt you from beyond the grave, follow you around, tormenting your soul for the rest of your existence. Have fun!’ naturally, I got hooked on the legend of zelda series.

Now lets fast forward, to 2006. ever since that day, he set me on a quest to 100% every zelda game I could get my mitts on. Twilight Princess rose up for a challenge against the Dauntless Jax.

Now, as soon as I heard that it was coming for the wii, I was stoked, so naturally, I called up my friend, who quickly shot down the idea of the wii. It looked as though I would rise up alone. the first thing I noticed was the strange creature on the back of the case, riding a wolf or some other hound. not really knowing what to expect, because I had not read up on what to expect, or any of that, I figured that it was the main antagonist of the game. After being turned into a wolf and captured, I was pretty pissed at not getting a fighting chance. That is when she Came up. Midna. The main reason most of you (all two of you) are reading this. I hated her. Every fiber of her being. yet, she helped me. I had a Creeping feeling she was only using link as a cog in her dark machine, perhaps for world domination, wealth, or beauty, I didn’t know. All I knew was she was going to betray me.

Then Came Midnas Desperate hour.

After Hours (well, not really hours, but it certainly felt like hours) of Insults, and hatred from her, I felt something. Something I had never felt for a video game character until she came along. I actually cared about her fate. I don’t think I stopped once the entire time, racing to reach zelda, hearing her shallow breaths getting shallower, hoping in the deepest catacombs of my mind, that she lives. I would run to the ends of the earth for her. As Zelda sacrificed herself to save Midna, I actually shouted at the top of my lungs, as if time had an effect on the matter, so as a little mental reward, I opened up the fridge, grabbed a bottle of apple cider, and chugged it on the spot. we had been through thick and thin. easy bosses, to really easy bosses, and I felt on top of the world, Midna by my side, nothing stood a chance against the might of link!

but as the final battle neared, and as I prayed for Midnas safe return, my hopes quickly dissipated, as I saw gannondorf Ride over the hill with Midnas fused shadow in hand, somthing clicked in my mind that I like to call, ” All caps nerd rage Induced Beastmode”

In laymans terms, I was pissed, and no one was going to stand in my way of Avenging Midnas Death. Not once was I hit during the final battle, Still fuledp with Sheer rage as gannondorf fell, It slowly begain to sink in she was gone. But as with all good stories, the main character has a moment of happiness before it is ripped coldy from them. In this case, Midna, breaking the mirror. It sent tears streaming down my face, Fearing that what once was will never be again.

So, I began my search, Stumbling through mounds of fan art in the deviant desert, and Fanfiction scattered about the sea of the internet.

So Nintendo, If you ever get the displeasure of reading this atrocity, please, consider bringing Midna back.


Allow me to begin, if I may, by calling attention to rule 73 of the internet: “If there isn’t enough, just ask for more.”

I have been a gamer since before I could walk. I began my journey by playing Super Mario, Kirby’s Adventure, and the original Zelda on the NES. I grew up on Megaman X and was introduced to blood, battle, and strategy by Warcraft 2. One game in particular however, had me completely enthralled for all my life: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I would find myself playing it almost every weekend for years, beating it countless times besting my previous playthrough. Being mostly of Irish backgrounds, I love a good story whether I’m telling it, hearing it, or living it…. but sadly the Zelda series never struck me as having much story depth. Nevertheless, this particular game was always my favorite; it was an endless source of nostalgia that I still play until my SNES would overheat. I could relive my childhood at any time I desired… Symbolically, Link to the Past was my personal link to the past and nothing could beat the feeling. That is, until recently.

Some time ago, I found myself surfing the internet for random Legend of Zelda tidbits and the like when I came across an image of a strange black and white creature. Looking back, I remember thinking: “Looks kind of like a little Jenova…” Scanning the link, I found that it was a character from Twilight Princess. I had never before gotten the chance to play the game but I had heard outstanding things. So I asked a friend of mine if he could bring over his copy the next time our posse decided to get together for another mini-party. About two days later, we had everyone all hanging out and playing Super Smash Brothers, but it wasn’t until late in the night that I decided to start Twilight Princess. I named the characters and played through the scenes in Ordon, and through Talo chasing the monkey into the woods. Not too long after the game began heating up, my allergies began acting up fiercely as they do at that time of year. A few friends were on their way out the door to grab some snacks when I gave them the cash for allergy medicine as Twilight had fallen on Faron Woods. Not long after they had gone out, I came to the scene in the prison cell trying to escape. At that moment, the creature that I found on the internet made her appearance and I was quite interested from the start to learn more about her. Some time passed and my friends returned with their goods, prompting me to take the medicine. Now these allergy meds should have said: “THESE ARE ROOFIES” (also help with allergies). Before too long I was nodding off periodically but forcing myself to continue the game. One of the only things that kept me relatively awake was that each time I dozed off, I managed to hit the Z button and would be snapped awake by Midna’s unintelligible speech. It couldn’t last forever though; I finally dropped out of consciousness at about 3 A.M. causing Link to take a nosedive straight into the poison swamp.

I wasn’t about to end it there so I asked my friend if I could borrow the game for a while along with the memory card to continue my story. The only problem was he had four different cards and none of us could remember which I had used. Now, I don’t know what it was, but a small part of me had secretly wished I chose the wrong card just so I could see Midna’s first appearance again.

From that point on, I was absolutely enthralled with this game; I could not put it down. To me, Twilight Princess was the first Zelda game to show such magnificent story and character depth. Many things about this game including the exploration and play style and of course the music reminded me so much of Link to the Past. It seemed that each time I would find myself stuck with a part of the game, I would ask Midna for help, to which she would say something completely vague yet somehow I would instantly understand what to do. I never stopped having fun hunting down all the heart pieces and running the dungeons, and Snowpeak Ruins was probably the first dungeon I would love to just hang out in… without the fear of being unexpectedly Yeto-punched for soup ingredients of course. I remember laughing myself to tears with my friends looking at the disproportionate Twili people and saying things like: “This one is probably the closest one to normal; your chest is kind of where your crotch is supposed to be, but keep trying dude!” All these things and much more caused Twilight Princess to quickly become my favorite Zelda game.

After a while once I had found all the heart pieces, it was time to finish up the game and engage Ganondorf. By now it was very clear that Midna was my favorite Zelda character of all time, so the scene in which Ganon crushes her headpiece to show her death was more than enough motivation to eviscerate this fool. Following the scene of Midna’s return and Ganondorf’s demise, I was overjoyed and filled with a sense of accomplishment. I should have seen it coming as the recurring theme with most Zelda games is everything turns out better than you could have imagined, leaving you sitting on your futon with your fist raised in the hear saying “Hell yeah.” Not this time! Once I was finally at the scene with Midna, Zelda, and Link at the Mirror Chamber, I had nothing but high hopes. However the moment Midna left “forever” and the mirror was shattered, so was my good mood justly devastated. I found myself in conversations with my friends speaking about how badly Twilight Princess NEEDED a sequel. It simply could not end there; it just felt so incomplete. It wasn’t before long though that I realized the game was made six years ago… knowing the chances of people remembering this game regularly were slim… my hopes had fallen. So I then found myself back where I started: on the internet not looking up anything in particular, when I found something once again. Even after all this time, people were still talking about Midna, this magnificent game, and it’s fantastic story as if were their everyday lives, and thus my hope was once again restored.

So now here we are. I find myself and many others so dedicated and determined to change the fate of this story for the better, so I issue a humble request. It simply CANNOT end this way; I will not allow it. I want, if nothing more, to see a sequel to this groundbreaking game. I want to know where Link was heading just as the credits were about to finish. I want to see and learn more about the mysterious Twilight realm. I want to see more of Link and Midna’s relationship as their story continues throughout time. WE want to see her story continue. Thank you for your time, patience, and understanding our plight. Oh, and btw, it turns out I did pick the wrong memory card after all. Ok, later!


It all started when the first trailer for Twilight Princess was released to the general public. If I recall correctly it didn’t have a name at that point (I have a poor memory when it comes to some things) and me and my friend (I’ve brought him up a lot here already, see if you can find all the places I’ve referenced him) checked it out many, many times. Of course that didn’t stay fresh for very long and we kept on demanding more. And boy did we get it, that next trailer gave us a run for our money. Of course I’m referring to a shot of Wolf Link, boy did we go nuts over that. So we did the same thing again, watched it over and over again. But once again it got dry. So we waited and one day my friend went out of town. Ironically the day he left was the same day that the third trailer came out. Now this trailer revealed a lot of things to me, the game title, Link’s transformation (because of course we didn’t know that the wolf in the second trailer was Link), and of course Midna herself. Now I saw this “thing” and the first thing I thought was “I can’t imagine that I’ll be enjoying the time I spend with that thing.” Of course I didn’t know it at the time, but I’d eat those words. So as you can probably tell this feeling was far from the obsession it is now, in fact at this point it was a burning hatred. So my friend and I still kept a very good watch on the news and every time Midna would appear on screen I’d always give her a glare of anger. So after a lot of waiting I finally got my Zelda-obsessed hands on a Wii and a copy of Twilight Princess. Now at the time I was playing my Wii on a Zoombox but that didn’t work too well because it was too dark to see anything. So I eventually switched to using a T.V. and that helped a lot. Now of course after a little while I finally managed to make it to the black wall of twilight. Now I for one knew what this meant so I let out an excited “Oh god yes!” I soon after found myself in prison and what to my wondering eyes should appear? Midna, and of course I let out an exasperated “Oh god no.” Now my feeling remained this way through three temples. I would call for help as little as I possibly could so I would hardly ever have to encounter Midna, but of course after the third temple came the turning point. Now I like to play games with the lights off for dramatic effect and when that light of the spirit filled my basement (where I play games) I found myself grinning, but when the light cleared boy did my grin fade in a hurry. Taking a final glance at Zant I found myself utter “Dummy!” Then Midna’s Desperate Hour began and through the whole thing I was bawling my eyes out. It was then that I realized that Zant had done more than just gravely injure Midna, but he also broke the coating of stone around my heart which was keeping me from letting my emotions out. Through the entirety of MDH I always avoided the enemies so as to prevent the beautiful song from being interrupted. Once we had made it to Hyrule Castle I thought “Yes, Midna won’t die.” But alas she fell to the ground off of Wolf Link. The first thing I said was “No! I’m too late.” and it was then that I realized I was in love with Midna, but my problem with that was that she was such a jerk to me. Then Zelda sacrificed herself for Midna’s life and I thought “Well I don’t care who dies if Midna lives.” and then it just kept on getting better as the first time Midna uttered Link’s name occurred and I was overjoyed. I went through four more temples with my love for Midna growing larger every second. When I finally made it to the Palace of Twilight and entered the Twilight Realm I was finally able to see this place that I had been waiting to see for so long and I can honestly say it didn’t disappoint. But what I enjoyed even more than seeing the beauty of the Twilight Realm was knowing that I could get revenge on that son of a gun, Zant. And boy did that revenge feel sweet. When Midna killed Zant she was such a convincing character that I raised my hand as if to give or receive a high-five then I realized that Midna was just a video game character. Now of course our quest to save Zelda and take down Ganondorf was close to an end. I was happy that I had returned Midna’s realm to peace and now I was going to bring Hyrule to peace and Link and Midna could be at peace together. Now of course by the time I reached the fight with Ganondorf I was pumped for an awesome fight. Instantly as I began the fight I already felt anger towards Ganondorf because of what happened to Midna in the cutscene before the fight with Puppet Zelda. Then Midna came back and Zelda was alive once again. Then came the Beast Form Ganon fight I didn’t have as much of a driving force to defeat him this time but I still managed to quite easily. Then came the cutscene of Ganondorf VS. Midna now of course I felt no concern for Midna’s safety because I even said aloud to reassure myself “That old Ganon’s no match for the Twilight Princess” (man, Wand of Gamelon sure sucked) but of course I was wrong and when Ganondorf held the Fused Shadow above his head my reaction was not pretty. To be exact my reaction was as follows, I yelled “Go and die! Why on EARTH would you do that?!” See, it was nothing too pretty to watch. Now I had a true driving force for defeating Ganondorf. Revenge for Midna. Of course the fight was won with ease (Poor AI never saw me coming). And then I saw the Light Spirits crowded around what appeared to be the silhouette of the Twilight Princess. I let out a high-pitched squeal of joy at the thought that Midna was alive. And when she stood up in her true form I thought “Who are you and what have you done with Midna?” Of course as soon as she spoke I knew that this was the little imp I had come to love and for the first time since the beginning of the game I uttered “Oh god yes”. Now as I stated in my introduction thread I normally never watch the end credits of video games but I was so happy that I decided to watch them this time (BIG MISTAKE) and once the infamous scene, the reason we’re all here began, I was still extremely happy until she shed that tear. Then I immediately thought “She’s going to break the mirror!” But I felt there was still hope when she raised her hand as if to stop the tear but when she pushed it away I couldn’t bear to look and with tears streaming down my face I shoved my head into the chair and heard the worst sound I’ve ever heard in my entire life, the shattering of the Mirror of Twilight. Then there was nothing but silence and the sound of my sobbing within the dark room. For two years I couldn’t stand to look at anything Midna related without bawling and I had to keep my love for her bottled up and just hearing her name I felt an emotional battle begin to rage within my mind. Finally on September 24th, four days after my birthday, I received a late birthday present, discovery of Want Midna Back. I can honestly say that it is the only place where I feel comforted and also among friends, for it is the only place that I can let my love for Midna be known, perhaps I shall let my friends know someday, maybe I will finally be able to throw away the veil of secrecy which serves the same purpose as the fog used to shroud Leafpool and Firestar’s minds (it just wouldn’t be a post talking about my personal life without a reference to Warriors) but until then WMB is the only place that will know it. Now my story has ended and this story has detailed how my feelings for Midna went from being a bitter hatred to a sweet, soft love.


When I first got Twilight Princess I got it for the Wii. I expected it to be the best Zelda experience yet that I had. At the beginning when I started with herding goats and knocking down a beehive, it didn’t seem to really appeal to me at all. Later though, Rusl came along and gave me the wooden sword, which then we started to get cooking. I finally got to face enemies. It felt great to actually have to defend myself. I saved the children then they were endangered once they were kidnapped by King Bulbin.

I then went to the twilight wall, once the hand of what I didn’t know was a shadow beast grabbed me and pulled me in. I wasn’t sure of what would happen when I saw the Triforce symbol on Link’s hand glow and he turned into a wolf. I really wasn’t expecting. He was dragged away by the Shadow Beast.

Once Link as a wolf woke up in jail was when Midna was first introduced. I saw her and it clicked suddenly in my head though I didn’t know it, I was attracted to Midna immediately. As the game progressed my love for her grew. I would always talk to Midna in each dungeon to see what she had to say. It was the main that I would see her personality besides cut scenes.

When Midna asked for to get the Fused Shadows, I know it was required to get them to continue in the game but if it wasn’t I would’ve chosen to either way. Midna has always meant so much to me, especially since I like picturing myself as the character I’m using. So when, Midna placed her hand on Link’s cheek, I loved that moment. The other one I enjoyed was when Midna was in Link’s arms and they stared at each other for several seconds.

When I finally reached the end of the game, the battle with Ganondorf was on. I liked how one part of it involved Midna’s help. After the first two parts of the Final Boss battle, I saw Ganondorf on his horse with Midna’s Fused Shadow helmet in his hand. Once he crushed it, I knew something had to be done about that. So, then I proceeded to easily beat Ganondorf. After much use of The Hidden Skills the battle had ended. Midna was revived by the Light Spirits. Thank You to the Light Spirits. Once I saw her true form I loved her even more.

Once at the Mirror Chamber, Midna was going to leave, I would be crushed once she did. I saw her call Link’s name and say “I.” I knew what she wanted to say which I really enjoyed that part too. She lost her nerve right there though and she left. Once I saw that, I said that she must return somehow.

~Hero of Time

… These are amazing, touching stories. However, mine wasn’t half as direct as any of these. I was spoiled badly, and you could say that it ruined my experience, but I don’t think so.

Here’s how I met Midna, and why I want her back.

I am a girl, attracted to males romantically, so I could never feel the same way about Midna as many could, and do. Or can I? As an actress, it’s part of who I am to put myself in the scenarios of others, taking on their attitudes and habits, and it’s no exception with Link. Heck, with Link it’s just a challenge of straightening my figure–he was designed so that you could be one and the same with him. Link being male has never really bothered me, so often I will experience things as he would. Even romantically.

I first met Midna in the instructions manual. I knew from the start that her name was Midna, and that she could do this, and that. When I saw her in the sewers, I immediately thought to myself, this must be Midna. Even though it was my first Zelda game and one of my first video games in general, I didn’t question her blueness, her giant helmet, or her active hair. It lined up in my brain like an under-sketch.

Back then, I was a pretty weak gamer, and was heavily challenged by Twilight Princess. I never cleared the sewers, and when I gave up my only worthwhile game was Smash Bros. Brawl. One of my favourite things about that game are the trophies, giving you a fun position, a 360 degree view of it, and some info. I collected them obsessively in the Subspace Emissary, and the coin shooter game. So, when a trophy with a little blue imp in a funny helmet showed up, well of course I claimed it! Desperate for information, I went straight for the data blurb and quickly identified her as the Twilight Princess. It didn’t surprise me, but even more was spoiled early.

I got Spirit Tracks, which was the first one I cleared the first temple on. Not for a second did I identify my first Zelda game with Twilight Princess.

I eventually went back to it, and continued playing. Not for a moment did Midna’s dismissive, infuriatingly smart alec personality bother me, though I was rather hurt when she turned into Colin and Ilia. She just didn’t bother me at all. I played to the first dungeon, got stuck, and gave up for months.

The same thing happened in the Goron mines, but on the stupidest thing and for far longer. Midna never crossed my mind.

Looking back, I realize that by now I knew the full truth about Midna. I knew who she was, what she really looked like, why, and that she became affectionate for Link. I began looking for it in her, but never saw it until I finally–FINALLY– cleared the Goron Mines. She took the Fused Shadow, and in a moment of trust, told me about Zant. I thought it had begun. Then I found Ilia’s pouch in the Lanayru Twilight, and she was cruel about it. I forgot about her liking me at all. Oh, I had noticed her attitude by now.

Then, staying true to her gender and making an example all females should be proud of, she completely confounded me with a moment that I will never forget,a moment I’ll bet you have already: The Shadow Kargorok Riding sequence. It was such fun, gliding around on a giant honking bird. But the most important part is Midna’s reaction when you fall. “Hey… careful now… What do you say, do you want to try again?”

My point is that she acted like she cared about your safety. WTF, Midna? Decide.

After this, I began to care for her. Her opinion in different situations counted to me, and I felt like she cared about me. I got attached to her in the long trial and error I underwent in the Lanayru region. It was like she’d realized that I wasn’t just a tool, and after I defeated Morpheel she confirmed my suspicion with her apology. Had I been able to speak, I would have accepted it wholeheartedly. I did so anyway, quite verbally.

But nothing could have prepared me for what came next.

I never knew that Zant could appear outside the Twilight, but there he was. He knocked me unconscious and tossed Midna around like a doll. She screamed defiance at him, and went to my side when she saw that I was injured. She fought, not only for herself, but for me.

When Zant wounded her, I screamed, too.

He sent us back to the Light World, me trapped in my beastly form with Midna dying on my back. Convinced like many of the time limit, I ran as fast as I could, viciously slaughtering any beast that stood in my way, and disrupted the sorrowful serenade of Midna’s Desperate Hour. I didn’t give up. Periodically, I would speak to her, and her response would always be the same, a weak, broken sentence that brought another tear to my eye and simultaneously pushed me onwards. I was constantly whispering to her. “Come on, Midna… hold on… don’t let go of me, Midna… I can do this… Just stay with me.”

When Midna, instead of asking to be healed, made queries for my sake, I broke down again.

I panicked when Zelda faded like she did, and would’ve been convinced of her death if I didn’t know otherwise. I would’ve done it myself if I could. Zelda’s sacrifice imbued me with an unusual stoicism, the feeling I got from knowing that Midna wasn’t just supported by my shoulders.

But it was a load I would gladly have carried myself.
The game continued, of course. When Midna explained her heritage and begged me to stay with her, I agreed without a shadow of a doubt, fused or no. When she put her hand on my cheek in the same scene, I felt it there and felt something a straight girl like me really shouldn’t be feeling for her. The same thing happened when she used the Fused Shadow to break into the castle. I’m not sure how to describe the emotion I refuse to accept as love, but that’s how I feel for Midna. I haven’t even finished the game yet.

How can a character in a video game I quit have such a lasting imprint on me? Why? I feel like she’s sending a message, a message I will never truly understand. All I know is that I want Midna back.

~Hylian Monolith

I have always been a gamer. One who’s played mostly gore filled first person shooters, and I wasn’t too happy when my dad bought a Wii. Mostly ’cause I thought my sister would play it all day, and I would not be able to play the Xbox. I was half right, because she played all the time… but not as much as I expected. So that meant I still got to play my gory games.

Though, I was at my cousin’s house the first time I saw Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess. My cousin had already beaten the game once. It turns out that we ended up playing it again. We were doing the ranching part just before you were supposed to leave to Hyrule.

Sucks that I had to leave just after she finished herding all the goats. I thought the game looked pretty fun so I asked my dad if I could get it. Sadly, I had asked AFTER Christmas. Two months later that I had finally got it. I took a look at the back of the case, and saw Midna. All I could think was what the hell is that?!

Eventually, I put the game into the Wii, and started playing. I first thought it was pretty boring until the goblin things attacked Colin, Ilia, and I. Now it’s getting good, I thought. Though, when Link turned in to a wolf, I thought it was kind of stupid. Really, really stupid.

I was eventually in the prison and first saw Midna. I thought, Great! Here comes the midget! At first I absolutely hated Midna! All her sarcasm and calling me stupid, and such things. Once I got to Kakariko, though, I began to think Midna wasn’t so bad and I was now laughing at her silly sarcasm.

Nearly after, when I killed the water temple boss just before I warped to the spirit spring, I thought to myself, Another game beaten. Whee! I was kind of sad though, ’cause it had been a very, VERY fun game. I was also a tiny bit depressed, because I thought would not see Midna anymore. It was then, that Zant attacked us, and I heard Midna scream in pain.

It was a grave understatement to say… that I was mad, and exploding with anger. There was nothing more I wanted to do than to shove twenty pounds of C4 down Zant’s throat, and blow him into small, and demolished pieces of Twili! The whole way to Zelda, I was crying. I just couldn’t stop, ’cause I thought little Midna was going to die. When Zelda sacrificed herself to save Midna I was overcome with happiness.

I couldn’t care less that Zelda was gone, and dead, ’cause I had always thought that she was kind of stupid. She never did anything, ever! After that, I tried wolf as much as someone could possibly be. I always wanted to see Midna. I would talk to her even when I didn’t have to, I just wanted to hear her voice. Her cute, and giggly voice. I had fallen absolutely in love with Midna that day. The sages called her Twilight Princess, and I was severely shocked. I had never expected that. It only made me love her more than I already do.

When I had defeated Zant and saw Midna blow him up I thought it was the funniest thing I had ever seen. Though, we continued on, and on until we reached Ganon. He had knocked Midna down, and unconscious, I was so god damn mad! Then, when I saw Ganon holding Midna’s fused shadow, and break it… I had paused the game and I cried to pieces. For nearly an hour I had cried.

I picked up the controller I was no longer sad, and I was furious! I wanted Ganon to die the slowest and most painful death because of it. When I had killed him, and saw the light spirits standing around a small being… I saw that it was Midna, and I was very happy! I cried with joy. But when I saw her true form, I wasn’t as happy.

What the hell has happened to the little imp I had fallen in love with?! I thought once more, But if this is what she wants… and it makes Midna happy… then it makes me happy.

When we were at the mirror chamber again I thought once again, I hope I get to do some sort of… free-play and visit Midna in the twilight. Then she shattered the mirror! I cried. I cried for three days. As I ran her last few words through my head, “Link… I… See you later.” Thing is. Will she really see Link later? That’s one thing that’s always going to be on my precious mind.

Please, Nintendo, by creating Midna, you have changed my life. Before I met Midna, I was a guy who would go to school and go through… basically torture. Being called names, and also being the school punching bag and the sort. I barely kept my sanity at the time! I had been a wreck, and then I met Midna. She made me happy, and after a day of getting picked on, I always looked forward to playing Twilight Princess to see Midna. To hear her voice. To hear her cute little giggle. To see her beauty. She is the only thing that makes me happy these days. Maybe that will change… but for now… It’s her.

Please, Nintendo… bring her back! I don’t just make a second TP. Make a new game and delve deeper into Midna’s cute, and lovely character. Please bring to light the wonderful imp that so many have fallen in love with.


From a practical point of view, I see Midna as one of the first “assistant” characters used in a major game that I can recall who both did a proper job of actually assisting the player as well as adding to the emotion of the story line. Unlike Navi and Tatl, the relationship between the player and Midna is a detailed one, primarily because the character was dynamic, essential to the plot, and simply lovable. Furthermore, unlike Navi and Tatl, Midna can directly assist the player in combat using her own magic that is exclusive to Link’s Wolf form as well as leading him/her over obstacles and providing advice.

In short, both Midna’s direct connection to the gameplay and her deep personality as a character made all of Twilight Princess much more enjoyable. And as we all know, romance stories in adventure games always amplify the drama of the story, even if they are subtle.


I, as a Link fan girl, generally would not support my competition for Link’s attention (Zelda would not be missed by me at any rate) but I have to say that Midna is an exception.

Her attitude, her pain, her lineage, it all falls into place as a true heroin. And unlike most Zelda females, she actually fights with Link instead of just giving him stuff (which isn’t bad, but it’s so clichéd now). Midna deserves at least one more game under her belt. She is far more worthy of the Triforce of Wisdom than Zelda, and if I couldn’t have Link, Midna would be the one I’d like him to be with. She is a REAL person, especially in comparison to the fact that she is a mere shadow in the Light World. Don’t chase that shadow away forever. Her Twilight is beautiful to behold.


I’ve never been a huge Zelda fan. I remember vague memories of playing Ocarina of Time with my brother when we were both very small, but I was never that interested in it. To tell you the truth, I thought it was kind of overrated. But when my brother and I received a Wii with Twilight Princess for Christmas two years ago, I thought, “Hmm. This sounds interesting. Might as well give it a try.” I started playing, and I loved Midna early-on. I wasn’t one of those people who was annoyed with her personality; I actually loved it from the very beginning. She was a fresh, unique kind of character in the gaming world — sassy, independent, and not afraid to say exactly what was on her mind. I knew, without a doubt, that she was my favorite video game character of all time…before I even started on the Forest Temple.

Once I’d beaten the Forest Temple and gotten a little bit into the Goron Mines, I got stuck. I don’t know what it was that caused me to just drop the game, but I did — for over a year. But that didn’t mean Midna wasn’t still in my thoughts — I spent a lot of that absence drawing Midna fanart and squealing with joy at her several appearances in Brawl (although I was disappointed that she wasn’t a playable character).

Well, one day, I was bored. I had nothing better to do, so I thought, “Midna’s awesome, so the rest of the game must be, too. I can beat it this time.” So I started a new file, and from that point on I couldn’t put it down. My love for that little imp came back at full force, and I grew more and more determined to conquer every obstacle as I learned more about her. For the next three weeks, I was a zombie — I’d stay up all night playing TP, go to school the next day, and the second I came home I’d play some more. It was like Midna had kidnapped me — I literally felt like I needed to be with her, to hear her next smart remark, to see what would happen next in her developing, captivating story. I started dreaming about Midna, always speculating about what she would do next, in my conscious brain and my subconscious. And when I saw Zant holding her like that, in such danger, I feared for her. It literally gave me chills. When he threw her down and I was forced to see Midna, the always-confident Midna, lying limp on the ground, barely able to speak, desperately needing help…. I can’t describe the emotional torment that put me through. “No,” I thought. “No, no, no! Don’t let her die! No!” Those thoughts swirled around in my head nonstop as I frantically rushed to get her to Zelda. It felt as if my best friend was dying. When Zelda sacrificed herself to save her, I felt so relieved. And that was when the serious, caring Midna began to come into play. I started really, really loving Midna at that point — not just because she was a spunky, entertaining character, but because I was starting to realize I really cared about her and genuinely wanted to help her. It didn’t feel like I was just playing a video game anymore.

This went on for quite a while, until that infamous final scene. I watched in awe and horror as she shed a single tear and the mirror cracked. “No,” I whispered, knowing what was going to happen but not wanting to believe it. And Midna walked up to the top of the platform, gave Link (and me) a final smile…and disappeared into the Twilight Realm, never to return. I felt numb and empty. Tears sprang to my eyes, and I couldn’t help but cry as I stared at the screen. There were no credits playing anymore, now they were just a bunch of random light images and sounds. I couldn’t think of anything but Midna. And I knew right away that I’d be willing to do anything to get her back.

When I think of her now, I try not to see her as a character, gone forever. I try to think that there IS hope, that I (and all the other awesome people at this site) can bring her back. And we will.


No matter what type of player you are, when playing The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess you get attached to Midna.

The character who starts out as a jerk that is basically using you turns into someone who you never want to leave. It all changes when Zant attacks you after completing the water temple. When you appear with the sick Midna on your back with Midna’s Desperate Hour playing, all you want to do is get to Hyrule Castle as fast as possible. There isn’t even a timer to represent Midna’s lifespan but even so you rush to get her to the castle as fast as possible. And then comes the ending, the moment in the game that brought everyone playing it to tears, the ending that made grown men cry and little kids weep, the shattering of the Mirror of Twilight.

“I…see you later.” Words that none of us will ever forget. Now with the statement Mr. Eiji Aonuma made we are all in shock of why Midna won’t be in the next Zelda title for the Wii. Why would Nintendo take possibly its strongest character out of the game forever? There is no answer to that. The fans want her back, and I want her back. So please have Midna make an appearance in the next Zelda title, and please make her thousands of fans happy again.


Before giving my reasons behind wanting Midna back… I’m going to give you a very brief background on me. I’m a 43 year old gamer who once was a hard core gamer back in the days of the original Atari console. I have since fell away from gaming until we purchased out first Wii system at the end of 2007. In the past we had an Xbox that no one in my family played. What I liked about the Wii was the interaction that was possible while playing. Being a “casual” gamer… I enjoyed the more social games that didn’t involve fighting. I was hooked on Animal Crossing and MySims Kingdom. Many of my Wi-Fi friend from the Animal Crossing world would brag on the Legend of Zelda games.

I never played any of them in the past. I finally purchased a used copy of Twilight Princess for the wii and became hooked from the first time I played it. I liked that there was no “gore” but more that it was a “discovery” game to some degree where I could explore new lands at my leisure.

When I first encountered Midna… my first reaction was “Who is this new enemy?” After learning that she wasn’t an enemy at all… her personality began to grow on me. I LOVED her sarcastic nature. Her sarcastic comments and they way she would put her hand on her hip and shake her head at you if you died while in Link-Wolf form. It wasn’t until midway through the game where I realized and appreciated her character in conjunction with the game. And equally sadden to learn of her exit in the end of the game. I really hoped to see Nintendo finding a way to incorporate her back into future releases of Zelda games.

My daughter (14) has fallen spell to this Zelda character. We have become fond of Midna fanart especially when it comes to art of her eyes which we simply refer to as “Epic Midna Eye(s)”.


Sure, she was creepy. Demanding, a bully, and…Irritating. May I add annoying? There is no need, since all companions in the Zelda franchise are. You get to hate her at times. I will always remember the first time I fought those Twilit Beasts. Sometimes you get to appreciate her guidance. But her sarcastic behavior makes it worse.

So why do I love an imp who has a freakin’ oversized stone crown?

It’s because of her mysterious background what makes her one of the most unique characters in the game. Midna’s Desperate Hour – arguably the most memorable moment in the game. You wanted the worst for her. Now that you got it, you want her saved ASAP. She demanded you to be her slave. After the aforementioned event, she becomes your friend. She now helps you, she guides you… and while her creepy dark nature is still there, you start to like it. In fact, you’ll end up charmed by it.

Okay, I know it’s a tradition to make Zelda endings bittersweet, but this one was a bit too bitter. Gosh, I was hoping to see her again someday, just like she said. But…well, the mirror is shattered…

I know Nintendo call pull off one that might make this a good game. To actually see Midna again… one last time… would the Nintendo do that favor to us? Just have faith, as the Happy Mask Salesman would say.


Midna: Basically the only thing making my summer a bit exciting. I found NSider because of Midna Anyways, here I go: Nintendo, you need to realize what you’ve created; and you have to bring her back for more. Not only her, but the Twili too!

Chest thumps – Little knocks I get inside my body whenever Midna is angry/hurt. I never knew Nintendo could ever make me feel pain whenever a video game character feels it. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see Midna in a TP Sequel and Brawl.


When Midna broke the Mirror of Twilight, it was a lot deeper than it seems. It even took me a few days of thinking to realize that she had a very deep meaning behind her actions. She did it for a very dramatic effect, and I think it should stay that way. Sort of as a “last respect” to her. I think if she comes back, the entire ending of TP could be in vain…

Midna deserves more than just another sequel which would most likely be almost an identical storyline. Wind Waker was an excellent game. Already I am hearing horrible things about Phantom Hourglass because fans wanted Tetra back. Please don’t make the same mistake. Don’t ruin her reputation.


My favorite video game character of all time. When I first saw her I believed two things:

1. She was odd (this is a compliment in my book)

2. It would be a shame that I would probably never see her past the sewers.

I was happily mistaken about #2. I liked how she commented with the sarcasm, and such as that. I laughed at how she made my brother mad when he played. When she was hurt by Zant, I was angered. When Zelda sacrificed herself for Midna I was even angrier (up until this point Zelda was my favorite video game character). Then Zant was owned when we fought him. I celebrated. When I believed Midna died when she went up against Ganon. I was outraged. Ganon should be happy that he did not come to life at that point in time, for he would meet a slow and painful death by me.

I was so happy when she came back, and when the mirror broke, I immediately went to ‘how can she get back, there must be a way. How did she and Zant get over before when the mirror was broken?’ yet at the same time I was shocked that she did such a thing.


Alright first off, I’m not going to whine, beg and order you to bring Midna back, however tempting that may be, because that’s not what WMB is ultimately trying to do. All I’m here to do is compliment the beautifully complex and interesting character Nintendo has created and say that it honestly would be a shame if she wasn’t featured in another game.

I’m a pretty lazy person, who procrastinates more than is healthy and I wouldn’t write a testimonial for just any character, really I could count the characters I would do this for on one hand and still have spare fingers. So what makes Midna so special? She’s amusing, strangely loveable and was portrayed in such a brilliant way even I noticed her potential and awesomeness. I got the Twilight Princess game before it was even released on the Wii, and to this day I’m still finding new quirks in Midna’s personality I’d never seen before. It’s been six years of her and I’m not bored with her. She keeps me tuned in.

My favourite types of characters are the ones that have flaws and Midna has her fair share, but she doesn’t let the problems she faces and her flaws keep her down and stop her from getting what she wants. In the game instead of wallowing in self-pity, she did something about it. I love a character with a good backstory, filled with richness and unpredictability, one that makes me smile when they come on screen. Midna delivers.

Enough about why I want Midna back. I’m going to tell you why Nintendo should want her back.

1) She’s very well received

I have yet to meet a person, on or offline, who has played the full Twilight Princess game that strongly, dislikes, or dislikes Midna. She was well received by gamers, fans, and critics. You wouldn’t bring a character everyone hates back, if majority of people like Midna, how would it hurt to bring her back? If anything it benefits the Legend of Zelda series.

2) She has an enormous fan base

WMB is one of many groups of people that have come together online that seriously want Midna in another game. There are over 2 800 000 results that pop up when you type ‘Midna’ in the search bar on Google. Videos and fanfictions are also far from non-existent. I have been a fan for six years and only recently became aware of WMB and Midna’s online fan base. Think of how many other people that are how I was, oblivious to the internet fans and sites Midna has, and they have no way of expressing their love for her and their wish to bring her back. People who sit and wonder if Nintendo will ever bring her back and have no way of asking.

3) A Twilight Princess game would be an amazing game just in general

I understand that Nintendo likes to keep things fresh, and keep bringing new stuff in for us to eat up, never allowing us to get bored. I embrace that and love that you does that. On the other side of things though, if many of your consumers are begging you to bring something back, why disappoint? It will only make them love you more.

My older brother isn’t near as obsessed with Midna as I am, though she is his favourite ‘assistant’ he’s not crazy like me. He mentioned to me the other day while playing the games exactly this.

“Y’know, they should really make a Twilight Princess sequel, I mean this game had the coolest storyline, graphics, characters and is the most fun to play, why not? The way they ended it makes it seem unlikely, but if they figured out a sequel can you imagine how awesome it would be?”

What he says is true. It would be awesome. The whole mirror shattering thing would for sure make it more difficult to come up with a way for it to work but if you guys were able to create all these amazing games, and come up with storylines like Skyward Sword and Majora’s Mask, I’m sure you can come up with a continuation of the game. And how could you make a continuation of the sequel to Twilight Princess without bringing back the Twilight Princess.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you. I wouldn’t have honestly. So I’ll end this by saying,

WE WANT MIDNA BACK… and so should you


Approximately two years ago, while watching some walkthroughs of NintendoCapriSun’s Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, I saw a video in the suggestions column. At the top was a promoted video by the name of ‘Link x Midna: Pretty Baby’. I saw it there for three whole videos… watching me. I glanced at the thumbnail. It was of Midna kissing a surprised, staggering Link in her imp form.

I looked at this thumbnail in a weird way. Why in the world would Midna and Link do that, I thought they were friends? I watched the video because curiosity was filling my head, and it was late and I was bored. As I watched the video with the song playing in the background, I thought of what these were getting at. I watched a few more with even more surprising pictures than the last. My eyes crossed at times and I looked away from the monitor thinking, Well, this sprouts new ideas!

I dreamt of those pictures and thought of how a real person could be put into a story. (I have done this with many other media before). I would think of myself being put into this game, and how my presence there would change up the story. (Assuming the characters knew who I was already). I would watch some of the videos again and produce ideas of some situations with a character that represented me. I thought of a name; Maethos, Mathous, and then eventually Maetheus came to my mind. It was perfect!

After thinking of plots and such for a story with him/me in it, I decided to make a book about ‘me’, Link, and Midna on an adventure together. Particularly in Twilight Princess. I could easily mix in things like smart-mouthing Zant and angering Zelda. I did it so much that Midna would glare at me. (Maetheus).

My first book assumed that Link and Midna already knew about Maetheus. I went from there, breaking just about every little piece of canon in the Zelda Universe. I loved the book though. After a few months I found W[M]B via ZeldaWiki.org. I was a guest viewing a lot of the forums about Midna and how progress towards placing her in another Zelda game could occur with help.

I decided to join after a month or so. I read LongLiveMidna’s story describing a return of Midna and cried at the end. But I also realized that the story I was making wasn’t right. I broke everything official about Twilight Princess. I kept that story, but made another one. You have read this ‘other’ story all the way through (hopefully) and know of what this means to mean. A return is possible…

If you haven’t finished or even read my story, please stop reading and read my story. Then come back to this. Minor spoilers. Midna felt like Maetheus was her father and always wanted to be with him towards the end. He sacrificed so much just to let her see the love of her life again. It shows Nintendo that we sacrifice our time just to express how much we actually love Midna and want her back. If it be game, book, comic, short, or even television show. All we want is to get her back in an official way. We want to make Nintendo see that we actually do care about this beloved character just as Link saw Maetheus was just trying to help him by getting Midna back to him.

My story isn’t just a story I enjoyed writing though; it’s a metaphor for how much we do to merely convince Nintendo to get Midna back. Nintendo is Link, Midna; herself, and Maetheus ourselves (or me). We are the story and it us. I admit though, I didn’t intend to make it this way. It seems fate crossed my path.

People don’t write the stories just for pleasure and to brag. They don’t remix the song about someone for only fun. People don’t make lyrics for the game’s song because they were told to. Pictures of her aren’t drawn to only show the world their art talent. Hey, a movie-like sequel was made that depicted Midna making a return! These are all done because they show appreciation for that character from Twilight Princess. Midna. But don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed writing the book and I am not being selfish. I’m but a Voice of many Voices.

People from all over the globe, members of WMB or not, want to see the beloved Midna make a return. So Nintendo, I have something to say to you: Bring Midna Back! Not just because we want you to, but because you love her too. I mean such a dynamic character doesn’t just appear; people have to innovate and imagine these glorious things. Doesn’t such a character deserve a return?

All of us Midna ‘fanatics’ (as most of us are), want to see Midna make a comeback. You said you would do it Nintendo, but you also said that it is up to us what happens to her. As in to use our imaginations. Well than I suppose we have decided through many of our fan-fictions, remixes, etc. But what we’re asking for is something right from the heart of the creators. Something to show us that you care. That you are dedicated to your fans with a passion.

Alas… if you decide not to, than I can see a few reasons why. But the disappointment only lingers in us. Nonetheless, I will respect your decision, although I am not everyone so I cannot decide for them what they are to do if you come to that.

Thank you Nintendo!

I am Matthew. I am 13 years-old. I am a dedicated Midna fan and would like for her to return. Thank you for your concern to read this


Midna is a rarely well-structured video game character. In the male-dominated, male-orientated video games industry, it’s hard to find a female character whose creation and characterization has been given as much care and attention as Midna’s: she is plucky, mischievous and layered, and is not exploited for cheap femininity or male-directed sexuality.

She provides a fun counter-point to Link’s stoic silence, and, just as their relationship evolves, Midna evolves throughout the course of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is this character evolution which makes the poignancy of her final moments of the game possible.

Despite her initial apathy, Midna is ultimately a heroic figure — and a character who I would love to see further explored.


I have been a gamer for about 7 or 8 years now. I first got into gaming with Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance SP handheld. The first game I got for that system was Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3. That led me to my love of Mario, and sent me down the path of the gamer.

Later down that path, I got a Wii for my birthday. Soon after I found out about the Wii Shop Channel. So I set up my internet, bought some Wii Points cards (as they were called back in the day) and went to check it out. Among other classics, I went and downloaded two Zelda games. The Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. They were good games, and I still enjoy playing them. Heck, I’m still trying to beat them! But they definitely weren’t my favorite.

Even later down the path I downloaded The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which was a fantastic game. It was the first Zelda game that I played through and managed to beat. Even after beating it, I had no trouble coming back to it at a later time, deleting my file and starting anew.

Later still down this path, and by that I mean about two weeks ago, I bought the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. When I inserted the disc into the Wii, attached the Nunchuk controller to the Wii remote, and pressed the A button through the first two screens and watched the opening cinematic, proceeded to press A and B then create my file (leaving the Link and Epona names as they were), I had no idea that this game would introduce me to a character which I actually would have given two rips about.

I guess the reason why I like Midna is because of her back-story, evolution of her character, and the evolution of her relationship with Link. After I completed the Lakebed Temple she became a lot more to me than just someone who gives you hints on how to get through a really difficult dungeon or something or other. She became the first video game character whom I felt I actually genuinely cared for as if she was a real being in our world. I had hoped this game would never end, because of her. But end it did and it was a tragic ending at that. Like Midna said, “Light and shadow can’t mix.” Although I know she was wishing they could. And so was I. She broke the mirror, and while that didn’t break my heart, it did have me crying for days. I said before that I was able to go back to any other Zelda game and have no trouble starting a new game? Well I had a great deal of difficulty starting a new file so that my little sister could watch me play this game. Because I knew I would be subjected to the highs and lows of the story of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. All over again.

With Midna, I believe that Nintendo has truly outdone themselves. I truly believe Midna was the greatest character they’ve ever created, and I would hate it if they just cast her aside, never to be seen again. I believe she deserves a second chance.


When I first got Twilight Princess, I didn’t know what to expect. I had just finished OOT and bought it because I was still in a Zelda-game mood. I looked at the back of the game to see a strange creature riding Link. I first thought “Oh great, why did they have to put in such a weird thing like that”. When I first got to Midna, I was very angry at her behavior towards Link. I couldn’t stand Midna, Link was doing everything for her and she didn’t show any gratification. Slowly though, she began to grow on me. I even found myself laughing when she said “As romantic as this is, I’m leaving” when the house was on fire.

Then, a cutscene appeared after the water temple. This cut-scene affected me more than ANYTHING has in my entire life. Zant(the f***ing bastard) brutally hurt Midna, and it was up to me to save her. “Where the F*ck is Zelda” I yelled, becoming more and more depressed which was even more inspired by the music that when along with this part. After Zelda saved her, I felt happier than ever. This is when I realized that I loved her. She changed, that day. She became nice and caring for me, and I could tell that she loved me just as much as I loved her. I forgot that I was even playing as Link. Link’s adventure became my adventure. At the end, I was traumatized from Midna’s decision. ” I thought she loved me, ” I pondered.

For the following month, I couldn’t get her out of my head. All I did was sulk in that Midna was gone, and that there was no more adventure with Midna to continue. I tried focusing hard on Midna before I went to sleep so I could dream about her and tell her how I feel (sadly I never was able too). I began looking frantically for wallpapers to put up on my computer, and saved any image I found of her. I love Midna, and I hope she returns in another game.

The flame is not as large as it was back then, but Thank You Maceom for reviving some of the feeling I used to have.


Ah, Twilight Princess, a game that changed my life, literally. I had high hopes for this game, and it started out pretty good. But it’s when Link is thrown in jail that is of importance. When I first saw her, Midna honestly looked cute, but it was the voice I wasn’t prepared for…God, her voice just struck my heart from deep, deep within, and right then I felt differently about Midna than I did any other character, or girl for that matter. As the game progressed, often I would call upon Midna to hear her voice, or just to see her. I didn’t care how she treated Link, I could almost feel the pain that lurked beneath the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen.

But it was when her desperate hour happened that killed my heart. When I saw her hurt like that, her tiny lungs gasping for air, it was too much. I just couldn’t believe it, when I finally was really starting to think I had feelings for her, she was going to die…And it didn’t help that her life was in my hands. Tears started streaming down my cheeks, for I thought I could hear her breaths growing more, and more faint. I forgot where I was, I forgot where the castle was…It was as if time stood still…I was hopeless… But I found Zelda….And when I saw Midna light up like that, I knew I had a second chance, and that was the greatest feeling I could have asked for.

I progressed throughout the game, getting to love her more and more with each passing moment. No matter what she had to say, she had my full attention. Often I’d find myself calling upon her and just staring at her for long periods of time…That was, until the ending. True form Midna was beautiful…But I missed the Midna I had grown to love..And to make it worse, she left me…But it was right at this moment, i knew, she didn’t leave me, for she will always be in my heart.

I didn’t know what to do. I was a mess, not knowing whether to cry or to throw a fit of anger…So I went to the computer looking for anything that had to do with Midna. And that’s when I came here…And read the Midna, my love topic. I applied right then, anxious to speak of my emotions…Though I didn’t quite know what to call the emotions I had for her at the time. Seeing all the members heartfelt posts convinced me I was truly in love with this girl… And that’s when everything just spiraled upwards. I was welcomed into the forum with open arms, and I was able to write more and more about her as I went… No matter how long the post I made, it just didn’t even seem worthy compared to the emotions I felt inside.

I fell in love with this place, the people, and even more in love with Midna. There was one month I recall that we would post almost 30 posts a day of true, heartwarming text of our undying love for Midna…These are the days I miss the most, and will cherish forever… For I found more about myself than I had for a long, long time.

I truly am sad this place is no longer somewhere where every day you could come on, and see another wall of text of someone’s undying love for her… But it just gives those feelings and emotions expressed a greater effect…

I did love Midna, I do love Midna, and I will forever have her in my heart.


I want Midna back because she has always meant something to me. I saw her in that jail cell, and I felt like I had found…almost a friend. I didn’t really trust her, though, I thought she would turn on me when I finished getting the fused shadows. But no, Zant injured her instead. I knew Zant meant to harm Midna while he was talking to her, Then when she appeared on my back, sick, dying, I got very emotional. When I finally got her to Zelda after what seemed like ages, she was saved. I knew from that moment on, that I loved her.

I wanted to jump into the screen and just tell her how much I loved her. But I couldn’t. My feelings for her bottled up and were let out when Ganondorf crushed Midna’s helmet. I was so scared for Midna, I was looking for her throughout the whole Ganondorf battle, and I could barely fight him, although he should have been easy. When I finally did, and Midna had her curse lifted, I thought she and Link would stay happily together in Hyrule. But it was not so. I cried again when she left. And those words…”See you later…” they still disturb me. Will Midna come back? I’m here to bring Midna back, and I won’t be silenced until she is. You can count on it.


I’ll start at the beginning.

I originally wasn’t into TLOZ until my friends introduced me to Phantom Hourglass. I thought “Wow. This is pretty good.” so one time I went to EB Games, and I saw Twilight Princess. My dad convinced me to wait till the price lowered, so I waited. It didn’t go down. So I thought “This must be pretty good for $100!” so I saved and bout it.

I played through Ordon, just skimming through it, then came the part were Ilia’s clubbed and I thought that she was the possible love interest in this game, so naturally following the story, I found the wall of twilight, and was completely into it when the hand gripped Link, as if it was gripping me. I was nearly speaking as if the game was now my favorite game that I had ever played by the time he transformed into the wolf. (No Joke) Then I saw Midna in the prison. I thought that she was intriguing, but mysterious as well, so I thought she was an enemy, so I got ready to fight. Then she started to speak. I was amazed that she was fully voiced. I loved her cute little voice, and her smile was beautiful but mischievous. I loved it.

But from then on, I just sort of got over the fact that she was another Navi (or Ciela in my case). I made my way through the first three temples. I knew that Midna had a human form, but I didn’t know about her fate at the endgame. So then I went and looked at her Zelda Wiki page. I read about her, rediscovering things like personality traits I had forgotten, and more importantly, her beauty.

I spent the next day researching Midna, and got so obsessed, I instantly fell in love with her character. Then came Midna’s Desperate Hour, the most memorable part, and it was painful. I wanted to strangle Zant for touching her, and I was scared that there was a hidden timer on the way to Zelda. I got lost in castle town, so I thought to go to Telma’s Bar for help, like they did with the Zora Prince. But no, I just got slammed in the face by a door and had to sit through a boring conversation with the cat. I’m thinking “Hurry up and tell me where to go. She’s dying, dammit!”

Finally got her to Zelda. She fell on the floor and I thought it was over. But Zelda sacrificed herself to save Midna. I didn’t give a damn that Zelda was gone, just, hooray!! Midna! So we went off to get the Master Sword. I pulled it, and the only thing I thought was “Zant, I’m gonna kill you!” So I then realized how I felt.

I loved how Link just left Zelda in the dust to go and help Midna after the final battle. Then I saw her true form. I was like “Midna… Oh my god!” I am probably one of the only ones who see her true form as hot, but I don’t care. Imp Midna was still cuter.

Then she leaves. I literally outstretched my hand and screamed her name as she dissolved into Twilit Particles (If that’s how you describe them.), and I got really teary I just stood up and watched the credits roll on and on… I couldn’t sleep that night. All I could think about was getting her back. So I got up and started a fanfic, I was slightly happier. But that wasn’t enough. I gathered pictures, web pages, and found WMB. I looked around the forums before I decided to join. I thought that maybe if there were already a lot of people that were the same, I thought it’d be stupid if I joined: it may have seemed like I was just another nut in someone else’s eyes.

I read a few testimonials, then I just figured “Stuff it, I’m joining.” I met people, made friends, accidently frustrated mods, but I enjoyed all of the times I played forum games and spoke about Midna with all of my new friends. I have sent an email to Nintendo (Probably not gonna do anything, but anyway, come on Nintendo!) saying that there are “enough” fans that want Midna, so how can you not? I hope that this Testimonial helps bring the Twili Princess back to us.


What do you look for in a good game? Do you search for good graphics, mind blowing action, the satisfaction of defeating a terrible enemy? I look for a good story line. I, personally, enjoy reading. I read a lot of books in my spare time, so for me if the story line of a game isn’t satisfactory, the game gets old and I stop playing. I crave drama and blood thirsty antagonists. But most of all I search for heroes. Heroes who will stop at nothing to get what they desire, and are always prepared for a battle or a simple selfless task. In the video game Twilight Princess, I find myself looking towards an indirect heroine. Her name is Midna. At the beginning of this game, she appears more of an antagonist, which of course drew me more to her. I was attracted to her sharp tongue, her ambition to get things done the way she wants it when she wants it. She’s more than a video game character for most people, for them she’s an inspiration. Never before have I seen such grace and pride in a character. She’s proud of herself and thinks- no, she knows- that she’s always right. Such self confidence draws us to her, and as you progress through the game, she progresses as well. She understands now how much more serious and dangerous her current mission is and is ready at the cost of her life to earn back what is hers; her kingdom, her hero, her true form. Here we see a character that motivates those who need it most. Here we see a heroine, not just for Hyrule, but for us. Here we see Midna.


Midna, that name still rings as loud and strong in my ears as it did over 6 years ago. I remember receiving my first copy of Twilight Princess for Christmas, and nothing else I received that morning could’ve compared to the joy that receiving that game brought me. After the Christmas exchange was over I quickly ran to my room, inserted the disk into my GameCube and began on another quest to save Hyrule. However, I could never have imagined the mark this quest would leave on me when it was all said and done.

I remember my first play through very well, almost as if it was yesterday, and I will never forget the attachment that I formed for the character Midna. Now, it is very difficult to explain just how this love for the character formed exactly, because in all I honesty I couldn’t explain it myself 6 years ago. All I knew was that her snippy attitude and arrogance began to grow on me because in the end, she was the most unique character I had ever encountered in a Zelda game. She was unique, and I loved that. I started bonding with Midna shortly before my ordeals in that wretched Lakebed Temple were over. My bond with her began there and, how ironic it was, it was right after that particular temple that the game’s story took a terrible twist.

All of those who remember their first play through will surely remember the shock that they felt when Zant appeared, after finding the last Fused Shadow. At the very least, I’m almost certain they remember slamming the A button on their GameCube controller (considering they were using the GameCube version like I was) repeatedly in order to sprint as wolf Link in a heart wrenching effort to save Midna’s life after Zant nearly took it from her. We would soon find ourselves racing through the sewers and dungeons of Hyrule Castle, where not too long ago we had met the arrogant imp. Now we had returned to the dungeons, racing down the same path we had tread once before, only this time to save her life.

That moment in the game was a very touching and very…changing, if you will, experience for me. It was after Zelda sacrificed herself for Midna was that arrogant and selfish imp was taught compassion and selflessness. I personally believe each one of us changed after that, we started the game loathing the imp only to find ourselves beginning to love her.

The entire play through of the game was fantastic; to this day Twilight Princess holds a special place in my heart. I hold a special place in me for the game only because of that one loveable imp, Midna. I remember transforming into a wolf and fighting in my wolf form for the longest time just so Midna would be there on the screen with me. Though I remember the fun and excitement I felt in my play through, I’ll never forget the ending.

The ending was one of the most life changing experiences I had ever felt, from a video game at that! When the Mirror of Twilight was shattered and Link and Zelda were left standing in shock as the credits rolled on, I was honestly speechless. The ending to Twilight Princess, when Midna shattered the mirror and that ‘THE END’ screen rolled up shortly thereafter, was the biggest kick to the chest Nintendo could’ve ever dished out to me. I felt hurt, depressed, but most of all I felt a strong sense of loss. Nintendo had done more than just create the perfect character, one I learned to love, and they did more than just succeed in making more than just another one of Link’s helpers. They had made something that made you feel. They created something you bonded with, whether they realized that or not.

Navi was wretched, a glowing orb always shouting in your ear. The King of Red Lions was very forgettable. As for Fi, her departure was sad, but I felt as though Hyrule’s Cyberdyne Systems Model-108 was just being switched off. Seriously, though, Fi had no emotion that you could bond with. Midna was the first companion that had emotion. The first companion who you felt obliged to defend and protect. The first companion that made you feel something while losing yourself in the gameplay. Making you feel a certain way is probably the biggest breakthrough Nintendo ever made with Midna. To have a companion that grew and developed with you and Link was pure genius.

Midna changed my life beyond belief, and it all started with her departure. After the ending , that feeling of loss I felt was so great I sought any form of closure that I could find. I needed resolution to that game’s ending — closure that Nintendo had failed to provide. It was then that I discovered a piece of Fan Fiction, known as The Legend of Midna to some, that was written years ago by a former NSider known as Echoesoflame. This Fan Fiction was just the relief I needed, as its direct sequel to the tragedy of Twilight Princess provided closure and satisfaction.

It was through that story, though, that I discovered something else: writing. Before discovering his story, I hadn’t dreamt of writing anything, but after seeing someone writing a sequel to the game, I decided that I wanted to write my own. So, I spent a year or so writing and posting Fan Fiction relating to the continuation of Twilight Princess, receiving praise and constructive criticism alike. This love for writing that I had discovered led me to be here in college, where I’ve taken a semester of Journalism writing classes. Now, I’m moving to Technical Writing classes. In retrospect, I don’t think I could’ve ever gotten to where I am now had it not been for Midna.

So, I would like to applaud Nintendo for their beautiful work with Midna, as there has truly never been another like her. Without her and the way that she changed me, I couldn’t have reached the point I’m at today. However, my applause needs to be cut short. At the end of today, there is something terribly wrong with Nintendo’s mindset as well. It seems even when Nintendo creates a great foundation for something extraordinary, they quickly forget about it and move onto something else.

Now, I’m quite fond of progress and expansions in the gaming world. I enjoy the taste of something new, especially with something like Zelda, as much as any other person. However, Nintendo seems to love creating bittersweet endings to their Zelda franchise, and in the case of Twilight Princess it was highly unnecessary. As a matter of fact, let’s take a look at them (Possible spoilers):

Link’s Awakening: The Wind Fish fully awakens and all of Koholint vanishes.

Ocarina of Time: Zelda must put her feelings aside and sends Link back in time.

Majora’s Mask: In all honesty, it was actually not quite as tragic as other Zelda game endings. Ironic, considering how dark that the game as a whole was.

Wind Waker: The King floods his ancient kingdom of Hyrule, along with himself.

Minish Cap: Link’s companion, Ezlo, must leave Link to return to the Minish world.

Skyward Sword: Fi is sealed within the Master Sword and Impa is left in the past, only to disappear in the future.

Twilight Princess: Midna returns to the Twilight Realm. She also shatters the Mirror of Twilight, completely destroying the connection between the two realms.

Tragedy seems to be a consistent theme in the franchise. In the case of Midna’s departure, however, it’s just unnecessary. Perhaps it was because Nintendo had no idea that Midna would receive such positive reception, or maybe it was something else entirely. Either way, a deed once done cannot be undone, but it can yet be mitigated. I know we each have our doubts on whether or not Nintendo will listen to our cries, but in the end, as paying customers of their franchise, WE stand as their foundation.

No matter where Nintendo decides to go with their franchise, we, the foundation of their company, will still have a card to play. For in the end it is our voices that will ring forth. Our words and cries will always retain their meaning and power. So until Nintendo acknowledges our efforts and brings Midna back, we will continue to stand, and we will continue to make our voices ring out. We will not stop until we are heard.

Midna is a key part in the basis of everything that I am today as a person, and I will always stand by any movement to bring her back. I feel her character was wrongfully taken from us and I, along with all of you, want Midna back.


Dear Nintendo,

On February 21st, 1986, you gave the video game world one of its most widely known, and celebrated, series: the Legend of Zelda. For 25 years – and many more I’m sure – you’re going to keep entertaining us with stories of the world of Hyrule and all of the secrets it still holds. I look forward to playing those games. Legend of Zelda, unlike any other franchise that currently exists, has captured my imagination like a book series has; I always ask myself: ‘What will come next?’ I consider that an incredible feat. But I’m going to talk about a specific chapter of your amazing work that captured my curiosity that only Majora’s Mask has been able to match. I’m talking about Twilight Princess.

I never played the game when it first came out in North America on November 19th, 2006. The last game I’d touched in the series was The Wind Waker and I had left that feeling underwhelmed (though I now appreciate its brilliance much more than I did back then). I’d looked at the game while it was still in development a few times from such magazines as Game Informer or even Nintendo Power. I thought it looked pretty neat but not much more; the release came and went and I wouldn’t pick up a copy – two in fact: one for the GameCube and one later for the Wii – of Twilight Princess until late 2007.

After a friend of mine had raved to me a lot about how great it was, I decided to do some snooping on the Internet myself. There I came across a very curious character, which the world now knows as Midna. I spoiled the game for myself by looking at a fan article on her. I knew what she looked like. I was fascinated by both designs of her character (‘true’ and cursed). I immediately went out that night and decided to rent Twilight Princess. I had to know how her story unfolded.

I was not disappointed. The nature of the grim and dark storyline, which had helped make Majora’s Mask so memorable for me, was present here. It was fun. I thought the graphics were amazing (I was still a bit sore about The Wind Waker’s cel-shaded look). But I was totally unprepared for Midna’s character. She was the one who stole the entire show.

I admit that I wasn’t too fond of her as an imp on my first play through. It was odd. I normally liked characters such as her; manipulative, greedy smart mouths who think they’ve got everything figured out. But I simply could not get behind her. I thought, back then, that she was going to turn on me and was maybe Zant’s queen, who’d just gotten poor Link to find the Fused Shadows so his conquest of the Light World would be complete.

But my tune changed after Zant struck her down, as did for other fans who shared my feelings towards her prior to that moment. I was worried for her. No longer was there any ambiguity: Midna was on my side and, perhaps, I’d been just as callous to dismiss her as she had been with Link. I raced to Princess Zelda. You wouldn’t let her die, would you?

Thankfully you didn’t. Zelda bonded her soul with Midna’s and Midna was ok. It was then that I began to become more and fonder of her character. Her ice was beginning to thaw; I can see why the Zelda team is so fond of the ‘tsundere’ archetype. The series had had Tatl and Tetra. They were nice, but they just didn’t have pizzazz. Having replayed the game recently, I can safely say that I now appreciate her character so much more than I ever did the first time through. To me, Midna was a shining example of a perfectly executed character. Archetypes can turn out to be stale and retreads, as I originally feared she might be on my first time, but at the game’s end, even then, I understood.

When Ganondorf crushed her Fused Shadow, I was at a loss for words and once again panicked. I surely thought that she’d return at that moment, helping me to continue the fight, but no, it was just Zelda and Link alone. Ganondorf had to pay. When the end blow finally fell and the last battle had been fought, I felt bittersweet. What good was a victory if the person you’d fought so hard for wasn’t there to share it with you?

Then she came back. I do not often use this word when describing female fictional characters, but I felt the word was fitting. Her ‘true’ form, playfully asking Link if he had no words left, was absolutely right: in a strangely ethereal way, there was beauty there. She had come full circle as a character and her inner personality now matched her outward appearance. She had become, if you’ll pardon the pun, enlightened.

Yet that was part of my problem with the end of the game. I had no idea what might happen. Would Midna leave the Mirror of Twilight be, letting the knight who’d so faithfully served her so far guard it until his death or destroy it? We all know how it went, by now. The mirror shattered into thousands of tiny pieces and, you can be sure, Nintendo, so did many fans’ hearts, mine included in a way. My emotions are not the same as some of the other fan’s reactions you’ll read, but it’s on the same wavelength. And on my recent new game, I even got a little teary-eyed when Midna parted ways with the hero and princess. I hardly ever cry when a fictional story ends. I was touched, this time, that much.

We were, and are, sad…and perhaps felt more than a little betrayed.

On my replay, I almost didn’t want to go to Hyrule Castle. I knew what was going to happen; how things would end. I realized, then, about your sheer brilliance in creating this experience, Nintendo: I never wanted it to end. There had to be something else I could do, after Ganondorf’s fall, with Midna. We could explore a distant land. Raid more dungeons and find what treasures they’d hold together. While it’s true that many of the game’s critics might argue this might as well have been called Legend of Midna: Twilight Princess, it made no difference for me if Zelda wasn’t there. Midna was, and is, the heart and soul of the game and you did a wonderful job in crafting her.

It’s hard to define what makes her so special. Her appearance is, for lack of a better term, one of the industry’s most unique: a tiny frame adorned with a rocky mask and magical hair. That certainly creates an image. That then shifts to a slender, oddly graceful looking form with blue skin and flowing cloak. There really isn’t anything like her or the Twili. It’s so impressive that as I look back at other games, I can only imagine how much better they’d be (even more than they are) if Midna were in them. To me, she’s become just as much a series fixture as Ganondorf, Zelda or Link themselves. That’s amazing, Nintendo; you’ve done well.

Aonuma-san has said that he imagines Midna will not return, considering how the game ended, but is willing to do so if he hears enough voices. So, Nintendo, I believe I speak for every fan when I say this:

We do not want her to be a playable character in Super Smash Bros. (though it would be nice).

We do not want a mere cameo.

We don’t want a minor part in a new story.

We want her in an entirely new game. It doesn’t even matter if it’s the only sequel. Just one more game…

You’ve said before that Link is the player’s connection to the game world. If that’s so, Nintendo, then I think I can also safely say for many other fans and myself that at the game’s end, when Link rides away from Ordon on Epona to parts unknown, with Ilia looking at him wistfully, we understand what he’s going to do. He’s off to find his companion or paramour (I will note to you that on Zelda Universe, one of the largest fan sites on the ‘Net for the series, Midna has placed third on the overall list of most popular couples to put with Link: the first being Zelda and the other Malon); he’s just as restless as us.

The end of Twilight Princess can’t be it. It just can’t.

In Majora’s Mask, the Hero of Time never did seem to find the one person he was looking for the most. Just this once, Nintendo, we ask that you give Link a happy ending. Let the Hero of Light and Shadow find his beloved friend and, we implore, let them go on another adventure together.

Because the story of Hyrule never ends.


While she wasn’t my number one in Twilight Princess, I thought her whole character was wonderfully done. When we first meet her, she’s sneaky and cunning; but after she sees the kindness in Link and Zelda’s hearts, she softens up in the way she acts. To see her back would be AWESOME. Simple as that.


The Legend of Zelda series has affected me personally for a few years. My first experiences with it were with Ocarina of Time. I would get an older sibling to beat the dungeons for me, and I would take care of sidequests. Don’t ask me how that stayed fresh. After a few years of that, I finally found myself actually playing the game. It would be a couple years more before I got into the series as a whole. Then I realized, while playing Majora’s Mask, that characters in a video game could burrow into your skin and make a home from your emotions. There was Tatl, the fairy who was at first a prankster helping the game’s antagonist, then your guide to the toughest parts of the game, who, in the final cutscene, said quietly after Link rode away, “……thank you,” while shaking, as her brother, Tael, gave her the equivalent of a pat on the shoulder, or a hug. Then there was the boss, Odolwa. Odolwa, like Beowulf, spent a lot of time chanting his own name, but he was the most human-like boss in the game, and even gave you some instruction. Odolwa was the one who explained the portals at the beginning of each temple, if you were to set foot in his own temple again after having beaten him. If you chose to fight him again, as you can repeatedly fight any temple boss in that game, his strategy seems to improve. He seems to be one of few characters who remembers what happened before Link reset time, as in that game Link must relive the same three days over and over in order to stop the moon from colliding with Clock Town. Now, why does Odolwa give Link any advice at all? Does he perhaps resent his service to the game’s antagonist?

I also knew the series to have a good soundtrack. I am also a pianist. As such, I was looking for the sheet music for the temple theme from Zelda II. When I found it, I saved it, then looked on that site for anything else that would be good to look at.

I found it.

A link on the right-hand column of the site stated shortly “Want Midna Back.” Now, at the time, I had been playing Twilight Princess, but was stuck on Arbiter’s Grounds and had shifted interest to Get Blue Spheres, the game with over 134 million levels. I still sort of liked the character Midna, and my first thought was: Oh, no. Is this similar to the group Bring Back Kirk, the people dissatisfied with Captain Kirk’s demise in Star Trek 7? I clicked on the link. I clicked on the FAQ button. I was fascinated. I decided to get back to playing Twilight Princess. Now, as a novelist, as soon as I beat the boss Armogohma, there was something I recognized as subtle foreshadowing. I could predict the end of the game at that point.

That was when I really wanted Midna back.


Mine is different from everyone else when I was a kid I remembered play Ocarina of Time and I loved that game a lot but years later about three weeks ago I decided to see what the latest Zelda was and it was Twilight Princess, however unlike everyone who got the game I on the other hand didn’t I watched a walk-through on youtube and I had to admit it looked pretty good

Through out the intro it was okay with Link going through every day life and goat herding but where it really got good was once Illia got kidnapped and here I saw the first glimpses of him changing into a wolf (which I thought was really awesome) and then I saw Midna and at first I was wondering if she was the one who brought the shadows beasts but later on I found of course she didn’t. Once in the jail im really first introduced to her and right when I first saw her I was not annoyed in the least but I can say she was really interesting with all the little comment she made to completely teasing Link and pressing his buttons and through out the game I was just enjoying it

Once after the Lakebed Temple was when it was big for me and I was soo pissed at Zant and hollering at Link to save her and through out the time of saving her and heck I even thought there was an invisible timer and I was just hollering at the guy on walk through to push harder and Midna’s Lament was playing wow what an emotional experience and her rapsy breathing was all the more to push harder. Once she was saved by Zelda I was extremely happy and I really didn’t give a care about Zelda because Midna mattered and nothing else meant anything.

As they both continued on their journey I began to see a different side of Midna and yes she got even cuter. Watching her and Link made me happy because of the moments they shared were just soo great and plus of all the looks and and the touches and the cute face that Midna made towards Link were just great to watch oh and also her killing Zant.

The fight with Ganondorph was the greatest of the moments but it really got to me when I watched him hold her helmet and snap it really ticked me off and I remember saying to Link you better make him pay but one thing I knew that it was just one step closer to saying good bye to her. Then I see it the moment I saw her true form and I have to say that I grew to know that little lovable imp but this was another story I mean my reaction was the same as Links when I first saw her form, but once the credits start rolling and reach Arbiter Grounds that’s when I really got sad and I cant even forget it or the scene or the words and the mirror getting destroyed which it felt metaphor of mine and Link’s heart shattering. It wasnt easy after that Ninentdo really made an amazing character one who I know I can never forget and I really want to see again so Nintendo I really want you guys to make it happen I mean I cant even pick up another Legend of Zelda if it doesn’t have Midna in it.

I’m glad WMB is around so i can discuss the love of that little loveable imp and her true self so Ihave to say thank God for fanfiics,pics and most importantly WMB and aboslutely glad its still around. Thank you for the ones who created this awesome place


Midna has not only affected the Zelda series in many ways both past and present. Yet she is also one of the most memorable of Links companions and friends.

She had a vibrant personality, a detailed background and shocking secrets.

She is one of the most memorable Zelda characters to date and it would be a shame for Nintendo to exclude her from future Zelda titles. Midna will always be one of my favorite Zelda characters and I’m sure she is a lot of others peoples’ favorite character too.


Back when the game first came out a friend of mine told me he had went out and bought a copy of TP. I hadn’t heard of it at the time so he invited me over to play. I accepted his offer to feed my curiosity on what it was so i went over on a saturday afternoon.

As i progressed through the game and came into the world of twilight and transformed into a wolf I saw her when I was in my prison cell. Giving me a snotty attitude I started to resent her.

After that afternoon he let me borrow his copy because he never had much time to play it. I got home and as i went through the game finding out more and more who and what type of person she was, I was still skeptical on whether or not i should keep putting up with her.

When I came to the part where Zant attacked her and put her in a near death state, I saw the game as “overdramatic”, yet I felt a shade of sadness. As I rushed her to Zelda I started to feel tears burn my eyes. wondering what this feeling was I pushed it aside to complete my objective, but even as I did, I couldn’t get rid of the sadness shaded over me. At the age i was at, I didn’t know what I was feeling yet tears streamed down my face. As the years went by, and the more I played, i came to the conclusion that I had developed feelings for Midna, and may have even fell in love with her. It sounds ridiculous to fall in love and develope feelings for someone who doesnt exist, but I had.

Even to this day, I still have my feelings for her and always will.

Midna will always have my heart

~Prince Link

When I got hooked on Zelda, the game that got me into the series was Wind Waker. I still love this game for its cutesy graphic style and quirky characters. But as soon as I got Twilight Princess, WW lost its place in an instant as my favorite Zelda game.

The game itself was amazing. It had a dark quality that called to some part of me. It begins with a bittersweet scene with a discussion about Twilight. The dialogue and character, the graphics — everything about the game began to draw me in like a spider’s sticky web.

Then I met Midna. At first I had mixed opinions about her–she was sassy and stuck-up, a bit of a brat and rather domineering. But she was also the first real character the game had had–I think every one of the inhabitants of Hyrule is unique and individual, and anyone with a name is well-developed and has a personality. But above all, Midna was by far the most developed character.

A brief word about pairings, now. I write a lot of Zelda fan fiction. And by a lot, I mean a LOT. Before TP, I always, always, always paired Link with Zelda. (I also didn’t have Ocarina of Time until recently, but that’s beside the point as it changed little.) Now, every time I write a fanfic in the TP timeline/universe, Link is nearly always paired with Midna. And even in the rare cases he isn’t, Midna returns to Hyrule or Link to the twilight time after time.

So, I wasn’t sure, at first, how much I liked Midna. But there was, indeed, something mischievously, wickedly likable about her smirk, her fangs, and even her creepy yellow eyes. (Of course, I no longer find her eyes creepy, but they took some getting used to. The other Twili, on the other hand, have creepy eyes. Period.) Even her attitude and her fiery personality made her a great character. I learned an important lesson: a character doesn’t have to be nice to be likable, and they don’t have to be likable to be interesting.

I put up with Midna and her brat-like personality for three whole dungeons. Then came the scene with Zant. My eyes got intensely wide from the start of the scene. I swear, aside from the game’s sound, the living room was absolutely silent.

The whole scene happened–you all know what it entailed–and you end up a wolf, with Midna white and limp on your back. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. I knew that nothing would happen to her while I ran if there was no timer, but I went as fast as I could. I’ll tell you that for some reason, I am very OCD about bad guys. They all have to be gone. Now, I can’t remember if any bad guys got in the way while I went to Zelda, but if they had I would have charged right past.

I found WMB, but it was only yesterday I realized there was a forum. I went, “A forum? Great! I want Midna back!” and joined at once. So here I am, trying to help make a difference, and bring Midna back for the sequel she deserves.


I had begun liking Midna earlier in the game than most people normally do. Her direct way to express her thoughts and the resulting sarcastic, maybe rude comments didn’t really annoy me. They rather reminded me of myself as I normally don’t mince my words neither. Besides, I could already see that her bossy behavior was mixed with some nicer gestures which made me believe that behind her hard shell she had a soft core, like an unpolished diamond. After a short while, I didn’t consider her as just a video game character anymore, she felt more like a friend. I really enjoyed having her around and could always laugh lustily when she kept teasing me.

Then suddenly something strange happened. When I saw Midna being gravely injured by Lanayru’s light I had been in a shock. I was in a great fear that she would die, that there was no way of healing her or that I simply would take too long to bring her to the castle. And so I began to run. I ran like I never have run before in a video game. I didn’t pay attention to the surrounding nor the enemies on the path nor anything else. With tears in my eyes I realized how much I actually cared for Midna. That I cared for her more than one probably would care for a friend, even a close one. I couldn’t exactly define what I had felt for her. Nevertheless, after she had been healed, I relished her presence even more than before. I kept using her abilities as often as possible, no matter if I really needed them, just to celebrate that she was still with me. And that Midna seemed to have been changed by this event in similar way as I have been, what I could easily notice by her different way of talking, made her feel even more alike to me.

In the following we kept growing closer to each other more and more as I progressed through the game. At many scenes I actually cried after she had revealed another part of her tragic story. I kept asking me how I could have developed such intense feelings toward a mere video game character. But the answer is, she never felt like a video game character. With all her carefully worked out character traits, her little flaws and the change of her point of view on “us” light dwellers she felt like an actual living person.

When I finally had reached the ending scenes of the game, I suddenly knew what exactly I felt for Midna. It was genuine love. I was so happy when the curse had been lifted on her and everything seemed to become all right. But then it didn’t. When I saw the mirror crack I couldn’t believe what was happening, I just sat there with my mouth wide open. After Midna had disappeared and the mirror had bursted completly I fell to the ground crying in agony, as I feared I would never see her again.

Midna had become the shadow that shines brighter than light, I owe her so many moments of joy and she has made me a different person (in a positive way!). No matter that she is still technically a video game character, something which has such a massive emotional impact on someone will have a permanent effect on that person, one that won’t completely fade even in decades. Through her I have discovered aspects of my own personality I hadn’t been aware of.

My greatest wish is that on day Midna will come back the enrich our everyday life once more, that we can feel the warmth again that Midna has brought to our hearts. With Midna you have created a masterpiece, a milestone in video gaming history and judging from the great detail and the elaborate design you have given this character, you obviously have enjoyed creating her as well. It would be a great shame if this important masterpiece would simply be forgotten, if all the potential Midna still carries in her would remain unused. After all those great games you have created, I trust that you will make the right decision.


~Project Alice

I am a Zelda series fan. Ever since my older brother let me play Ocarina of Time when I was young, I have loved this series. Currently, I have played Wind Waker 8 times.

Now then, here’s where my story begins. Twilight Princess has been out for a little more than a year now. I decided to spend a bit of money I had lying around to visit my local Blockbuster. My family has a rather low income (mostly due to my father, but that’s another story), so at this time, I could only afford to rent games every so often. I’m extremely excited when I notice the Twilight Princess is available for the Gamecube! I rent it on the spot. I go home, and play for an ungodly amount of time, hypnotized by the gorgeous graphics, and engrossing story.

And then I see her. I knew nothing about Midna before this moment. I had never seen or heard of her, and my first thoughts when I lay eyes her for the first time were, “There’s something I like about her, even if she is kind of cruel.” But as time with Midna progressed, I found myself having strange, compulsive thoughts. Warm feels of affection would rise up inside me, as I observed her physically, and emotionally. I was drawn by those smooth hips, and petite but curvy body. Her sharp tongue and devious personality reflected in those wide scarlet eyes, and fanged grin. It was like I was in a trance. I wanted to reach through the screen and touch her. I was more fascinated than I have been with any other character.

And then, well. . . We all know this part of the story. “Midna’s Desperate Hour”, “Midna’s Desperation”, “that one part where I cried”; it goes by many names. I, like many, was utterly convinced that there was an invisible time limit. The night, the rain, Midna’s ragged breathing, and the music. Oh, man. That music. I don’t think I was ever that close to tears while playing a video game (the only other time I was that emotion playing a video game was during the death of Grom Hellscream scene, from Warcraft III). I was pounding “A” like a madman, yelling at the enemies I encountered to, “Buzz off!” in that fashion. I was so desperate to save Midna, I was on the edge of my seat, my mind completely concentrated on making it to Hyrule Castle. I had never felt this way before; it was like try to save a real life.

Looking back, I truly thought Midna would die in the scene with Zelda. The way she talked to Zelda, I was just thinking, “Oh, hell no. You’re not seriously going to let her die.” Thankfully, my wish came true. And from then on, something changed inside me. The internet became my place for my Midna fix, when I wasn’t playing the game. Fanart, hentai, MFF, WMB, all of it. And while I was too nervous at the time to join any forums, I did collect a rather impressive mass of hentai and fanart of this beautiful little character. And so here comes the end of the game. And Midna finally reveals her true form. And who I’m looking now at is not the Midna I knew throughout the game; she was almost like a completely different character; not the sexy little imp that was always by my side. I was utterly crushed. Not only did she completely change, but she left through the mirror, and that was it.

But I eventually managed to shrug-off this disappointment, and started a new game, determined to be with my little imp once more. I had to turn the game back in the next day, and had no more money to rent it again. Months pass, and once again, I managed to get a hold of the game (only to rent, of course), all the while downloading every Midna-related story and picture on the internet I could find. My little sister noticed this when she saw my desktop decorated with a Midna wallpaper. “What is that thing? Some kind of ugly fairy?”, she asked. “No,”, I told her. “she’s an imp from that Zelda game.” She proceeded to tell me how creepy she was, and that she knew I liked her. I got better at hiding my Midna-related items after this.

Then came a long spell, where my Midna flame began to slowly grow faint. My mind was occupied with family drama, and lots of stress, and thoughts of Midna became very rare. Only 2 months ago, Midna was almost gone in my mind. I hardly remembered she existed anymore. And then, out of nowhere, with not a single thought of Midna that night,

I had a dream.

It came to me like a messenger, calling me back. That night, I dreamed about Midna. I don’t know why. I don’t know how. But she was there. I dreamed I was sitting on the floor, in my living room at night. The little imp emerged from the shadows close to me, without her helmet. She looks frightened or wounded, and I let her curl up in my lap; protecting her. I touch her skin, and it feels so real; it had warmth and texture. It felt like the softest velvet; I’ll never forget how she felt in my dream. And when I awoke, I found my flame burning bright like never before. I jumped on the internet, and found the WMB and MFF forums, and I read the passionate stories of others, who have also been touched by her.

It was just so surreal, how it just happened out of nowhere. I joined WMB and MFF as soon as I could, and sacrificed money from my savings to buy my own copy of Twilight Princess, which is in my Gamecube at this very moment. And here I am now.


First off, I was never a huge fan of the Zelda series as a whole. I really enjoyed Ocarina of Time, as it quickly became one of my favorite titles on the Nintendo 64 (right up there with Banjo-Kazooie, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, and Star Fox 64). Now, aside from the beginning and the end, I was not really a fan of Majora’s Mask. I did enjoy Wind Waker quite a bit, though I still felt like something was missing.

In January of ’07, I purchased a Wii, along with a copy of Twilight Princess. Now, I had seen Midna in screenshots and videos before. When I first saw her, all I thought of was how different she looked than any other character in the series. It wasn’t until her introduction during the actual game when I really became interested. Throughout the first few temples of the game, her attitude towards Link was absolutely hilarious. The sarcasm, the bullying, all of that only caused my interest in this character to grow; It didn’t take long for Midna to become my favorite Zelda character.

For the first half of the game, I felt like things were smooth sailing’. But then came Midna’s Desperate Hour. It was the first time in any video game when I truly wanted to save someone. I was so afraid of her dying, that I made my way towards Hyrule Castle as fast as I could, ignoring all enemies in my path. It was a very happy moment, however, when Midna was saved by Zelda. There’s only one other scene in which I felt any more relieved in my entire life.

From that scene when Midna talked to link after drawing the Master Sword forward, my actual feelings for her began to grow. I felt like I actually may’ve loved her. During the last 10-20 minutes of the game, I really began to worry for Midna’s safety as she tried to take on Ganondorf. But it wasn’t until I saw the Gerudo holding her helmet up in the air when I began to feel true anger towards a fictional character. I was certain that I was going to kick this fool’s ass.

After the fight, I felt more relieved than ever as I watched Midna stand up. And while I was unsure of what to make of her human form, she was still-and always will be-that lil’ imp to me.

But then, she broke the mirror and left. For the first time while playing a video game, I actually starting crying- I didn’t say anything. I just cried, while staring at the screen. Even to this day, I’ve been afraid of finishing this game, as I’m fully aware of what’s to come. The ending may’ve (and still does) caused me a tremendous amount of pain, but it also made me realize just how much I loved Midna.

About a day or two after I finished the game, I returned to the Nintendo NSider forums, and found this huge, long-lasting thread called Want Midna Back?. I supported the thread by basically just saying “Yes, I want her back.” Since I’ve joined this forum, though, I’ve tried as best as I could to express just how much I love Midna, and how I always will love her. I’m fully devoted to helping in bringing her back.

~Rare Addict

I never get into adventure-y games like Zelda as much as I did with Twilight Princess, and this was the first Zelda I ever completed. I had Link’s Awakening for GBC but I never got around finishing it because I was bored of it, but now I wanna play it again if I can find it. Even the first couple temples I was bored with the game. I was somewhat intrigued by Midna’s character, but I wasn’t hooked by any means, maybe an hour here and there, nothing else. But after you go through Lakebed Temple and see what happens after, things REALLY changed. I got super -glued into the game like no other…I’d play 4-5 hours a day without ever getting tired…and it’s all and I repeat, all because of Midna. Her character is developed so well and as I was playing Link I sensed that she was changing and was starting to *gasp* have a crush on me. In every sense of the word, she was dynamic, and it doesn’t hurt that her imp form is really cute. I really wanted to know what getting the Mirror of Twilight would do and I wanted to finish the game as fast as I could so I can see what happens with Midna at the end. When Ganon held up the Fused Shadows and when Zant hurt her, I was really concerned with what would happen to her and got kinda mad, and genuinely played the game for her. And when I saw her do what she did with the mirror, I was devastated. I was like…I was seriously a little unhappy for a couple days. Now that it’s been a week since I beat it so I’ve sort of calmed down and realized it really was a wonderful yet somewhat unfulfilling ending that made me fiend for more Zelda (ok I mean Midna), and I’m still in love with Midna’s character. Now I can’t even get myself to play the sidequests after knowing what happens in the end, and I don’t know if I can replay this again knowing the sadness in the end too – I think, ‘what’s the point?’

I have a very short attention span and I get bored of games easily, and this game did not have me bored at all, and Midna is completely responsible for that: the puzzles/bosses were fun, yes, but it was Midna made the game breathtaking and emotional. Nintendo, if you can take a real casual gamer who usually doesn’t care and turn him into a serious die-hard using a wonderfully created character, you know you’re using the right formula. She deserves to be back, why would you waste such a treasured character that has pretty much a cult following now? She definitely deserves to return in some way or another.


I got into the Legend of Zelda series when I was three years old, starting with Link’s Awakening. Having loved everything about that game, it made Zelda my favourite video game series of all time. However, my favourite game in the series has got to be Twilight Princess.

December ’06 was when I received Twilight Princess, as it was one of the first games that I popped into my Wii. I marveled at the title screen for a very long time. Everything about it — the graphics, the sounds, and the art style — was just amazing. I spent a good, long ten minutes staring at the screen until I started to play the game. I loved Twilight Princess from the start, and I knew that it would be a terrific game.

As I started my journey, I learned what to do in the game. I was soon brought to the Twilight Realm, where Link, who had became a wolf in front of my very eyes, had been sent jail cell. From there came the one and only…

Midna, the imp everyone loves, appeared at last. At first with a dark-looking demeanour, and an evil personality which, in seconds, became a mischievous and interesting one attached to such an adorable character. From the start I knew I would like Midna as a character, even if she was indifferent to Link, and, by extension, to me.

But I was wrong.

I didn’t like her. I loved her. She was such a brilliant character, with a detailed back story, an interesting and realistic personality, along with her humourous and feisty nature.

I remember a lot about her during my first play through. I remember listening very closely to cutscenes regarding her. I remember getting very angry and annoyed when she was hurt or in pain — when Link couldn’t do anything. I felt naturally concerned and worried for her when Zant brought her into the Light World, and onto the verge of death. I remember a lot about her, because she was a brilliant character, and there was a lot of her to be told.

Midna really was a step up in terms of Link’s partners. Beforehand we would have partners who didn’t really have much of a history or a personality that could be remembered. She broke that rule, and turned out to be Link’s greatest companion. Even excluding the aforementioned backstory, the way that she acted was both funny and fascinating, Additionally, the way that she spoke in hums, noises and giggles was a really memorable aspect to her character.

Everyone here has a place in their heart for Midna, and it’s not just the fact that she was different. It was how she acted and was portrayed that made her so vivid. That is why such a large number of people grew affectionate towards Midna as time went on.

Midna is a truly great character, and I would love to see her again in another game. The fact that I’m writing this, based on my experience from six years ago, shows how much of an impact Midna has had on me as a character, and just how memorable she was to me — to many people around the world. It’s not just this forum who wants her back, but hundreds of thousands of Zelda fans, as well. I don’t know if she will ever come back, but there is one thing I do know.

I want Midna back.


I’m hoping that as video games progress and get more graphical and more emotional, then more and more people will feel like they are sitting in a movie theater, watching the heartbreaking ending of a film. That probably could’ve been explained a bit better, huh…? What I was trying to say is…If gaming companies want to veer more towards deep, emotional, heart touching games, then it’s the Zelda series. I still can’t believe how much a single video game affected me since May. I was on the verge of becoming a serious Goth back then, I don’t even want to think of what could’ve happened if I hadn’t found her. I met Midna, I respected her since she was so unique and full of character. I was still a cold hearted, self-centered moron. I always bragged to myself how I’d bottle my emotions and say crap like men don’t cry. Then finally…Midna was dying, she was barely holding on…Then in Princess Zelda’s room in Hyrule Castle Tower…She whispered to Link, asking if he could make it through the forest alone…She was totally ready to say her goodbyes…But then Zelda healed her. The shield was finally penetrated; my clouded heart was finally infiltrated. I cried for her the first time that night.

I love every second of it, I love every second I spend with her.

I think about you so much Midna…I think about how depressing it is when you leave without a warning…I think how much of a difference you made, how close we became to each other, you…Link…And even me…And I think after all that, she’s gone forever.

Anyone can say “Ooh, aren’t you scary!” “Are you sure you want to be doing that? Snarling and growling at me like that?” But there’s only one who can say it in that special way and make people love her because of the way she does it. That’s Midna.


I received the Wii for a graduation present in late spring, 2007. The first game my mom bought for me, not knowing if I’d really like it or not, was The Legend of Zelda – Twilight Princess. I took about a month and a half to start playing it. When I got to the scene where Wolf Link meets Midna in his prison cell, I recognized her as the little creature that rode on top of his back on the back cover of the player’s guide. I was all excited, knowing that now I had a companion to follow me through the game.

I really have no good explanation on how I started to love her, after hearing her say “Hmm, so you aren’t completely stupid after all!”, my feelings for her really just escalated from there. I just knew that she wasn’t an ordinary companion who follows you through a game, giving you small bits of advice along the way. She had a playful, kind of rude personality, and that’s what I really liked about her.

From there, my feelings for her grew even more simply by spending time, playing the game and seeing her. It’s kind of like the feeling you feel when you’re, for example, at work, and your supervisor, whom you really enjoy interacting with, is scheduled to stop by and visit you that day, you just CAN’T WAIT to see him/her, you get what I’m saying? That somewhat relates to how I felt about Midna.

Then one night I finally reached the cut scene after the Lakebed Temple…I hadn’t felt so much emotional pain since my dad passed away the year before. I was forced to witness her helplessly get beaten around by Zant…And then engulfed in this burning bright light. From then on I hated Zant, but the main concern at that moment was her. I was so worried about her that I had completely forgotten how to get into Castle Town, I felt like I let her down so much. I was able to cry for her for the first time that night.

Then when she was healed by Zelda, a smile lit up my face. Our journey continued.

From that point on, all of my feelings for her were just of love, it’s almost impossible for me to explain. I’m just going to skip to the end. That day was a long day for me playing any kind of video game, I finished the final three temples (Temple of Time, City in the Sky, Palace of Twilight). But I pushed on, eager to end the game once and for all that night. Long story short, I advanced through Hyrule Castle and fought Ganondorf in all of his phases. Once I knocked him off his steed in the horseback battle, my heart was practically pounding out of my chest, I knew just one more victory and it would be all over, but with upsetting results, Midna would have to leave forever, so I really had to gather mass amounts of courage to face him in the FINAL final battle. Miraculously I defeated him with only a heart and 1/4 of a heart left, I had no faeries or potions, so two more blows from him and I would’ve lost.

I smiled not once during the credits, I didn’t smile at all when she left Link forever, but the strange thing is, I didn’t cry either.

Up until this very day, I still love her with all my heart. There have been times when I feel like I need to take a break and catch my breath after loving her so much, but her light inside me has never come close to fully dying, and it never will, there may be a time, 10 or 20 years from now when I feel slightly differently about her, but that flame will never completely burn out.


Well, to start this off, I have just recently finished the replay of TP for the twentieth time, and this time I was nice enough to finish it in front of my friend, who had seen me play it plenty of times, but could never finish it. This friend of mine knows plenty about this board, I have discussed it with him plenty of times and told him what is was all about. He himself is not an incredibly huge fan of Midna, which I can respect, he is his own man. However, every time he has seen me play the game, I always cry at many of the parts where Midna was in trouble, the parting of Midna, and just plain cried in many instances. After this time however, he had finally decided to ask me, which was a question that actually took me some time to answer….

The Question: “I have seen you play this game too many times to count and every time I sit here and watch you play you always cry… Why? Why would you submit yourself to such emotional torture, to cry about this one fictional character? Is she really that important to you? Do you see fit to be so infatuated with a FICTIONAL character?”

And to be completely honest, I was dumbfounded by this question, for I never really had to discuss my reasoning in such detail as this question demanded with a non-member of the MFF. But, I did not hesitate to answer. My answer had started off with a slight sigh and a long look up to the ceiling, where my friend had begun to look at me quite earnestly… which also caught me by surprise… he had always made fun of me for my love of Midna…

I told him: “Well…. It is quite hard to say, Josh (his name), have you ever read a book that was so good that you became so attached to the character that it almost felt like death to finish it, knowing that your journey with your beloved characters whom you’ve had adventures untold and personally was there seeing them unfold into such beauty and complexity that you swear he/she was part of your life? (He nodded and placed his head upon his fist.) Josh… listen, I love Midna. And yes Josh, I said LOVE. You don’t understand the masterful character development they gave Midna…It is the exact same thing as in one of your books. You remember when Midna was attacked by Zant? You have no idea how I felt… to see her lay there so weakly upon Links back… hardly breathing… gasping….(and I was crying at this point) And the ending… Gosh… when I saw her leave… it felt as if my soul was torn, like I had lost my true love… I don’t expect you to know why I would put myself through this… but I don’t consider it torture…. I would never go back…” And it turns out that poor Josh was crying with me… and the first thing he asked me was :”Can I try?”


My experiences with The Legend of Zelda began with Ocarina of Time, when I was roughly six years old. My older brother and sister, already having been fans of the series, introduced me, and I became an instant fan, fascinated by the beautiful scenery, wide-variety of monsters, and freedom and power of the action-adventure format. My long-standing love of action-adventures and later RPGs began with Zelda, and in the end, it always returns back to it. It still remains, in my opinion, one of the greatest game series of all time, with a variety of elements to dazzle and entice players of all ages. More importantly, it has the capacity to make the player long for more after they set their controller down at the end of their epic adventure.
 Twilight Princess was one of my first game purchases for the Wii, since I was not able at the time to get the GameCube version beforehand. What immediately struck me about the game was the artistic direction, which to this day remains my favorite style used in the Zelda games (albeit Wind Waker has it’s own special place as well). The models, the textures, the lighting, and the notoriously grand orchestral pieces drew me into the game instantly, and my love of the game only grew with extended play.


But, I feel, what really kept me hooked was not just the visual and musical styles, but the incredible character development. Everybody was so unique, and so memorable, it was a shame to me that it wasn’t likely that the vast majority would return. Among Malo, Telma, Barnes, Agitha, Rusl, Ilia, Shad – even Louise and Plumm, to name a few – the characters all had their own charm and uniqueness, in my opinion, to a higher degree than I had previously noted in prior Zelda games (perhaps Majora’s Mask being the only one to come close). But two characters struck me more than the others, and have remained among my favorite characters of all time since then – Zant, and even more so, Midna.
While Zant remained a serious, looming, somewhat-intimidating entity throughout the game, it wasn’t until he was properly confronted near the end-game that I really grew a liking for him. While he loomed, he seemed the same as any standard villain; He seemed powerful, collected, authoritative, and unphased. When you find out the truth, however, and his mentally-insane, erratic, even childlike behavior is revealed, the juxtaposition between early and end-game Zant is too glorious to ignore. When he is ultimately defeated, a part of me was a bit disappointed that his return was highly unlikely. However, nothing brought me more disappointment than Midna’s departure.
Since her initial introduction as the sassy, jerky, selfish imp, I knew she’d make a fine replacement “companion” character. I loved her design, I loved her abilities, and I equally loved her sassy banter. Having her ride Wolf Link as a horse? Brilliant. I grew so fond of her so quickly as a companion, I became slightly disappointed every time the she had to transition back into Link’s shadow. But still, I knew she was just a button call away. The progression of the story saw many changes in Midna’s personality, the largest one being triggered by Zelda’s sacrifice for her. From then on, we see something of a new Midna, who keeps her same sass and wit, but becomes more accepting and more selfless, even beginning to show guilt. The character I had already loved so much was much deeper and more complex than I had realized. Perhaps this is why I was so dissatisfied with her departure.
Much of the latter half of the storyline developed upon Midna’s true intentions and reasonings for her actions, piling up until we, the players, realized that this little imp character who spent much of her time making snarky remarks and treating Link as a pet was actually a beautifully complex, pitiable character. I found myself feeling awful for Midna, and her instant change in demeanor upon entering the Palace of Twilight further reinforced something akin to embarrassment and regret stirring inside of her. Not long after, she regains her true form and departs for the Twilight Realm, seemingly permanently severing the contact between her world and the World of Light out of necessity. It was then that I began to search in my “headcanon” for ways to bypass the Mirror of Twilight, and bring Midna back again.
The end sequence was supposed to give a sense of completion and satisfaction. The Twilight Princess regained control of her realm, and order was to be restored. The two worlds were separated to prevent any damage like the destruction caused by Zant from happening again. Yet, I did not feel satisfied. I felt we were left with more questions than answers, and the apparent loss of a wonderful character whom we had only just begun to fully understand.


And what of the Twili themselves? The Twili were left as an ambiguous race, their fairly advanced technology virtually unexplained, the extent of their magical properties likewise unexplained, and the differences in their physical characteristics left open for the players to debate. The severing of the worlds didn’t make us just lose one character, but an entire race, with an apparently intricate and flourishing history and culture that we can’t learn anything more about. And yet, now we know that they are there, and have been there, in the shadows of the Realm of Light.

There is too much left unexplained, and too much left with so much potential to allow for the Twili and their Princess to end here. Please, bring them back.


When I first came here I wasn’t quite sure why this was here (the site). But now I realize why. I’m a huge midna fan with a loving heart and want to see her again as do we all. Twilight Princess was my favorite Zelda game and always will be. I have beaten it once and was quite emotional. I was like ” WHAT???! Why did they leave it where midna leaves?” I was quite upset that this happened but now that this site is here I hope to contribute in any way I can. Midna was my favorite in the Zelda series and could almost have a reaction of how she felt during the game. The most emotional Zelda I’ve seen, but it gives a new light to hopefully bring her back. I’m more than overjoyed to be a part of this site. Oh something I forgot to add at the beginning I wasn’t quite as big of midna fan as I am now. Thanks to all the people here midna voice can be heard! I hope as you look through this site you can feel the same way I do!


Well, for starters, Midna’s the only other character I’ve really been attached to. I mean, at first I thought she was cool with the sarcasm and all. But seeing her on Wolf Link’s back, dying, along with the music that played at that moment, it just hit me. I felt for her. I was worried she wouldn’t make it. I was actually worried. Then finally getting to fight Zant and get some payback, which felt really good. But then seeing her leave after beating Ganondorf, I was stunned. I missed her. I really did. So please Nintendo, bring her back. I don’t care if you bring her back in a sequel, I don’t care if you bring her back just in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, just bring her back.


You know, when I first saw her coming from the shadows, there was this invisible aura around her that cause my heart to realize that she was going to be someone that has a great personality. At first she seem a little rude, but somehow, I was beginning to like that rudeness and her cunning attitude. Then after the “Lakebed Incident”, my sympathy for her was very high at that point, I felt like crying because I thought she was going to die. To my relief, she didn’t.

Soon after Omega (my alias for the filename) grabbing the Master Sword, she was really becoming sincere and cuter by the minute. She really started to showed compassion at the desert after that one talk, with that one scene where she touches Omega’s face and that other scene where Omega carries Midna when she uses her Fused Shadows’ powers to destroy the barrier around Hyrule Castle. However, the happiness was going to end one way or another.

The battle with Ganondorf was going smooth but then Midna was doing the unthinkable. Unfortunately, not only Ganondorf survived, but she was presumed dead. So for the first time in a Zelda game for me, I felt like defeating Ganondorf is a must. Then they suddenly bring Midna back to me. It surprised me, she was quite a beauty…however, I did said the happiness was going to end.

So, she had to leave, and I didn’t mind as long as the Mirror of Twilight. Then as soon as she was leaving, she pour one tear from her eye and pushed it through the air, and while that was happening, she was expressing her last words to me: “Omega…I…I’ll see you later..” Now, I thought that she would give it to Omega or something to remind her of, but it went to the Mirror and as soon she left, she took his and my heart in two seconds flat.

She destroys the only main link between she and I. But now, no more Twilight Realm, no more Midna, no more true satisfaction from another Zelda game ever. At that point in time, I couldn’t help it to say that she was the perfect character for me. I never seen a Zelda partner, no, a video game character that gave me that much of affection to me and then left me like the wind like that. I was a very sad man at that point of time. But yeah, if she can come back, then maybe I’ll feel happier than ever, and maybe we’ll be able to see something interesting from her.

~The OS


I have been playing Zelda games for many years. When Twilight Princess came out, I wasn’t quite sure what I thought of it. When my friend bought it and played it, she said it was one of the best Zelda games thus far and I was still skeptical. She let me borrow it, and that day something happened. All the Zelda games sucked me in. It was non-stop play, but when I started playing Twilight Princess is was pure awesome. The whole idea of it all was new and different, and Midna was great. She brought a lot to the game and her character was lovable. She really ‘made’ that game. I think that Twilight Princess and Midna were a great asset to the whole Zelda series and it would be silly not to bring her back for another game. When I found this site, I was glad to see that there were others that felt the same. Midna’s character was well written and thought out and she brought more to the game than most think. I ended up buying the game myself after playing it, and I also bought the game for two of my friends so they too could also experience the enjoyment that the game brought me. The name of the site is “Want Midna Back” and I for one want Midna back!”


As a girl gamer, I find a lot of female leads infuriatingly weak and lackluster, with very little to admire. What Midna brings is exceptional, and her character is something to look up to.. She is strong, able and still maintains her femininity. She’s an equal to Link, the hero of the series, and they have a symbiotic relationship. Most importantly of all, she isn’t a flawless character; she experiences a learning curve and develops as a person. She’s a remarkable creation, and her character has a fantastic vibrancy.

It would be complete shame if her story and her character were simply left by the wayside; the affection her character has stirred within a lot of people’s hearts is amazing. So please, don’t get rid of a strong woman like her, but bring her back and add another layer of depth to the saga that is Legend of Zelda.


It is hard to summarize my love for an imp. She had deeply touched my soul in more than one way. We all are a little insane I could admit , but the fact that she touched each of us and persuaded us to believe that there is a god. Or in this case a goddess. Nintendo struck a oil mine of a character and built her soul piece by piece. As if they gave her a key to each of our hearts and filled it with picture, thought, feelings and even love for her.

It had been two years ago I had gotten Twilight Princess. I had gotten along with my new Wii. I started out in boring Ordon building up the game tutorial. I was expecting another Ocarina of Time style game play yet the title, Twilight Princess, had persuaded me to continue. I had remembered what Rusl spoke at the beginning about the trip to Zelda. My guess was that I had to travel through Hyrule to get key to go to the next provinces and get to the ending with a battle with Ganondorf. After the scene when Ilia got beaten by a gigantic club and got taken away I thought “Good , at least some plotline” and when I reached the wall of Twilight I knew from there on it was good.

Transforming into a wolf seemed to be the highlight of the story for me. But when it zoomed out to see the back of Midna’s heads. I thought it was the new enemy. Waking up as a wolf in a dungeon I immediately knew where I was, in Hyrule castle. A ran around and was really frustrated with the fact I couldn’t go anywhere I was about to quit. I clicked the home button a bit too late and another cut scene triggered. Confused I turn back on the home button. A little imp with a devious smile greeted me. I suspected she was a enemy and got ready for a fight. Her personality was cocky yet funny. I looked at the back of the box and say the little imp on the back of the wolf. I actually felt kind of bad.

After the twilight era and back into the light then quickly right back into the Twilight, my love for her grew. She always had the personality I liked. Cocky yet sincere. The love grew into the water temple. When Zant got Midna I knew that something was wrong. I started yelling at Zant for what he done. It was at that moment I realized. I had loved her.

I started feeling bad for her and all that she went through. Her eyes and her body attracted me and her personality kept me around to stay with her. When the mirror of Twilight was introduced I felt sad. I somehow knew that once I beat Zant she would leave me. This persuaded me to stop playing. Cause everything was perfect.

One month later I picked up the game with my friends. Upon returning I was greeted with Snowpeak Temple. I passed that with some help. Then I went through City Of The Sky. After the mirror was complete and we made our way into the Twilight I started crying. I knew I loved her to death and even admitted it to my friends. Two of them were creeped out, one didn’t care and one also admitted the same thing.

Then the most saddening scene in the game. The ending scene made me burst into tears in public. I made a pledge to get Midna back onto the next video game. That day I joined MFF. But left after a couple posts as school was tough for me. One year later, or about three days ago, surfing through MFF I seen a Want Midna Back link. So I quickly joined. And here I am.

My love for Midna had sparked from something unknown. Now I am making some music and writing fan-fictions. I am happy now that I am with my kind and I pledge to get Midna back. I hope more people like me notice the little imp that had jumped from the screen right into my heart and helps them kind new ways of living.

~Twili Imp

When I first played TP and saw Midna, I wasn’t all that impressed since she seemed no different than any other character I saw in the past Zelda games (save her size and appearance), and after the first five minutes of playing, I was ready to fight her like I thought I would at the end of the game, but her sarcasm got old and wore off pretty quickly and I was ready to just get the game over with. But all that changed when Zant attacked her and seeing her on Link’s back, all burned up, I actually began to panic and wondered if I would actually get to Zelda in time. Then after running around town forever, I randomly slipped into the bar area and, would you know it, the cat pops out of some secret doorway and I then ran around the sewer, trying to find Zelda’s room, but eventually I found her and, from the way Midna was talking, I actually thought she was going to die and I would have to avenge her somehow, and I can’t convey how relieved I was when that didn’t happen.

Then I immediately noticed the change in Midna, something you don’t get with other Zelda characters, and she seemed a lot nicer afterward and when she put her hand on Link’s cheek in the desert, I knew they were in love with each other, it was so obvious. But when she used her fused shadow for the first time, I was worried that something might happen to her but I was very relieved when I saw her in Link’s arms, my heart also melted at that very sight, too.

And when she sacrificed herself to save Link and Zelda and I saw Ganondorf holding her helmet, I almost felt depressed. Not only had I thought Nintendo wasted a great character, but I also thought it would be the same stupid ending like every other game. I was like “Give me a break, Nintendo!” and killing Ganondorf had never been so satisfying before in my life.

And when I saw Midna in her true form for the first time, I knew what I felt toward her was no longer admiration, but love. I loved her as a character, more than any other. And when she broke the mirror, everything we had gone through together, everything we had shared, was all for nothing. Just so she could leave? I had never felt so used in my life. “Give me a break, Nintendo!”

Which is why I think Nintendo needs to bring Midna back. There has never been a character quite like her, bar none. And sure there’s the risk that her character might not be as good as it was in the first game, but I’d be willing to take that risk since the ending of TP didn’t leave me a happy camper, and a lot of people probably wouldn’t mind, anyway since she’s already proven herself in TP. Not to mention that we didn’t get to see her Human side for more than two cutscenes which is kind of unfair, so I’d love to see a sequel with her human side in it.

So bring her back, Nintendo.


Twilight Princess is often considered one of the best Legend of Zelda games. If you’ve played it, and truly felt the emotional connection to it I do, then you know this is as it should be. But have you ever asked yourself why? What makes Twilight princess so engaging, vivid, and somehow so… alive? I sincerely believe that the answer is Midna. Yes, that mysterious creature of the twilight, who manipulates you, puts you down, and gives you exasperatingly vague hints, is the reason this game is so incredible. But game doesn’t seem like the right word somehow. You access it through a disc and a GameCube, but Twilight Princess will always feel like more than just any game, thanks to our friend Midna. Midna makes the game more than slashing stuff, collecting light tears, and finding some cursed mirror. Midna inflicts us with annoyance, frustration, maybe even vendetta… and love. At first she’s just that antagonizing shadow that never goes away, always ready with a snide comment. But it all changes suddenly at a desperate hour. Both of you realize how much you depend on each other, how much you don’t resent each other… and how much you want each other. Any character real enough to twist your feelings like that is worthy of another adventure.

At least as I write this, I have not yet completed Twilight Princess. But I have heard of what awaits at my adventure’s end, and in my heart I dread it. Midna is my shadow, my companion, my friend… the best friend I’ve ever known in a video game. She’s a real friend, true as any I can touch, because she touches me. I wish our adventure could never end.

Midna, I can’t lose you. It can’t end with Twilight Princess. I want you back. We want you back. I need you back. Midna…


I’ve played many games from the Legend of Zelda series. It’s been a wonderful series full of adventure and excitement. As a result I’ve come to expect nothing but a wonderful time whenever a new title comes out, and in most cases I was right. With the release of Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess I expected to relive all of the joys that I had from the previous titles. However, I never would have expected that with the arrival of just one character, that my outlook on the Zelda series would be changed, forever.

It’s no secret that a good story needs a good character to hold the interest of the one’s listening to it. Link has always fit that mold. Link’s character feels so pronounced despite being unable to actually speak! With his acts of selflessness, courage, and kindness he gripped the players and saved Hyrule many times. Midna’s arrival as Link’s helper gave me flashbacks of the ever annoying fairies that would follow Link and give him their advice, but to my surprise she ended up being a character that would shake the very foundations of Legend of Zelda. Her personality, rather than clashing with that of the silent Link, blended with it in a way that no one expected. In fact as I played the game I found her to be just as much of a main character as Link.

As I pressed on through this game filled to bursting with excitement and enjoyment it dawned upon me. Midna had surpassed being a simple character; she gave something to the series we never expected from it. It was as if the entire plot of this wonderful series had taken a turn in the very moment that Midna stepped into the world. Midna had reached out and touched many people and formed an emotional bond with them that kept them playing no longer just so save Hyrule, but to save this Twilight Princess as well. We would press on, battling the many dangers and exciting boss battles that riddled the land of Hyrule, and find that as we changed Hyrule’s doomed fate, so did the little imp alongside us change as well as Midna’s depth continued to announce itself. The magical three way bond between Midna, Link, and the player grew stronger with each passing moment through the duo’s adventure, as Midna would slowly become perhaps one of the greatest allies in the history of gaming. Finally, the story hit a high point and the bond between Midna and Link was sealed. They became an unstoppable duo and together, saved both the land of Hyrule and the mysterious land of Twilight.

It did not last, however. As the ending of this wonderful tale concluded, we were given the final exciting scene that took everyone’s breath away, along with our beloved Midna. In a short instant this fantastic being had been ripped away from us, perhaps never to be seen again. To this day, we at WantMidnaBack.com remember all that she has done. We remember the feeling of distress when Midna’s life began to slip away, joy when she would share her cheery personality, sympathy for her plight, strength and she and Link fought side by side, anger as her fate had seemingly been sealed by the final foe, and sadness when she left for what could be forever. That is why we, the members of Want Midna Back raise our voices, to call out to Nintendo, and strive to find a way back into the realm of Twilight. To help Link accomplish the impossible once again and bring Midna back!

We are here raising our voices in hopes that you will hear them Nintendo. We are here, and we shall continue to ring our voices loud and clear. We don’t want some spin-off. We don’t want a cameo. We don’t want a substitute. We want you to hear us and we only have one thing to say…



Midna was one of the most marvelous and unforgettable characters from the entire Legend of Zelda franchise. I remember when I first met her while I—er, Link—was in that cell, I could tell even then that she was going to be a likeable character. She was the first character in the series who really developed throughout the series. Her attitude from the beginning was a bit self-centered, but that made the interactions with her rather hilarious, especially with her remarks. As the game progressed, it was definitely noticeable that she begun to warm up to Link and became more considerate toward him—but still had a trace or her sense of superiority, which I personally liked. During that final cutscene, where I saw Midna’s true Twili form, I was actually surprised. I mean, by her personality [from the beginning of the game] I would have never imagined her to look so… elegant. The ending of Twilight Princess was probably amongst the most touching and emotional for me. The way she made the decision to destroy the Mirror of Twilight as the true leader of the Twili really blew me away. It was simply a stunning moment, and I’m pretty sure Twilight Princess would have been a pretty flat and dull game without her.

Though having her only in one game is cherish-able, I would love to see her again. I can imagine a few ways that another encounter with her could work out, and since Nintendo is always so sneaky, there are probably even more ways that they could implement her back into another Legend of Zelda game. I would like to point out, that before she left and shattered the Mirror of Twilight, she did tell Link that she would see him again, so… perhaps Nintendo left that plothole intentionally. And Nintendo also seems to be having fun with prequels, so there is always the possibility that they would include a younger Midna in a future title. I wouldn’t be too upset if her role wasn’t as major as it was in Twilight Princess, but I would love to see her again… because, well, she is an amazing character and she deserves it.

Ever since Twilight Princess, I’ve noticed that all following titles of the franchise have featured a character whose personality has developed throughout the duration of each game—Linebeck, Byrne, Groose. Nintendo clearly noticed how successful Midna was, yet… for some reason, they have yet to bring her back. Perhaps it is because they want to see how dedicated we, as fans, are… to see if her impact would wear off. But, after six years, it is evident that it isn’t, now is it? I wouldn’t consider my respect and appreciation for Midna a fandom at all. It is love. I love her. So, I wouldn’t imagine that my liking for Midna would ever vanish. I’ll patiently wait for her reappearance for as long as I have to, Nintendo… because I am devoted–and I… want Midna back.


To whomever it may concern,

As a PC gamer, I never really had a console of my own to play on. Over the years, I learned of the fun of gaming by playing on my neighbor’s Nintendo 64, my cousin’s PlayStation 2, another neighbor’s GameCube, and my local retail store’s game demos. As such, hearing that the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was coming out for consoles back in 2006, I knew it was just going to be another great title that I would hear and would probably never get to play. Speed forward to Christmas 2009, I got a 100% unexpected gift, a Wii. Receiving a Wii, I knew that I could finally play some game titles that I would have never gotten the chance to play previously.

Prior to that, I was re-reading a Nintendo Power (January 2007/V211), where I was curious as to what this Midna was, since she had a few spots in the Nintendo Power’s articles about her character. Since this was before Christmas 2009 and any possible idea that I would ever get a console, I went online and, to be frank, COMPLETELY spoiled the entire Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess storyline just to read more about a character that I had only known to be a side character, since the main characters are usually the same three. What I found was a character who was pivotal to the game and was the main focus of the game. Having read the storyline before getting the game, finding that I was detached from the game was no surprise to me. However, when Midna came around, her personality somewhat clicked with me since I was in same basic emotional rut as her, in sense of ‘Can we just get on with it’. When the game hit the ‘death scene,’ I couldn’t help but be amazed by her character. Even though I knew Midna would be safe throughout the game, I still felt something when it came to that part of the game where her life was thought to be lost. To have a character who can stun a person, even though they have read the story from beginning to end, just by the experience the game offers, is truly a great character. To not bring Midna back, who has so much personality and such a powerful character, would be an utter shame.


I practically grew up with Link as if he was my older brother. I was first exposed to him at 5 years old when my mom bought the collector’s edition for the GameCube and began playing ocarina of time. At the time, all I knew was that the main character wore green and his name was “Zelda” (of course, not anymore). A couple years pass by, and I start playing OoT myself. I had a hard time getting past some parts, as they weren’t really designed for kids in their single digits, so I always played with my mom alongside me. Still, the deepness of that story managed to capture even my young little feelings and I was sold on anything related to LoZ.

A couple years pass, and I bought and played WW. From here on out I was able to play on my own. I have to admit that the diversity of the over world and extensiveness of the story is second to none here.

Fast forward to 2006. Here I was, waiting overnight to get one of the first Wii consoles and first copies of TP. Boy was I excited!! I couldn’t wait to get home and play it. I was speechless before even starting the game. At how the graphics were so clear. I knew that this was going to be a great game.

I didn’t do any background research, so all I had to reference were the shots on commercials. I started playing, and instantly got hooked. After many sleepless nights and 40 hours of total gameplay, I had defeated Ganondorf. I was finished in about a month. Figuring that I had my fair share of fun, I put down the game and moved on.

…but hold on a second. What happened to all of my emotions to the game? I have to say that when it comes to stories, especially games, I have to go through it again to fully understand it. I don’t really know why, I just do. Maybe I focus on beating the game too much…

I’ve beaten the game several times already, but still no feelings. “What’s going on with this dude?” You might think. Well, although I beat it that many times, I hadn’t actually restarted the game from the beginning. Yes, that was my problem.

After re-buying TP from GameStop (I lost the original, then had to wait forever for it to be in stock) I started a new file. By now I had forgotten most of the elements of the game. Every now and then I would remember some things, but for the most part, it was as good as new.

And then came the scene in the cell at the castle. I saw it differently this time; before, I had completely overlooked this part. I was then able to comprehend Midna a little more, and that was the start of the path to my virtual affection. She had absolutely the worst social personality to start with, but somehow that imperfection made her unique enough for me to notice her.

I got through the forest temple easily enough, but I still talked to her a bit, even when unnecessary. When I finally got to Kakariko village, I remember her mentioning that I was an “unsung hero” because no one could see me. To be honest, that really didn’t matter to me, because although the children were part of the story, I was more focused on Midna. Somehow, this time she seemed more charming than last.

The next memorable moment was actually in the lakebed temple, at the mini boss. I already knew what to do, but I decided to ask for “advice” and see what she says at this part. I laughed a little when she said “EWW! WHAT IS THAT? This ones on you, Link” and then I lost it when I talked to her again and she started getting mad. She is just so cute when she is mad :3

Of course we all remember that one moment halfway through that one game, with that mean tongue guy. Although I raged at Midna being hurt, I didn’t seek revenge on Zant, which now seems odd. On my way to the castle, I was going at a straight shot, but because the music was so beautiful, I skimmed it across the edges of the map the whole way. I was about to cry by the time I got to the bar. After Zelda saved Midna from death and me from depression, I slowed down my progress so as to savor my time with Midna more.

My love for her grew as I made my way to the sacred grove. I was completely infatuated by the time I got to Gerudo desert. I felt her pain as she explained how here people were outcasts of Hyrule and when she discovered the mirror was broken. I actually said “yes I will” out loud when she asked Link to help recover the pieces.

With all of them recovered, I finally got to the twilight realm. I knew that Midna was much happier here, so I felt the same way. I was surprised at how short the dungeon actually was here, and I got to Zant quicker than expected. After the cutscenes, I finally came to my senses and realized he had hurt our beloved little Twili and I had almost let him get away with it. I used this sudden thirst for revenge to instantly defeat Zant, and it felt good to do such a thing. Midna made it better by finishing him.

One more place left. I was sort of disappointed at this, but I ventured on nonetheless. My favorite scene has to be here, where Midna uses the fused shadows to break Ganondorf’s barrier. Just seeing Midna in Link’s arms gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, as if she was in my own arms. I kind of paused at this scene for a bit so I could enjoy it. She is just so beautiful, words fail me this time.

I had no problem fighting Ganon, giving that he too had treated Midna badly. The final blow at the end, when Ganon was down, felt so good, I actually got up and had to walk off my excitement. As we all can anticipate, this excitement was short-lived, for the ending was upsetting.

I can still clearly feel those same feelings right now. There were so many mixed feelings: I wanted to slap link for not following after Midna, I wanted to flood the house with tears because Midna was gone, and I would have attempted to physically stop her, had I not gained control of myself. I found myself in limbo for the next week or so, not really sure what to think of it or accept it as it is. Thankfully enough, this website appeared as I was browsing Midna stuff around the web. I now have found peace of mind, and sympathetic Midna fans. I would like to thank this team effort and contribute to the cause as much as I can. Thank you all for your sympathy.


I have been a Zelda fan ever since I was a little kid of about 5 watching my older cousin play Ocarina of Time. So a few years after beating Wind Waker, which I loved, I found about their plans for Twilight Princess. So after it released, I didn’t much care for what they were going for. The Wolf parts, the dark story. But one day I picked it up out of desperation. A few hours later, I met this little, mischievous, Imp girl, Midna. At first, I thought, “What…the hell is this thing?” I really hated her at first. Demanding, jerky, not caring much for link. But I got to the fire temple, and for some reason, I started to like her attitude. I was even a little charmed by it. Then of course, I saw the Infamous Lakebed scene.

I couldn’t hold it back. I burst into tears, thinking there was an invisible time limit. Not one game/movie has ever made me cry. Not one, except for this one. I realized I loved this little mischievous imp girl. Of course, I questioned my own sanity, knowing this was just a character from a video game, so nobody knows that I feel this way. So, after I finally got to Zelda, and Midna was revived, I realized she had gotten nicer, while still retaining her sassy attitude. so, skipping ahead to the final fight, after I finally beat Ganondorf, driven by my anger due to the scene before, I laughed as he screamed in pain. And of course, I saw her. Midna in her true form. I was so happy to see her alive, and as she said her famous words, “Link, I….See you later”, she broke the mirror……She broke the damn mirror… I thought to myself, “Why? Why would she do that? Why would she leave me?” After that I was so depressed I didn’t get out of bed for 2 days. Then I came online, to see if my case was the only one, and of course, I stumbled upon this site. I feel so good knowing that I’m not the only person like this. Though, I know she isn’t going to come up from behind and start talking to me in real life, She still played an important part in my life.

~Will / Kinsaud

I’m confused with my emotions right now, so I guess there’s no better time to post my own story so I can get rid of them.

“You don’t realize what you have until it’s gone.”

No words could describe me better at how my journey was with the lovely twilight princess Midna. Those words have been in my head since Midna left, never leaving me. Why I never wanted to post my own story is because of just those words. Everyone at WMB that loves Midna seems to understand that they love her before she actually leaves, except me. That’s exactly why I was afraid of posting my own story. I was feeling like the black sheep. But now, after have spending a lot of time here at WMB, and getting to know everyone a little bit more, I feel confident enough to post this:

I bought my own Wii several years ago. I wanted to buy Twilight Princess too, until my brother told me that I probably could borrow it from his friend. He got it to me like a week after he promised he would get me it. I hadn’t checked a single trailer of the game, so I didn’t know anything about it, I just wanted it because it was Zelda. I immediately inserted the copy of Twilight Princess into my Wii and watched the spectacular intro that gave me (and still does) shivers. With that, I started a new game, watched the actually pretty interesting intro with Rusl talking about the twilight, and got my way through the first part of the game with being in your hometown Ordon. I thought nothing special about the game. Just thought it as a regular game you played through once and then left for a year before playing it again.

Until Link got pulled through a gigantic wall of twilight, dragged on the ground by a shadow beast, thrown into jail, and the mystical being named Midna appeared. I inspected her with my sight for a long time before pressing on with A. She was truly unique, unlike anything I’d ever seen before. I was really fascinated. Never had I been so fascinated by a fictional character, it was something with her that got me interested, I can’t put my finger on what though. I played on and watched how she acted and talked in front of Link. It felt like she could talk by herself and not by some programmed disk copy, like she had her own feelings, her own life. She was clearly unique, something that I really wanted to know more about. So I pressed on with the story and the game to get to know her some more. Midna’s personality was as I expected it to be, with her sarcastic and cocky responses to everything that Link does do and doesn’t do. And then I finally got to the place everyone knows of:

“Midna’s Desperate Hour”

I didn’t know I was deeply in love with her, neither did I realize I was at that moment. Still, I wanted to save her as soon as possible because it felt like I was about losing a really close friend of mine. I got to admit this was the first time in years that tears actually came from my eyes. It was such a long time ago I felt like this, close to losing something held dear to you. Never in my whole life had a game made me cry or even feel this way before. I felt so down. I couldn’t let Midna die. I ran as fast as I could, fighting on, never stopping, yelling at the enemies being in the way, and yelling at the fat cat Louise who talked in slow-motion being very observant of what’s happening, everything for my friend Midna. Hearing Midna breath was just breaking my heart, because I could hear she was struggling. I thought to myself that nothing could make her deserve this. It took some time but I finally got all my way to Zelda. Hearing the way Midna talked to Zelda really just made me think that was it, her unfair end of life. And then, suddenly, Zelda healed Midna and I was so happy, so happy that I didn’t care that Zelda disappeared. I took a pause after the cut-scene had ended to get something to drink and give me some time to think. It really felt like I had saved a life, like I saved a true living being. I came back and started playing again and I noticed how her cocky and sarcastic personality changed into something a softer and more caring one suddenly. She still joked around a bit here and there but she wasn’t that mean to Link anymore as she used to be. I didn’t just find her interesting anymore, I think I liked her also. I wasn’t sure about that and didn’t think so much about it because it was just too weird at that time for me. I played on like a hour, got the Master Sword, and quit.

I started again next day in the morning eagerly wanting to find out more about Midna’s story and to just play the fun game itself. This excited about a game hadn’t I been since I was six years old, and I enjoyed that fact as I played on. I finally made it to Ganondorf like 3-4 days later and I won over Zelda and Ganon. Midna starts using the Fused Shadows and teleports Link out, looking up into the camera at the same time. You could see she had a smile on her face even though it looked like she was about to cry. And that face told me: “Thank you for everything.” Every time I see that face with that music in the background I just break down in tears. You know what’s about to happen. She’s going to sacrificed herself, giving her last good-bye just before.

Seeing the castle blow up just made me think that nothing could do this any worse, then, of course, Ganondorf appears and breaks the Fused Shadow that Midna always had on her head. With no honor at all had he done something terrible, something he wouldn’t get away with. I have never enjoyed a death more than at that exact moment. Seeing him screaming just gave me the world’s biggest grin on my face, and it became bigger when I saw Midna being alive under the light spirits. I was so happy that I said out loud: “Thank you.”. I watched the credits in satisfaction knowing there could not be a better ending to this whole thing. Until Midna broke the mirror and disappeared into the twilight, seemingly never coming back again. That caught me completely out of nowhere, and just made me go like: “What? Why didn’t Link do anything? Why did he only stand there like a stupid idiot?”. I didn’t know what to think, neither did I know what to do. I went completely numb. It felt so wrong inside me. I turned off the Wii and just sat there for hours thinking on what just happened and why I felt like I did after all that. I thought and thought until it blew my mind what was wrong. I loved her. I had probably loved her the whole time without realizing it, and she just left me with a broken heart. I couldn’t believe it, but I knew it had to be true. It was typically me, not realizing I love someone until it’s to late. Luckily, she was in a game, so I could just replay it to see her again.

I replayed Twilight Princess again to find out if my feelings were true. I encountered Midna again. She was so beautiful with her ember red eyes, her twilight orange hair, her cute and sexy form, her impish smile, her signature tooth that makes her Midna, everything. I didn’t ever want her to leave again and Midna’s Desperate Hour was not fun to go through again, neither was the ending or the battle with Ganondorf. There was so much more feeling to my second play-through compared to my first. I could never get my eyes from her as soon as she appeared on screen. I talked with her as much as I could through the whole game, and listened with great interest what she had to say. After I completed the game a second time, I went into a depression period for almost a year. I wanted to see her again so I went on the Internet to just find something. Then I found WMB and MFF thanks to Flibsters “Midna’s Lament”, and found out there were more people than just me who felt like this, who loved Midna. The therapy began and all of you guys helped me heal, getting rid of my depression and accepting that she left and that she possibly could come back. All of you guys gave me some sort of hope to stick with, and that’s something I could never repay to any of you, ever. Thank you. Maybe my love for her will fade in time, but I will never forget this character no matter what, and most importantly, I will never forget her name: Midna. She deserves another game Big N, please bring her back!


I honestly wouldn’t want Midna to return…to Hyrule. I actually want to see more of the Twilight Realm. It’s true, I think, that Nintendo didn’t expect Midna to be such a huge hit. But they have some great character design and writers, and evidently they’ve struck gold. In my opinion, the only way to get them to notice is with stuff like this: large open discussions with fans everywhere showing their support. The reason I’m showing mine with such zeal, though, is that she represents quite a bit more to me than a fictional character. For six years I had purposefully dulled my emotions. I can’t even remember why now – perhaps I just felt when I was twelve years old that one could see the world more clearly when he kept his feelings in check. And it stuck; whatever trivial events life threw at me, they rarely made it past the impenetrable mental armour I had donned. Since then, I was never angry, and when I was it was never for more than half an hour. I can’t remember a single time I was really, truly sad, not when a pet keeled, the sight of my stroke-stricken grandmother, or her dead body in a casket. I never even let happiness overtake me, and soon that became a dim little speck in whatever my hippocampus had become in its disuse. Of course, all buildups, even psychological ones, must be vented, but like everything else any outburst was strictly controlled, and usually manifested in a lethargic sort of depression.

This continued until last summer, however, when a friend and myself were discussing random…well, crap, what teenagers do when nothing better presents itself. The conversation finally came to mental disease, and my friend went on to a rant on sociopathy, describing how one’s life would more or less be pointless, only a potentially violent threat to general society. His follow up, to me, was ‘hah, and you’re kind of like a sociopath.’ Yeah, he’s a really nice guy. I just laughed, because again that’s the typical teenage response. I knew he wasn’t serious; of course I wasn’t going to go out and ruin lives, and I certain I wasn’t a sociopath (to use my school nickname, a ‘pokerface’).

Still, that kind of thing gets to you. People notice these things, and any shrink or counselor will tell you what happens to someone who does what I had done and attempted to stifle and control their own emotions. This realization of how this struck people on the outside may have been the key factor in bringing me to my senses. So I’ve been working since not to hide my emotions, and generally it has been easy. When I laugh, it is always out of true amusement. If I am angry, it would be expressed and not stored to burst out at unexpected moments or periods of lethargy. But there wasn’t much that summer to be sad about. There was only so much you could dwell on a grandmother you never saw, and a bird you never really liked anyway.

That’s how Midna comes in. I did not buy Twilight Princess for her; the only reason I bought the game was because it was all that was out for Wii at the time, and the series came highly recommended by my friend (same guy) despite the fact that I never enjoyed it too much. But I played, and immediately found Midna to be very amusing. But just in the way a character could be – she was funny, sarcastic, and added life to a game that sprung from a franchise known for its lack of plot and character depth. Because of this Zelda stereotype she and the gameplay were all that made the game enjoyable for me, and judging by the predictability of the series I believed in what I thought was the inevitable betrayal by this denizen of the twilight. Nintendo’s plotlines and protagonists are never very deep or affecting, are they? Of course not.

Then the one scene comes up, after everything’s collected, she shows her true colors and is punished brutally for it by the game’s antagonist. And I was fully awake to let it sink in. My guilt, the game music, the characters’ dialog…I was sad. Really, more sad than I had been in years. And thus more happy as well, because I knew I was still perfectly capable of feeling, that my social life didn’t need to be in detriment because of my lack of emotion. And the best part is I still haven’t quite gotten over it: this hollow sadness not only sat in my chest for more than half an hour, it has made itself a quite albeit present resident of my glandular systems for nearly two months, popping up in times of boredom. Of course I realize that it could have been anything to create this powerful feeling, but it wasn’t. It was a video game character. A tiny piece of a reflective disc designed entirely for brief and mass entertainment. If Nintendo can pack this much emotion into a plot device, attach their audience this well to a jumble of pixels and floating words, this is something I want to see again. It’s something a lot of people want to see again, and that having been said it must be something Nintendo would want to put out again; my sob story there might sound stupid, but it’s pure fact and after all, isn’t that what large companies base themselves upon? Supply and demand: emotion, entertainment, or money, it all works out in the end. Everyone gets what they want. And my life has been changed, however apparently minutely, very much for the better, and I’ll brandish Midna as a symbol for this revelation.

Like so many others, I crave the drug that brought such an unexpectedly deep and emotional story. Midna has this coming out her ears, and I know I for one will never feel satisfied until she returns as a prominent figure in the muddled timeline of the Zelda series. This is what Nintendo has going for them, and they would have to be idiots not to utilize this character’s still-untapped potential.

Long live the Twilight Princess.


When I first got TP, my eyes glistened with joy as I held the case and stared at its beauty knowing that this was going to take my life over. The second I got home I started playing, adrenaline pumping through me.

When I first met Midna, she struck me as the jokester and at the same time insulting person, thus, she kinda annoyed me when all I was doing was helping her and she would insult me for it. Though at the same time, I didn’t mind it.

Then the moment came when I received the final fused shadow. I was glad that was done and gone with and wait to see what I would do next eagerly. Then for nowhere Zant popped up and struck me as a shock, not expecting him to come for link personally. after seeing what he did to Midna, a spark shot in me and I suddenly wanted to fight for her as though I loved her for years. I suddenly wanted to help her not just to save the kids, but to actually help HER as well as if I owed her something. I felt grief and pity seeing her now weak and harmless, when less than five minutes ago she was a threat to a lot of things.

By the time Zelda left the picture I really started to like Midna. she now was kinder to me as if she knew what she said earlier was wrong and had seen what I’ve done. This touched my heart in a way a game character has never done before. As we progressed I felt a bond in us grow.

After the cutscene where Ganondorf became a flaming head at the castle I wondered if she could actually beat Ganon. My question was answered and I became furious, enraged with Ganon for defeating my closest ally. I pounded him to the ground after a epic battle.

When I saw her true form, I instantly fell into a trance. Suddenly this nice little imp became everything worth fighting for (not that she wasn’t before) and more, the love of my heart. I was in awe at her beauty and elegance and most likely would of laughed at how happy I was to see her fine and back to normal.

Then came the most shocking moment in a game I’ve seen. When she disappeared into the portal and broke the mirror I felt as though I was hit in the face. And later wished that I could of followed her after remembering the beauty of the twilight.

From that day forth, I’ve never gone a day without at least her name coming into my mind. Nintendo, as a loyal fan since I was little, I am begging you to make a sequel to this truly heartwarming game and one of the few games I’ll never get rid of in my entire life.


You made such a success for Midna in Twilight Princess, yet she leaves at the end of the game. Why? It left me much to wonder, will she be back? Will she see Link “later”? You know, I thought it was a great idea to have her leave though. It makes a great ending to have Link see Midna as a memory while he is off on his next adventure. To me, bringing her back for an obvious reason would take the story in a bad direction, but if you can actually be able to let Midna at least talk to Link again somewhere, like in a parallel universe or in his mind…it wouldn’t make the fans happier.

She was a great character Eiji, don’t take her out of the franchise just yet. At least make her appear in Brawl or something. I think she fits great in the game and I don’t see why not? She has thousands of fans who couldn’t wait to play as her! So why not make it happen? Think harder Eiji, removing a popular character from the Zelda Franchise could affect “some” fans. But over doing her appearance can affect “some fans” as well. So think of something good, so that we get Midna back in a game, and don’t make it look like a Twilight Princess 2, because you know you want to do something different with Link. A direct sequel would be something in Zelda that can NEVER happen.

This is just my advice Eiji. I hope this little bit makes you think harder than you do now. I know probably someone else besides you is reading this. So just in case, if ANYONE besides Eiji reads this…I beg you…let Eiji or anyone else important know about how much some people love Midna by showing him this or anything else that we people have wrote to you. If you’re that cold hearted to send an automated message about some stupid thank you, then whatever. It’s not like I thought I can do anything about your ideas or your company anyway.


My cousin recommended Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess to me. When I picked it up I decided not to like it. My cousin had told me about it by saying it was better than my favorite game. It made me irritable and protective, and made me not want to like the game.

And at first I succeeded. I kept sitting there, trying not to be impressed by Colin’s sweet sacrifice. I even almost succeeded at that. I kept telling myself that the game wasn’t anywhere near as good as my favorite game, because I didn’t like the characters. About that time my sister came in to watch me playing, and told me a friend of hers had told her about Midna, and that she was the bad guy and secretly a seven-foot-tall lady. I had trouble imagining Midna as seven feet tall, but decided maybe she was the bad guy. (Shows you what an amazing job you did with the big reveals!)

I was sitting there with my same “This game is SO not as good as my favorite” attitude when suddenly Zant appeared out of nowhere. I watched Link get turned into a wolf again, watched him attempt to help Midna, watched Zant and Midna argue. And then I watched Midna be burned nearly to death by the light, and yet, with the last of her strength, teleport Link out of there with her. And suddenly she’s dying, and I’m realizing that as much as I tried to hate the game, and even though my sister had me truly believing that Midna was evil, somehow I’d become attached, very attached to Midna anyway. Somehow the character had made it past all that and won me over. And there and then I decided that Midna was innocent until proven guilty.

And from there on I loved that game. Everything about it. I loved Midna’s last request being for Zelda to help Link, I loved Zelda’s sacrifice for Midna, and most of all I loved watching the bond between Link and Midna grow. She was slightly manipulative; he knew it and didn’t mind. Almost frenimies at first, they became such friends. Friends with a relationship I’d never seen. There’s such a great picture of them. Midna is leaning on Link’s shoulder with a quirked eyebrow, he has his sword in the air and has turned his head toward Midna and is smiling. It’s such a picture of their relationship.

And then there’s the moment in front of the mirror where Midna risks it to tell Link the truth. That she was really just using him at first, and how he and Zelda had changed her. And then she looks up at him, a little worried, and gives him her Midna smile. Link, who’s always known it I think, doesn’t make her wait and worry, but just smiles back. Accepting her and her motives for what they are. She’s his friend now, and not even she can change that.

I also loved the moment after Midna took down the force field, when Link catches her. She looks up and smiles while he’s looking down at her and smiling and you can just feel their relationship in that moment. And then, suddenly at the end, Midna’s taking on Gannon alone and teleports the others out of the building. And Link’s running to get to her before she can, but he’s not fast enough. While she watches him teleport away she’s got this little smile playing across her lips and you can just see what is almost certainly the most incredible videogame relationship that I’ve ever seen. And then Gannon is on the hill, and he’s got Midna’s helmet. I was so mad, frankly beating the heck out of Gannon for my friend Midna. I’d grown so attached to her by then that she’d merited three nicknames; Mids, Midsy, Midina. Such a far cry from my attempt at hating the game before.

And then suddenly her silhouette is on the hill, and I’m going “She’s alive.” With such a happy bubbling feeling. And then Link, (I think it was the best Link moment of the whole game) Link sees her and he’s thinking “She’s alive.”, just stunned. And then suddenly it’s “She’s alive!” and he’s starting to walk to her and then he breaks out running, because his friend is alive and he has to get to her. It was the sweetest thing, it made me cry.

When he gets there Midna looks different and for a second he’s wondering “But Midna…” and then Midna speaks up in her same old Midna way. She gives him that same grin, and he follows up with the same slow, easy, dependable smile he always has for Midna, and suddenly you know everything is okay.

And then the epilogue. It was the saddest thing. My heart broke, watching her leave. But it wasn’t the leaving that hurt really, it was that he’d never see her again. And all I could see was that exchange of smiles they always had, and I knew that in a world with those two smiles, it couldn’t be the end of that relationship. That’s why I want desperately for Midna to come back, and I think that if you asked Link, he does too.


WMB Art Tributes











~Luisa Rafidi












~The Switcher





WMB Poem Tributes

From the moment your eyes met mine

I knew you were different somehow

When you ran your fingers through my hair

I couldn’t have known that I’d be lovin’ you now

You helped me to reach new heights

You saw me through sleepless nights

And I wish I knew how to say……

From the moment you entered the light

I knew that you’d be there for me

You showed me that dark’s not so bad

How once your eyes adjust there’s so much to see

You helped me to reach new heights

You saw me through sleepless nights

And I wish I knew how to say I……..

From the moment you mended my heart

I knew there was something about you

I never thought this could be

To me this feeling is something new

You helped me to reach new heights

You saw me through sleepless nights

And I wish I knew how to say I……..

I love you


The sunset falls upon my shadow

Pulls me to the floor

The Twilight Princess draws me in

Through an open door

All around I strain to see

Is there someone there?

Straight ahead I see her smile

Suspended in the air

Take me back

Through your door

Twilight reigns

Forever more

Twilight wraps its arms around me

Pulls me to the ground

Vision pulls me through the darkness

Making not a sound

Sun is fading never moving

Casts and eerie light

Victim of eternal sunset

Never reavching night

Stand before the throne of Midnight

Illuminated Sols

Feel the power surging through me

All that Twilight knows


Here I stand, on a stone,

There you sit, upon your throne,

Sand and glass, all around,

Twili and life, surround.

My Ordon sword, reflects the light,

Sols shine in the deep twilight,

Drowning in many memories,

You think of all the stories.

Mirror shards, here and there,

Your reflection shows flaming hair,

I see ruby red and sunny eyes,

Planning a sneaky surprise,

A wet cheek, brightly shimmers,

A crystal tear faintly glimmers,

Everything will change and change,

But most of all, we feel strange.

Epona reminds me of adventure,

The land and throne makes you remember,

Once we stood together,

Now we stand alone.

~Din_Nayru_Farore / Halfthefun

Midna, oh Midna, where have you gone.

It’s dark, it’s cold, and I can’t carry on.

Never thought it’d come to this, with the quest’n’all.

But hey, it happened, and we stood up and tall.

To the end of our hearts content, we got up and ran.

Ran, and ran, through the fields, and over the land.

Towards the end, you were lost to evil.

I jolted in shock, and felt a bit feeble.

Couldn’t believe you were lost.

I went to kill him, no matter the cost.

He screamed in pain, and died in fear.

Then in the distance, I saw you appear.

Ran towards you, and saw someone new.

I was a tad’ shocked, ’cause it wasn’t you.

Back at the chamber, you cast a tear.

The mirror shattered, and I thought “Oh dear.”

Standing on one side, and you on the other.

All I could hear was “…See you later…”

~Emkay / Zehdils

Transformed into an Imp, a fate not too splendid

Zant’s rule had begun, and mine had ended

Legend tells of the one who will set my people free

A divine beast more valuable than any Rupee

Once you were imprisoned, you started to pout

I thought I could use you, so I busted you out

I remember all that we had to go through

Collecting not only tears, but Fused Shadows, too

Eventually, the Shadows were retrieved

But once attacked by Zant, his victory seemed achieved

I lied on your back, heaving my last breath

Then suddenly, I was saved from the brink of death

After reparing the legendary mirror, we made it to Zant

Using my ancestors’ magic, I squashed him like an ant

And in the battle with the Dark Lord, I did my part

Though it was you who cut out his wretched heart

With our journey at its end, and nearly all words spoken

I shed a single tear, and the mirror was broken

However you feel, do not think of me as a traitor

I promise you this: I will see you later


When Midna left, she left me in shock and dismay

When Midna returns, I think of that very day

The Feelings of Midna I wonder, will they last?

The Feelings of Midna I wonder, leave me ever so fast

~Triforce of Twilight

Thank you for reading. Hopefully this message will reach the eyes and ears of the decision makers. Hope to hear from you soon. See you later.








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